Will County Board Republicans Replace Chief of Staff

Will County has the type of government Jack Franks wanted–a strong elected County Executive.

Its County Executive is a Democrat, a former State Senator.

With a 16-10 majority, apparently the Republicans on the Board see the need for someone to coordinate strategy.

Pretty good idea, since County Board members, unlike State legislators, cannot caucus in secret to discuss strategy.

I would guess the GOP Chief of Staff handles the phone calls to coordinate Republican policy.

Maybe McHenry County Board members should consider hiring a similar person.


Will County Board Republicans Replace Chief of Staff — 1 Comment

  1. I think that is a very good idea, Cal.

    The Republican members of the Board definitely need to get on the same page somehow.

    Many of them could also use a remedial education in Robert’s Rules of Order.

    The Board members already have all the power that they need to stop what Jack Franks is doing, but most of them don’t seem to know it.

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