Blazier and Tryon Send Postcard Endorsing Miller

Former State Rep. Mike Tryon has sent out a postcard endorsing Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller.

This arrived today:

Bob Blazier endorses Bob Miller on this side of the post card.

On this side of the post card, former State Rep. Mike Tryon endorses Bob Miller for Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.


Blazier and Tryon Send Postcard Endorsing Miller — 9 Comments

  1. Re: “dedicated public servant”

    Do you really consider a family on the receiving end of approximately $400,000 taxpayer dollars to be dedicated public servants?

    I do not.

    We now have a President who is being paid one dollar per year – he more closely resembles a public servant in my opinion.

  2. Consider the source, Questioning.

    Dedicated dimwits think it makes sense.

  3. These good ‘ole boys don’t realize their endorsements don’t mean much nowadays!

  4. News

    SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2017 9:55 AM

    Video Backfires

    Videos that were supposed to send Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller’s re-election campaign down in flames Friday may have backfired when online newspaper links to them wouldn’t work but one of the videos playable from challenger Andrew Gasser’s website ran just fine.

    The unabashedly partisan McHenry Times promised a pair of YouTube videos featuring “men dressed in Algonquin Township uniforms shooting at a vehicle and destroying it, using Algonquin Township equipment” but the hyperlinks led to dead ends.

    Gasser’s embedded video, however, showed a bunch of howling yahoos shooting an old Ford Festiva, then mashing it with a wheel loader, all on what he charged was “Algonquin Township property.”

    By Friday evening the McHenry Times had changed its story to include only a single link to a YouTube gallery supposedly uploaded by Algonquin Township.

    The gallery contained two videos, one the same as playable on Gasser’s site, the other clips of several smokey “burnouts” like drag racers use to heat their tires.

    An accompanying notation, however, recorded that neither had been uploaded to the video sharing website until about 1 pm Friday, around the same time that the Times published its original story and Gasser posted his accompanying indictment of Miller’s management.

    Unfortunately, by the time the story was fixed the videos’ actual owner, a former Road District employee, had come forward on Facebook to provide details he said both the Times and Gasser had missed.

    He reported the videos had both been recorded “over 10 years ago”, not to mention that the action took place on the property of a a nearby gravel company that “was not owned by Algonquin Township at that time.”

    He said he and his pals kept the whole thing to themselves because, “If Mr. Miller would have known at the time, we all [would have] been let go.”

    The McHenry Times is a political “newspaper” whose funding it admits if you drill down deep enough, “is provided, in part, by advocacy groups who share our beliefs in limited government.”

    Which groups and whom they favor is impossible to tell from public records since the real ownership of the publication –and 24 others like it around the state– can’t be determined from public records.

    The titles used to be published by the multi-million dollar right-wing Liberty Principles Super PAC, headed by Chicago radio personality Dan Proft.

    That changed last August when the Illinois State Board of Elections ruled that, while it couldn’t find evidence of collusion with candidates, Liberty Principles would have to include the phrase “paid for by” on any new campaign literature it sent out or pay a fine.

    Now the chain’s owned by a mysterious entity called Local Government Information Services, Inc.

    It listed neither a president nor even a main address in its registration with the Illinois Secretary of State.

    The change may be a distinction without a difference, anyway, since “Proft is a principal of Local Government Information Services,” according to a Feb. 11 story in the North Cook News, a sister publication of the McHenry Times.

    In a somewhat rare interview last year with the Cook County Chronicle (est. 1875), Proft was frank about what he was up to.

    “Every newspaper is an election tool,” Proft was reported as saying.

    “We’re just transparent about it.”

    “Transparent?” said Miller.

    “There’s some sort of hanky panky going on behind the curtain here and Monday I’m going to ask the State Election Board to find out what it is.”

    cutline for screencap: Ten years old video, not on Algonquin Township property with no Road District decal on loader.

  5. back at you?

    APparently you have no ide what the word backfire entails.

    This whole fisco goes to character.

    Idiot yahoos (no matter how long ago the idiocy)have besmirched the whole regime.

    Tap dance all you like.

    Nobody is buying your antiquated routine.

  6. Losers backing Losers…. what’s new???

    The crazy thing is that Miller dreams these loser endorsements help him.

    Hey Bobby, keep it up!!!

  7. The loader was the twh’s, the employee was later fired, and Andrew is playing gotcha Chicago style bs politics.

  8. Only 1 employee was fired?

    What township does he work for now?

    The other employee on that video looks awfully familiar.

  9. He doen’t work for any twh, not sure what he does now.

    The quality of the video is weak, the devise used must of had lower tech than our cell phones do now.

    I’m not positive who the others were, yet I’m sure that will come out eventually.

    The last min Chicago type deal by Team Andrew should of been before any voting started, they waited to long IMO to be totally effective attempt at dirt.

    They even lack practical experince that way also.

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