Suggested Rule Changes from The Chairman

Here are some rules changes that will be considered by the McHenry County Board.

Rules are pretty boring stuff to most people, but it is through the rules that House Speaker Michael Madigan has garnered almost total power in the Illinois House.

How do you think passage of the following would change McHenry County government?


Suggested Rule Changes from The Chairman — 19 Comments

  1. This section needs to be removed or amended to removed items 3, 4, and especially the ambiguous 5.
    Or have a statement in there that the board can challenge the outcome, but I don’t think that is good either.

    B. A voice vote may be used in the following instances, the outcome of
    which shall be determined by the Chairman. Alternatively, an electronic
    vote on any question may be requested by any member.
    1)A motion to adjourn;
    2)Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting;
    3)Adopting the agenda;
    4)Floor motions;
    5)Other items as determined by the Chairman.

  2. Make members’ electronic votes unavailable for viewing until all votes are cast?

    This would eliminate those who don’t read the agendas and just tow-the-line from simply following the majority.

  3. 13 members make a vote well than lets FIRE the rest that don’t matter! now and save us all some $$

    If Mr. Power- Ego man is the only one who gets to push the button I would object right now! Who can trust this power hungry w/o an audience n.b.,(is he taking some sort of Hair pill?) Not me! an none of them should either.

    What is this Must have a 2nd motion before arguing , I call Bunko on that comment!… after that 2nd motion its OVER!… doh! anyone knows that.

  4. Anyone else confused–which what law gives the Chair the power to rewrite rules on his own?

  5. There is absolutely NOTHING allowing this person to take over the “county board’s” rules.

    I repeat… he is NOT a member of the board!

  6. You are wrong, Ersel. There is the stupidity of the sheep that are on the boarad that allows any of this to even be up for any discussion. And THAT is the crux of this matter.

  7. I agree: NO RULE CHANGES! Wait at least until next year!

    The following Board members may be up for re-election next year:

    Bob Nowak – 847-977-5516

    James Heisler – 815-459-1971 or 815-459-0171

    Joe Gottemoller – 815-382-9940 or 815-459-5152

    Don Kopsell – 815-459-7206

    John Hammerand – 815-728-0700

    “Chuck” Wheeler – 815-307-8525

    John Jung – 815-338-6201

    Michelle Aavang – 815-648-4210

    Larry Smith – 815-353-8043

    CALL them and demand they represent YOU and NOT the Chairman who is bringing Madigan politics to the County!

    In addition, the following are running for another office while sitting on the County Board. Call them also and remind them you are watching to observe if they support Madigan or YOU.

    Andrew Gasser – 850-866-0155

    Donna Kurtz – 815-788-0632 or 815-353-5972

    Michael Rein – 815-337-3740

    Michael Walkup – 815-477-8978 or 815-459-7090

    Also, the folowing Board members appear to have been totally ‘snowed’ by the Madigan approach or they are extremely naive. Call them and demand they do their job which is to represent YOU!

    Chris Christensen – 815-334-7225

    Kay Bates – 815-276-5073 or 815-385-4300

    Paula Yensen – 815-404-3918

    Mike Skala – 847-669-3804 or 815-337-5550

    Mary McCann – 815-568-1061

  8. If they are discussing rule changes, I hope some member proposes limiting Jacko’s ability to appoint ad hoc committees. I’ll bet there are 13 members who are fed up enough to overrule Jacko when he says that’s out of order. It just takes one person to get the ball rolling.

  9. Sorry, on my earlier post the last statement was somehow dropped.

    “The board members MUST grow a collective spine and take back the rules.”

  10. I agree with you Cindy, may be Atty: Mike Walkup could have put in some rules/Laws about all of this ?! Stop the madness…

  11. 5.3.B.

    The chair should not have a vote in ANY committee meeting. The fact that Franks voted in the ad hoc goes against the law! It should be added to the rules

  12. Augustus Gloop strikes again. I know the Republican members of the Board aren’t allowed to caucus on their own, but there really needs to be some back channel communication to settle on a strategy to stop this nonsense. Surely, there are at least 13 members who have had enough.

  13. The Northwest Herald changed the “published” time stamp of its article titled, “Electronic Voting Rules Will Go to Full McHenry County Board Without Committee’s Changes.”

    The article is linked in the above comment (Xout42 on 02/10/2017 at 10:17 pm said).

    The comment states the Northwest Herald article was posted by 4:54 PM (on February 10, 2017).

    The comment itself has a time stamp of 10:17PM.

    But, the Northwest Herald article currently has a “published” time stamp of 11:24PM on February 10, 2017.

    The evidence above is the article was “published” prior to 11:24PM.

    At least in this instance, the “published” time stamp in Northwest Herald articles is not the original time stamp of the article.

    Wonder how often that occurs.


    Northwest Herald

    Electronic Voting Rules Will Go to Full McHenry County Board Without Committee’s Changes

    Published: Friday, Feb. 10, 2017 11:24 p.m. CDT * Updated: Friday, Feb. 10, 2017 11:26 p.m. CD

    by Kevin Craver

  14. Mark, that happens often. Late evening updated stories appear and usually about midnight the new stories show up online. (there’s red under them with the time) What also happens is,any comments to the earlier version disappear, so there are no running comments on the story. I’m not sure how you find the original story or comments associated with it.

  15. Northwest Herald

    Electronic Voting Rule Changes Headed to Full McHenry County Board

    April 28, 2017

    by Kevin Craver

    “Approval would mean the system will go live in June, six months after its installation at the behest of new County Board Chairman Jack Franks, D – Marengo, as a way to increase transparency and accountability.”

    “It was paid for through the budget of County Clerk Mary McClellan at a cost of $2,700 for the hardware, and about $1,000 a month for the software.”


    How did the County Clerk shuffle her budget to account for the $2,700 for hardware and about $1,000 a month for the software?


    Postponing a purchase?


    The County Board does not have a personnel report in the board agenda and agenda packet to indicate personnel moves.


    How does this benefit the taxpayer?

    The votes are recorded in the minutes.

    Why did Jack Franks want electronic voting?

  16. Northwest Herald

    McHenry County Board Finally Approves Rules for Electronic Voting System

    by Kevin Craver

    May 18, 2017

    “The system, which works through the county’s existing audio-streaming and online agenda software, allows board members to vote on issues with their county-issued iPads, and it displays voting results online and on a flat-screen TV behind the chairman’s seat.”

    “‘I can tell you that every other jurisdiction that I know that does electronic voting, you don’t read [the roll call] afterward.

    It’s not necessary, and it defeats the purpose entirely,’ Franks said.”


    So instead of $2,700 upfront for the hardware and about $1,000 a month, the roll call (of how each member voted) could be read aloud afterward.

    Was there software, installation, consulting, periodic updates or upgrades, or any other charges in addition to the $2,700 upfront and $1,000 a month?

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