Mike Walkup’s Township Supervisor Handout

At the Nunda Township Republican Party’s candidates’ night two weeks ago, all of the major candidates had literature for the taking.

The only candidate for Township Supervisor not running with other candidates is Mike Walkup.

An adamant opponent of the existence of township government, Walkup distributed the leaflet you see below:

Mike Walkup’s description of why people should elect him Nunda Township Supervisor.


Mike Walkup’s Township Supervisor Handout — 34 Comments

  1. It made me cry ….. Finally a friend of the taxpayer who understands the township rooks.
    That’s what Steve Verr is running on in McHenry Township.

  2. What is that? A flyer for a car wash?
    Amateur hour over at the Walkup campaign.

  3. I see no problem with a frugal spender when it comes to literature or campaigning as long as it send the message.

  4. You wouldn’t want someone to spend more than they intend to earn just to get elected. Not like Iron Head Mike who spends about half of what he earns and campaigns on the clock while his guys are out working. At least if Walkup gets in there will be more money to defend against all the lawsuits the current Road Boss has to fend off.

  5. Good one Wizard!!!

    Monerate and Franks need to think about how much Franks spent vs. the fact he only beat Walkup by 15%
    Franks had how many town halls, robocall, paid campaign workers, mailers?
    Walkup had none.

    Walkup is a stronger candidate for voters than many people (including Republicans) think.

  6. Also,
    It looks like not only did Walkup Design a crappy lit piece, he also broke the law.

    1. I don’t see a “Paid for by” on the lit
    2. Did he send a copy to the State Board
    3.Does he represent McHenry Township or Nunda – you can’t tell because he illegally served on the McHenry Township electoral Board
    4. Walkup is a serial lawbreaker. #OpenMeetingsAct

  7. Cal,
    You might want to take this post down and not exposes your lapdog to any more scrutiny.

  8. I’m looking forward to more Micheal Walkup political signs up and down the roads to look at all summer!
    He still has one posted on US20 in Union from the November election!
    I don’t who would vote for this irresponsible candidate.

  9. Walk up cannot cut the supervisor salary till four years from now when the salary is set for the next election.in the mean time he will be collecting what the salary is set for this term.sounds a lot like a 10%promise from Franks which isn’t going to happen either .just the uasal male bovine excrement.

  10. Agreed Watchdog 1!
    I still see Franks and Bartman signs in Wonder Lake and more Bartman signs littering then northeastern part of McHenry County

  11. It’s not illegal for Franks or Walkup to leave their signs out. The legislature amended the law years ago.

    What is illegal is Walkup not following simple election laws and:
    1. Placing a Paid for by” on the lit
    2. Sending a copy to the State Board
    3. Decidedly indicated if he he represents McHenry Township or Nunda – you can’t tell because he illegally served on the McHenry Township electoral Board
    4. Walkup is a serial lawbreaker. #OpenMeetingsAct

  12. What was stuck in our door was a two-sided flyer. On the back it says “Paid for by Committee for Michael Walkup, A copy of our report is or will be available for inspection with the State Board of Elections.” Too bad that side is missing — it adds to what he views as the problem,

  13. @ Moderate.

    Your points are well taken but where is my 10% tax cut.

    No amount of verbal sleight of hand or changing the subject is going to causes us not to remember that your guy lies like a rug. http://www.lyingjackfranks.com/

  14. At least he is modest. Nothing like the white haired wanna-be Elvis, all flash – no substance, empty suit like Franks!

  15. Bottom line – It takes a majority vote of the Township Board to set Township salaries.

    Just like the little “round mound” cannot reduce County taxes by himself, Walkup cannot do anything of substance without Township Board approval.

    He is not in a position to logically make the statement he made.

    Whomever is elected will be paid the current salary for four years as set by the Township Board last year.

    Ya think, Walkup needs the money?

    Walkup does not have a farm, he has a ‘money pit’.

  16. Any other McHenry County Board members going to try to bail before the end of their term? If they think Franks is so wrong, why don’t they stay and fight?

    I bet that this is another Tirio in action. Tells us one thing and does something completely different once in office. Speaking of Tirio, why aren’t you folks up in arms about his lying to you to get elected?

  17. How, specifically, does Walkup promising to reduce the salary at the first possible legal opportunity make him disingenuous? How, specifically, has Tirio working toward the folding of one political office into another somehow abrogate his campaign promises? Do you imagine a person campaigning for the office of supervisor has the ability to change the laws regarding salaries during the campaign? Do you imagine anyone who takes over a long standing administration office can simply fold up shop without taking steps to assure smooth continuity of service? Please elaborate.

  18. Moderate: You really should get your facts right before you start to spout off.

    I never served on the “McHenry Township Electoral Board”, and if I had, it would not have been “illegal” as anyone who is appointed by the Chief Judge can serve on that board if there is a conflict of interest. They do not have to live in the township. Several people who were not township residents served on various township electoral boards this year to rule on challenges.

