GOP Attacks Mike Madigan — 5 Comments

  1. We know how Mike and his lackeys will vote relative to a tax increase .

    This video was put together for the Ill State GOP.

    The State GOP is looking for donations to promote it.

    I am looking for Rauner, Illinois GOP Senators and Representatives to vote down the planned tax increases.

    The video is a distraction from the real issue which is some State GOP Legislators are caving to tax increases – eg. Radogno, Althoff and Syverson.

    Reduce the spending!!!

  2. One of the valuable lessons in life I have learned is do not complain or criticize about anything unless you can help the situation.

    Less words, more action is my mantra.

    If all the people who complain about taxes, waste and corruption would study the impact of RE-LEGALIZING hemp farming would do for the economy and environment, they would find Illinois would enjoy more jobs, less pesticides and less government waste and corruption.

    Why do we pay police to eradicate hemp?

    Could it be that lobbyists from chemical companies and police unions ‘encourage’ politicians to keep the status quo? Hemp is America’s friend, NOT a schedule 1 narcotic equal to heroin!

    Henry Ford made a car from hemp and could run engines on its oil.

    Low cost housing for our veterans could be made from hempcrete.

    D-Day could not have happened if American farmers did not supply hemp for the war effort. (Check out the classic tutorial “HEMP FOR VICTORY” on youtube).

    Hemp was banned in 1937, coincidentally when DuPont invented synthetic fiber.

    When Americas hemp supply from Asia was cut off during the war, the government allowed hemp farming for a few years.

    There are thousands of uses for hemp, but today you will be considered a felon if you plant a handful of hemp for your own food, fuel and/or fiber.

    For more information check out and see how China utilizes hemp on youtube.

    China has one of the most STRICT drug policies in the world, but they allow hemp farming.

    Of course, talking about RE-LEGALIZING medical AND recreational cannabis with a bunch of Republicans can find one left in the cold, but that is because of IGNORANCE.

    Cannabis is much safer than pills or booze, but can not be patented.

    It’s all about the money, power and corruption.

    Where cannabis is legal, deaths from pills and booze are declining, along with police expenditures.

    Hopefully Pres. Trump will see the business end of these issues and restore the rightful place of cannabis in American society.

    Thank you for reading this, please consider writing a letter to your representatives.

    God Bless!

  3. Just a suggestion Gary…

    In arguing for hemp don’t bring in cannabis to the same thread.

    Hemp has negligible THC content while the Mary Jane clearly has some.

    Hemp is an excellent cash crop and has many uses, even in our modern day.

    It is also better for the soil than other crops like corn.

    Broad legalization is an excellent conversation for hemp.

    Once people are educated there is virtually no one who argues against it.

    Marijuana has no argument in common with hemp and has far less support for blanket legality.

    Although it is deserving of a separate argument.

  4. Yes Priest, you are correct. Hemp can stand on its own.

    In fact the website talks strictly hemp.

    The problem I find is that when I mention hemp to some “conservative” folks, they automatically think I am using a code word for legalizing weed.

    Nowadays, with the facts of great tax revenue being derived, deaths from pills and booze being reduced, less police expenditures and veterans getting help from PTSD using legal cannabis, I sometimes just say legalize the whole plant, the sky will not fall.

    One more thing, I remember going to a town hall meeting where Don Manzullo was taking questions and I asked him about legalizing medical cannabis.

    His assistant, came over to me and scolded me for bringing up the subject.

    That is how crazy some politicians are about discussing anything not approved by the “powers that be”.

    Enough of my rambling!

    Let my people GROW!

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