Algonquin Township’s Hot GOP Road Commissioner Race Mailings

Long-time incumbent Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller is being challenged by McHenry County Board member Andrew Gasser in Tuesday’s Republican Primary Election.

Mailings can be seen below (if I have missed any, please send them to me):

This post card from Gasser contains his record.

Miller had an introduction post card, too.

Gasser followed up with a post card containing a graphic emphasizing the cost of having four members of the Miller family on the Algonquin Township Road District payroll.
Miller countered with endorsements from former State Rep. Mike Tryon and Sheriff Bill Prim.
Arriving Friday was an envelope from Gasser containing two letters and a palm card.
The first letter addresses Gasser’s candidacy for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.
The second letter (on the back of the first) contains Gasser’s endorsements for other township offices.

Enclosed was a palm card that his volunteers are distributing.


Algonquin Township’s Hot GOP Road Commissioner Race Mailings — 18 Comments

  1. The issue of some Township Road & Bridge monies flowing to Municipalities could be better explained to taxpayers and presented on a historical basis.


    Bob Miller – Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner in charge of Algonquin Township Highway Department / Road District

    2015 – $94,311

    2014 – $93,318

    2013 – $93,318

    2012 – $92,002

    2011 – $88,891

    2010 – $85,750

    2009 – $82,851

    2008 – $80,064

    2007 – $77,463

    2006 – $74,844

    2005 – $72,313

    2004 – $69,730

    2003 – $67,048

    2002 – $64,470

    2001 – $60,916

    2000 – $57,166


    Anna May Miller – Algonquin Township Highway Department Administrative Assistant. Wife of Bob Miller.

    2015 – $82,106

    2014 – $82,403

    2013 – $77,602

    2012 – $76,042

    2011 – $76,383

    2010 – $79,649

    2009 – $75,181

    2008 – $67,179

    2007 – $69,417

    2006 – $69,050

    2005 – $59,069

    2004 – $60,569

    2003 – $55,346

    2002 – $36,257


    Derek Lee – Algonquin Township Highway Department Deputy Foreman. Married to a daughter of Bob and Anna May Miller.

    2015 – $82,148

    2014 – $81,910

    2013 – $78,786

    2012 – $75,077

    2011 – $78,519

    2010 – $78,683

    2009 – $76,791

    2008 – $76,562

    2007 – $75,156

    2006 – $66,949

    2005 – $66,267

    2004 – $64,794

    2003 – $58,622

    2002 – $52,064

    2001 – $46,859

    2000 – $22,875


    Andrew Rosencrans – Algonquin Township Highway Department Employee. Married to a daughter of Bob and Anna May Miller.

    2015 – $69,932

    2014 – $69,768

    2013 – $66,359

    2012 – $65,065

    2011 – $64,145

    2010 – $64,141

    2009 – $59,145

    2008 – $58,282

    2007 – $52,761

    2006 – $44,253

    2005 – $5,686

    Source: Open the Books

  2. Just voting for someone OTHER THAN MILLER ought to save the taxpayers money with those obscene Miller salaries that Bob Miller sets!

    What a racket…

    Vote the other guy – and Drain The Swamp!!!

  3. Self describing yourself as a “Good Guy doing a great job”?

    Who does that?

    Bob Miller only reduced tax levy by 10% this year?

    Why Now? -when he could have done it before?

    because Andrew Gasser was running against him.

    Andrew Gasser gives concrete reasons to vote for him along with enlightening info.

    Vote Andrew Gasser!

    Miller needs to retire, he’s run this gig long enough and got rich off the Township.

    Miller Time is over!

  4. Bob’s claim that he kept the imposition of property taxes flat while homeowners LOST over 33 percent of their real estate value is an indication that he does not realize he is responsible to those taxpayers.

    The responsible thing for Bob to have done would have been to REDUCE the property tax burden.

    Instead he kept increasing salaries!

    Time to clean the Algonquin Township house!!

    Remember folks, that while Bob is working for Townships of Illinois he is sucking up your tax dollars doing so.

  5. Gasser says all of this while living on a fat government pension with no experience in road building and maintenance.

  6. Be sure to look at your tax bill.

    What percent is the road district?

    The property tax issue is due to public pensions mostly due to school districts.

    With the exception of District 200 and Susan Handlesman, not talked about very often.

    i don’t believe anyone that promises to lower taxes as it is yet to happen to me.

    How do we judge who is paid too much without comparing them to neighboring townships?

  7. Gasser when was the last Time, You Paid Real Estate Taxes in McHenry County, or any other County in this United States of America?

    Please show us your paid tax bill or bills.

    The Mrs, you are correct on this one, Gasser is looking for a supplement to his income!

    I was excited too, when a new face wanted to run against Bob Miller, always good to see a change, but Gasser’s ethics and trustworthiness is in question.

    When voting for Road Commissioner, remember this . . .

  8. Andrew’s are all attack pieces as was the Chicago style last min gotcha video.

    Andrew’s promises to reduce twh levy by 25% in four years with no service cut while new roads will be added under the NDR program.

    Ya right, sounds like BO’s hope nonsense.

  9. Didn’t Bob Miller freeze the tax levy the past couple of years and reduce the levy by 10% most recently?

    Also, why haven’t we seen the the chart showing that Algonquin Township has the third lowest tax rate in McHenry County?

  10. Lots of negative attacks from Gasser.

    The candidate that goes negative is almost always the candidate that is trailing.

  11. The work gloves Gasser is wearing in the photo op with the Case don’t appear to have seen much use.

  12. That picture is almost as ridiculous as Michael Dukakis riding around in a tank with his helmet on.

  13. That is a Case loader that is available for snow removal at a local private business parking lot.

    Andrew faked it, much like saying he can run a road crew by just reading out of a manual.

  14. OMW, so you perfer we vote for someone with no pratical experience that will make it more dangerous for us to drive?


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