Not Following in the Khan’s Footsteps

The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass has an insightful column today entitled,

Kneel before the Khan of Illinois, or suffer pain

It’s about someone who really has the guts to stand up against House Speaker Mike Madigan, whom Kass dubs “the Khan of Illinois.”

The “someone” is former Federal Prosecutor, now State Representative, Scott Drury.  He represents Highwood, a solidly Democrat town.

His name often appeared with that of former State Rep. Jack Franks.

When Madigan couldn’t produce a super-majority, it was Drury who stepped forth first, even though Franks took the credit.

After Drury said he wouldn’t be the 71st vote, it made no difference to Madigan that Franks would not be a 70th vote.

Scott Drury is being deprived of a committee chairmanship Madigan traditionally bestows upon third term Democrats, his ethics legislative agenda is dead and, he won’t get a commemorative crystal clock noting that Mike Madigan has been elected Speaker 30 times.  (No mention on the clock that Jack Franks helped put him in that position 9 times.)

Drury represented the majority of Illinois is his refusal to vote for Madigan for Speaker.

Although Franks is not in the Illinois House anymore, Kass describes him and others who bowed down to Madigan like this:

Every two years, Illinois Democrats seeking editorial endorsements or publicity for their state representative campaigns do a pathetic little dance.

It’s a dance put on for the chumbolones of Illinois, people like you and me who are still here, paying taxes, in this economic wasteland of a state.

When they’re seeking voter support, House Democrats say they’re independent.

By this they mean independent of Boss Madigan, speaker of the Illinois House, first of his name and Khan of Madiganistan, the cartographer of all the political maps, maker of judges from the state Supreme Court on down, lord of tax assessors and keeper of a whopping personal fortune from his lucrative tax reduction legal practice.

Newspapers bought Jack Franks’ line that he was an “independent.”

Listening to them talk of independence, you almost feel that they have integrity and they don’t think they should be expected to act like yappy little circus dogs doing tricks for treats.

Yet when the time comes to install the speaker, they flop to their knees, touch their foreheads to the floor, support him for speaker and let the state slide deeper into the muck.


Not Following in the Khan’s Footsteps — 7 Comments

  1. The man who is personally responsible for driving Illinois deep into
    debt that it may never recover from,and driving businesses and residents
    out of the state in record numbers year after year.

    Madigan is nothing more than a tyrannical cowardly dictator who is a danger to
    the citizens of Illinois, public enemy #1.

    He is why Illinois MUST enact term limits.

    The era of “The Land Of Madigan” must end.

  2. Re: “Yet when the time comes to install the speaker, they flop to their knees, touch their foreheads to the floor, support him for speaker and let the state slide deeper into the muck.”

    AND hire Madigan cast offs to get them back on the taxpayer payroll!!!

  3. Also of interest: Michelle Aavang is President of the McHenry County Farm Bureau.

    The “round mound” had his largest margin of victory in her County Board District which is the most rural of the six districts.

    Interesting to note that the Farm Bureau donated to the “round mound” but not a penny for the hobby farmer Walkup.

    Conflict of interest anyone?

  4. The tiny tyrant must be ridden out of Illinois on a rail

    ……… the olden days

  5. And we all know who runs the nwhcentegrasheeply news…LOL..

    This is just such a great piece !! LOL….

    Thanks for the breath of fresh air outlook ….

    made my Monday…

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