    I was the Chairman of the McHenry Township Caucus Meeting, (not an “electoral board”). Anyone is allowed to do so if selected by a majority of the committeemen, which I was as they wanted to have someone from outside of the township to avoid bias. The judges counting the ballots were also from outside of the township for the same reason. There is no requirement that such a person live in the township and it is probably better that they do not.

    Second, I was not at the governor’s press conference which gave rise to the Open Meetings Act complaint brought by the unions, which the Board voted to settle rather than have it cost the taxpayers more money in legal fees.

    When you get ALL of your facts wrong in a single post, you have pretty much destroyed your credibility going forward so you might want to chose another fake name to use here.

    Finally, :Audrey”, people ARE stepping up to fight Franks on the County Board but, unfortunately, there are also several people who are willing to serve on his Rump Committee which he is trying to use to circumvent the normal committee structure. Hopefully, all of this will be sorted out by May when some may leave the Board for other positions. I am expecting a majority of the Board to support new Rules which will further define the limits of authority of the Chairman and prevent some of these power grabs for the balance of the term.

  19. Mike Walkup
    If the chairman is not a board member and has no authority to re-write rules, then what prevents any resident of the county, that is not a board member, from re-writing the rules?

    Maybe a liaison committee comprised of some taxpayer members that would watchdog and question the chairman and these behaviors and acts, that are not in taxpayers best interests. A requirement to have the committee meeting prior to an agenda with any voting on “business” initiated or slipped in solely by Mr. Franks that benefits Mr. Franks. Meaning holding it within 48hrs of the meeting of an agenda to be legally voted on.
    I don’t know, there’s got to be some kind of protection for the taxpayers and the independent thinking, acting and voting board members from these rogue acts of self serving, divisive will.
    Write this rule!

  20. Out: Right now Franks has the County Administrator cowed and the latter refuses to even put items on the public agenda so we can’t consider them under the Open Meetings Act. We can talk about Rules but we can’t vote on them unless we organize a Special Meeting, which is the next step. The Clerk publishes the agenda for any Special Meetings so it bypasses the Administrator and Chairman.

    Anyone can write a Rule but the full Board has to adopt any Rules changes, whether coming out of a committee or otherwise. If we have 13 votes, we can do anything, but again, may have to call a Special Meeting to do so.

    Ultimately, the Board should prevail on all of this but in the meantime there is turmoil.

  21. Re: “specifically, does Walkup promising to reduce the salary at the first possible legal opportunity make him disingenuous?”

    Simple: He knows he alone cannot.

    Salaries cannot be changed midterm.

    It takes a Board majority to set salaries for the next administration.

    The Supervisor has one vote.

  22. I have watched Mike Walkup on the County Board and at the committee level, for quite a while.
    Yes, Mr. Walkup is quirky to some, but always, always, questions, challenges and sparks necessary conversation. That is not only greatly needed, but appreciated.
    So what if he has ink allergies or has chickens, an organic farm, played in a rock band, etc.
    Vote Mike Walkup!

  23. Here is the reality of the spin piece that Walkup just published.
    The first opportunity Walkup (if elected) will have to reduce the Supervisor Salary will be November 2020 when the Township Board votes on the salaries for the 2021-2025 term. In the meantime, if elected, he will have to take the salary (pay taxes, the township contribute to FICA and IMRF). He can chose to donate a portion of his salary to a not for profit, but the W2 and W3 will still show the $75K/yr.
    The only way to reduce costs of support salaries in through attrition. If you terminate, you will be in court. Local government is not protected under right to work but rather the Constitution. Litigation is always costly to townships when they mess with staff.

  24. CV and DMAC, All true regarding Walkup. The question stands. Any person entering the office of Supervisor will have the very same benefits/constraints. None but Walkup have made the promise to attempt to change the circumstances of the office at the earliest legal opportunity. How is his promise disingenuous? No one has shown how Tirio is not working each day to fulfill his campaign promises. Make the case.

  25. It’s also inappropriate for you to list yourself as “supervisor” implying that you’re the incumbent. It’s this kind of silly, unnecessary game that severely undercuts your credibility as a public servant.

  26. Audrey …. please G R O W U P !

    …. if you possibly can!

  27. I didn’t know he was in a rock band. I feel new respect for that alone.

  28. Tirio hasn’t lied at all! He said ‘if elected he will eliminate the elected office within his first term’. The term for this office is 4 yrs.
    Where is a lie here, Audrey???

  29. Camp, Cal reported here that the second he was sworn in Tirio stated that he hoped to build on the work of his predecessor. Hardly sounds like he’s planning on getting rid of the office.

    Funny how that works though, right? Either the person running uses that as a ploy to get elected and never really intends on doing what he runs on or they get in there and realize that they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about in the first place and that the office is necessary after all. We’ll see. My money is on him not doing a thing to put himself out of a job and I’m sure that you will come up with some excuse when he runs again as to why you will still vote for him, because as long as there’s an R after the name you will vote for them no matter what.

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