Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Candidates Receiving Big Contributions

The hottest race in the Algonquin Township Republican Primary is that for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.

Bob Miller

Andrew Gasser

McHenry County Blog has previously published campaign disclosure data.  It showed incumbent Road Commissioner Bob Miller with way more money than challenger McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser.

Miller had almost $49,000 starting out 2017, while Gasser had $5,600.

Since January 1st, contributions of $1,000 or more to Miller have come from

Contributions to Gasser that are $1,000 or more follow:

  • $4,125 – Doggone Clean Lawn, Crystal Lake
  • $4,000 – DemetriosTsilimingras, Cary
  • $3,000 – Citizens for Lou Bianchi
  • $2,000 – Peter Kunz, Fox River Grove
  • $1,000 – Steven Willson, Lakewood
  • $1,000 – Robert Hanlon, Woodstock
  • $1,000 – Loretta Rosenmayer, Lake in the Hills
  • $500 – Illinois Tea Party, Inc., Lisle


Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Candidates Receiving Big Contributions — 13 Comments

  1. So a company that cleans up dog shat is a huge supporter of Gasser?

    I see the resemblance.

    Very generous donation has doggie doo doo been promised a new career?

    I’ll be giggling about this for doggone days

  2. All of the contributions are from Lou Bianchi people and Salgado sounds like someone is mad they were not able to consolidate townships so this is an end around

  3. I commented about two weeks ago “If It Is Not Broken, Doesn’t Need To Be Fixed”.

    Bob Miller has a history with Algonquin Township, have not heard any complaints, except for Township Costs.

    Now you have a new fella who wants the job, be sure you know his history, ethics, and trustworthiness.

  4. Some people need to get past these old preconceived and unsupported paradigms.

    What did Lou Bianchi say about township consolidation and what does Salgado have to do with this (I don’t see the name in the article)?

    Bill Prim endorsed Bob Miller.

    And Algonquin Township is one of the only townships where Dimitri had any success winning precincts when he ran to be a judge. Gasser and ATRCC worked hard for him.

    As far as I know, Miller doesn’t spend time helping get Republicans elected — he advocates for the institution of Algonquin Township. He’s certainly more qualified than Gasser, but the fact that his most vocal supporters tend to be people who have personal axes to grind with Gasser as well as progressive Democrats draws suspicion.

  5. Sorry Team Andrew but your dude is not qualified to fill a postion that takes practical field experience to do the job properly.

    Reading a manual isn’t enough, of all people Andrew should know that having served in the military.

    Andrew has a problem controlling his emotions, walking out of the County board meeting the other day is proof positive of that fact.

    When a resident gets in your face whining about whatever, one has to remain calm, which is a ability Andrew seems to lack.

  6. The Nob, you are so right on this one, simple as that.

    Vote Bob Miller.

  7. I guess the $$$$ support from the DP org, McHenry Times, doesn’t show on Andrews report card?

  8. Our “dude” and anyone other than Miller, would be qualified!

    Get rid of the empire!

    Vote Mr. Gasser!

  9. If Andrew and Charles win this election, will they clean house and give all employees the opportunity to interview for their old jobs back, at a lesser pay scale?

    I’m thinking $96,967.28 for a Township Administrative Assistant is a crime.

    I feel like I’ve been robbed.

  10. outwiththeold, this is what the problem is, you diminish the work done at the Township and say anyone can do it.

    I guess that is what Gasser is all about, I will read it after the election, to find out how it is done.

    Sounds like Pelosi.

  11. I the sprit of openess, Andrew and Rachael have stuped to a new low.

    Ove ten year old video from a fired employee, see it on Andrew’s site or Facebook.

    Wow the real Mayor Dailey of dirty last min got ya politics, Andrew Gasser, of Alg Twh has shown his true colors.

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