Challenging Nunda Township GOP Rolls Out Campaign Piece

Two slates are competing in the Nunda Township Republican Primary Election on February 28th.

One is made of mainly of incumbents led by Supervisor Lee Jennings and Road Commissioner “Iron Mike” Lesperance.

Joining them are Assessor candidate Justin Franzke and Trustee candidates Karen Tynis and William Boltz, both appointed Trustees now, elected Trustee Ed Dvorak and Debra Heath.

Challenging that slate is another slate consisting of Catherine Williams for Supervisor, Eric Dowd for Road Commissioner, appointed Assessor Mark Dzemske and Trustee candidates Mike Shorten, Tim Parrish and Robert “Rob” Parrish.

Not running on either slate is McHenry County Board member Mike Walkup, who seeks to drastically downsize the role and salary of the Township Supervisor.

Below is what the challengers passed out at the candidates’ night:


Challenging Nunda Township GOP Rolls Out Campaign Piece — 16 Comments

  1. We need to bring some intelligence into the township government. This is the ticket that will bring the change we need.

  2. No to Nepotism of any kind when one gets done the other one can run not at the same time I don’t care who you are you Do Not Own Nunda if this was a privately held business do what you will. No vote for one of you that’s for sure. And if you hire the other one I say we boot you as well for trying to circumvent the system this should be a LAW now! Also how about instead of spewing how your going to not only save us $$ on not duplicating with other townships how about with the City that surrounds us as well???? instead of us paying for you Both to do the same THING!

  3. Mike Walkup may be you can while your cutting costs, put some laws into place for the tax payer? i.e.
    No Nep. ever should there be allowed.

  4. Wait…LTresident, are you talking about the same brothers that were filling and delivering sandbags for the Nunda flood victims? Rather than be with their family’s, they volunteered their days and evenings to help Nunda in anyway they could?
    They put Nunda first then and will continue to do it going forward. Thanks for caring guys, you ALL have my vote!!!
    Out of 22,000 registered voters in Nunda, these 6 people are our best chance to bring integrity back to our Township.

  5. This group of 6 plus walkup wants to abolish township, How can that be good for a better Nunda

  6. Isn’t Rob Parrish and Tim Parrish brothers running for trustee nepotism? How is that ? “for a better Nunda”

  7. I think you may be confused:

    Mike Walkup is running alone and is focused on making the supervisor’s position a part time job. You may be confused with that.

    It appears that these 6 are not for abolishing townships at all. If they were, don’t you think they would print that somewhere or advertise that somewhere?

    They are running as a group to eliminate wasteful spending and give the township back to us, the taxpayers of Nunda.

    You may also be confused with how Mark Dzemske, For a Better Nunda’s assesor candidate, was able to slash his budget from over $500,000 down to $395,000 within 6 months of being appointed. Certaintly he wouldn’t want to “abolish” his job he’s held for 30 years, when he’s got that office humming along with over $100,000 in reductions?

    These 6 have my vote, they will listen to and speak for the people of Nunda. No more lawsuits against the township, no more bullying, and most importantly they will do more with less.

  8. Shorten was one of the incompetent ram rods of the short sighted and ill prepared twh consolidation deal that would of raised taxes.

  9. Mr. Shorten has fought for lowering levies and reducing spending for the last 4 years as a Nunda trustee.

    If the board meetings were up on the website, like everything should be, I would send you there to watch them. Unfortunately, they are not. Which is wrong.

    If the meetings were up, we’d also be able to see sonething really neat:

    The early November meeting where Lee and Mike submitted proposals to keep their levies flat. (Mr. Shorten argued (ALONE) for a 10% reduction, that was not entertained.)

    At the end of November, they realized their races were contested. Filing ended 11/28.

    Fast forward less than 2 weeks ahead, to the December meeting, MAGICALLY Lee and Mike resubmitted propsals to reduce their levies significantly. (But back in early November, reductions weren’t an option.)

    Just in time for the election.

    Nicely played.

    Mike now runs on the premise that he lowered taxes and reduced spending. If he would of stuck to his NOVEMBER plan, he would of not had anything to run on.
    Without the December political play, it appears our Road Dist. might of been on track to save us a little money in the 4 years.


    Now add in the lawsuits of Le Villa Vaupell and Running Iron (both resident suit and county suit) and our Township taxpayer money spent to fight those and I’m pretty sure that SAVINGS= ZERO.

    I was fooled by Mike and Lee the first time and voted for them, but I won’t be fooled again.

  10. Two brothers running for an office does not equal nepotism. Maybe you should invest in a dictionary, Josey.

  11. Josey …. you may well be right. But Who the hell are you! That’s what I’d like to know!

  12. Nepotism is like when Jennings hires a relative to work over the summer for a job that is not needed and pays them more than the going rate for a part time position. Funny how that job was never posted as available so anyone else could apply.

  13. JW- My policy is that I use my own name when patting myself on the back and adopt a pseudonym when I am trying to knock myself down a couple of pegs.

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