After Withdrawing from Lakewood Village President Race, Santowski Files as Write-In

Paul Serwatka

Lakewood was the write-in sensation two years ago, when Paul Serwatka ran first as a write-in in his race for Village Trustee.

He campaigned against the Tax Increment Financing District and the SportsPlex at the southern intersection of Routes 47 and 176 for which the TIF was primarily created.

This year Serwatka decided to run for Village President and recruited Trustee candidates as his running mates.

Ken Santowski

Also announcing his candidacy for Village President was Trustee Ken Santowski.

But, then, without explanation, he pulled out of the race, leaving Serwatka with a straight shot at victory.

Now, the McHenry County Clerk’s Office reports that Santowski has filed as a write-in candidate for Village President.

Write-in candidacies very rarely succeed.

I can remember three instances where the write-in candidate defeated a person on the ballot:

  • Nunda Township, where write-in candidate John Heisler defeated Mike Walkup for Township Supervisor
  • Algonquin Township, where incumbent Assessor Forrest Hare defeated the man who beat him in the GOP Caucus
  • Lakewood, where Paul Serwatka won a Trustee seat, beating all of the incumbents on the ballot

Iyad A. Akel has also filed as a write-in for Lakewood Village.

He is also a write-in candidate for Grafton Township Trustee.


After Withdrawing from Lakewood Village President Race, Santowski Files as Write-In — 5 Comments

  1. Santowski didn’t only throw in the towel in his bid to be village president after he filed to be in the ballot.


    Now, he wants back on?
    And to be in charge?

    I find his actions here just as questionable as his actions as a trustee.

    This is the man who supported the secret $5000 bonus to village manager, Peterson and then orchestrated a cover-up to minimize the damage!

    Peterson, at least had the decency to resign after being caught!

    Apparently, more than can be said about Mr. Tax-to-the-Max Santowski!

    Ken Santowski can NOT be trusted!

  2. I understand that Santowski will have a fundraiser at the Gate 13 CCAPOA beach next Sunday afternoon.

  3. NOW TELL ME WHO WOULD WANT THIS SORT OF WISHIE WASHIE PERSON IN OFFICE Not Me!!! Go Away ….. your are making yourself look as stupid as the most long in the tooth office holding cronies look today!

  4. I might say that this guy is always full of unpleasant surprises, but Lakewood residents have become somewhat calloused and numb and are no longer surprised by the nonsensical actions of this man and his mentor, Erin Smith.

    We were however very pleasantly surprised when we believed he had seen the err of his ways and actually repented his sins by resigning from the board a few short weeks ago.

    But, that hope was short lived.

  5. Smith must have been furious when Santowski her chosen successor, bailed on her, and then resigned from his position as village trustee to boot!

    She knows full well, someone MUST be there to give the crooked developers and other Smith & Peterson cronies and special interests a fighting chance at “their share” of our Lakewood Tax dollars!

    Someone has to stop Paul Serwatka and his “Lakewood Tax Fighter/Better Government” Team!

    All their madness and ridiculous talk of “accountable government”, “responsible spending”, “lower property taxes” “transparency” and “treating residents with respect”…

    It’s just plain madness!

    And who better to fight all that talk of “good government” than Santowski – The chosen voice of the status quo, tax-and-spend, lie to those you’re elected to represent in order to reward your friends and cronies with taxpayer money!

    I agree with Todd, for a minute there I thought Santowski had a shred of decency by resigning.

    What was I thinking?

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