Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings & Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance Re-Election Campaign Cards, Plus Running Mate Assessor Candidate Justin Franzke’s

Unfortunately for those looking for content, the campaign literature for the three candidates running on what is a majority incumbent slate will be hard to read on McHenry County Blog.

These are photos of the campaign literature (I asked all candidates for images, but none have supplied them) passed out at the late January candidates’ night conducted by the Nunda Township Republican Party.

First up is the campaign literature for incumbent Supervisor Lee Jennings:

On the right hand side is a tear off listing the names of the people running with Lee Jennings.

Incumbent Road Commissioner “Iron” Mike Lesperance’s card can be seen below:

Note that Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance’s card also has a tear-off listing his team members.

Finally, we have the slate’s candidate for Township Assessor, Justin Franzke. His literature will be more easier readable, because he used a vertical format.

You can find the list of those running with Justin Franzke at the bottom of his card.


Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings & Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance Re-Election Campaign Cards, Plus Running Mate Assessor Candidate Justin Franzke’s — 9 Comments

  1. Well His First mistake was to mention the ‘LIBRARY’ No I should NOT have to pay for that ! No one who does not want to should be forced to pay for that abomination of Tax wasted $$ they are trying to Extort from US taxpayers! it is apparent this guy does not know what is going on around him! or he would not have used this example! no vote for this one… Here is one for you get our 2 wasted million already spent $$ back that will give you plenty of money to close up shop! elimination is what is needed !

  2. Oooh another Commissioner who has an “award winning recycling program” and instituted the Touch a Truck program.

  3. If you ever have a chance, have Lee Jennings tell you about the time they buried a deceased resident in the Holcombville Cemetery, in the wrong row and plot number…It’s a real knee slapper!

    It get’s better, The resident that owns the plot brought this to Lee’s attention. Lee’s reply to the resident was, “we can put you in another plot in the cemetery”….That’s priceless

    I guess Lee feels it’s not important for this resident to be buried next to his parents

  4. That’s horrible. Do thimk Mr. Jennings is working fevereshly to fix this before the election? Otherwise if he weren’t elected, he’s pushing a serious problem down stream for the next supervisor to deal with. If those plots belonged to my family, and I couldn’t be buried next to my parents, I would be LIVID. Those poor families.

  5. Does anyone have the minutes of the November 9th Algonquin Township meeting where Jennings and Lesperance came out to advocate for a raise for Bob Miller?

    I’m wondering if Jennings was there in his gardening overalls…Did he bring a shovel and a hoe?

  6. +1, RickeyR

    I don’t live there, so it’s not my circus and those aren’t my monkeys, but you do have to be a bit of a megalomaniac to refer to yourself as “Iron Mike”

  7. The part where Lesperance claims he “worked with municipal and township neighbors to maximize efforts in all aspects of right of way maintenance”. Yeah right, tell that to the people of Le Villa Vaupell where he tookdk their fence from private property and then took their pillars in retaliation for suing him. He takes a lot of credit for someone else’s ideas too. I’d love to touch him with a truck. All the funding and grants, so what, every township gets those notices and they all apply if they are eligible. Anyone can do that. Does the efficient equipment maintenance program include setting things on fire?

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