Crystal Lake City Council & High School District 155 Candidates’ Night at MCC on Thursday, Feb. 16th

The McHenry County League of Women Voters is holding a candidates’ night at McHenry County College’s auditorium.

Candidates for the Crystal Lake City Council and Crystal Lake High School District 155 will appear at 6:30 to meet personally and 7 for the meeting itself.

In previous years, this forum has been held closer to the election–in March.


Crystal Lake City Council & High School District 155 Candidates’ Night at MCC on Thursday, Feb. 16th — 5 Comments

  1. There are 9 candidates on the ballot for CHSD 155:

    Vote for a maximum of 4.

    – Ron Ludwig

    – Jason Blake

    – David Secrest

    – Nicole M Pavoris

    – Anne Somers

    – John Pletz

    – Donna Kurtz

    – Raphael J Kamner

    – Scott Vetter


    This election will be held Tuesday April 4, 2017.


    The primary election is Tuesday February 28, 2017 (school board candidates run as independent party candidates so there is no school board primary election).

    Every once in a while a school district or other local property taxing district will put a referendum on the primary ballot.


    CHSD 155 still does not post videotaped board meetings on its website, and thus does not indefinitely archive the board meetings.

    CHSD 155 does not post a change document on its website listing changes from the previous collective bargaining agreement, using for instance underline text for additions and strike through text for deletions.

    Both would make good campaign transparency issues.


    CHSD 155 does finally post the state mandated IMRF compensation report on its website, listing higher compensated employees whom contributed to the IMRF (as opposed to TRS) pension fund. > Finance & Operations > Finance > Compensation Reports > IMRF Report

    The report includes columns for:

    – employee name

    – position

    – base salary

    – employer paid health insurance

    – sick days granted

    – vacation days granted

    – bonus


    Someone could FOIA from IMRF the pensions of those employees that ended their career at Crystal Lake CHSD 155, along with with lifetime employee and employer contributions to teach employee.


    Open the Books has a Snapshot Spending Report for CHSD 155.

    At the Open the Books website:

    – click on Illinois

    – Scroll to bottom of page, under “SNAHPShot Reports”, click on “Public School SNAPShot Reports.”

    – Scroll to bottom of page, select “500 items per page.”

    – Scroll down to “Community HSD 155”


    Note, there is also a Calumet City School District 155.

    They are typically listed as “Calumet City SD 155” or something with “Calumet City” in their name.

    There are many instances in Illinois of different school districts with the same school district number.

  2. Finally we can get rid of these 3 have been on their way to long and appt. by their king, to rule against the people of our town not one of Them cares a Hoot for the town or its citizens this from Experience !yeah begone wasteful uselessness… now let’s pray once again that we get enough people out to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! no more yesmaster…. what ever you say may be the new ones will think out of the box and For the People ! one can hope! just ask them which one of them voted against a new un-necessary Sales Tax increase? ask them why we are in debt in pensions for fire and police but yet they can continue to spend on the 14M $ gravel pit and waste on an un-necessary Library of which they have already ok’s 2million $ on! then stand back and listen to the #$%^& put your high boots on and watch the wiggiling start… ha! right there B.S.R. you know there is more ?? you won’t like.. coming your way. Ask them why take $$ from the Tax payer to sue the Tax Payer too… state local? sickening.. your time is near

  3. Incumbent Crystal Lake / Cary / Fox River Grove / Lakewood High School District 155 Board Members:

    Ted Wagner – President, term expires in 2017 (not running for re-election).

    Gary Oberg, MD – Vice President, term expires in 2017 (not running for re-election).

    Amy Blazier, term expires in 2019.
    ​ ​
    Adam Guss, term expires in 2019.

    Rosemary Kurtz, term expires in 2019.

    Dave Secrest, term expires in 2017 (is running for re-election).

    Ann Somers, term expires in 2017 (is running for re-election).


    The candidate forum for the High School District 155 and for City Council begins at 6:30PM tonight (meet the candidates) at the McHenry County College auditorium.

    The forum starts at 7PM.

    The MCC auditorium is officially known as the Luecht Conference Center, room B170 (Building B).

    Park in Entrance 1.

  4. Let’s hope that Secrest and Somers are not voted in again. Time for a brand new board. Good start with Kurtz, Guss and Blazier. We need 4 new members now.

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