Early and Absentee Votes That Have Been Cast — 17 Comments

  1. Is it true our County Clerk gave Jennings the power to be both a poll watcher and access to the voting machines in some capacity?

    This equation doesn’t smell right to me.

    If Kelvin wanted to help, let him go to a neighboring township to help.

    He can hold the door for voters in Algonquin or McHenry.

    But allowing a candidate access to his or her own voting machines is so dirty, even The Mrs. would blush.

  2. You have no idea what you are talking about mrs bucket aka shorten.

    I have spoken to Nunda Township election judges and Lee Jennings has candidate
    Credentials that allow him to observe
    The election process just alike anyone else.

    But access to the voting machines is monitored and audited so you are an absolute idiot and to suggest
    Such a thing is nothing more than riduculous.

  3. Thank you Mary for posting results for everyone to see.

    Nice job

  4. Guess I’m an idiot.

    But I’m sure glad that:

    To allow ANY candidate ANY access or be a poll watcher in their own race is dirty pool.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  5. Then you need to talk to barb wheeler or Steve reick or any of your state reps to change the laws.

    None one would hire your husband he is

    Not qualified to walk my dog you moron

  6. Wait, now I’m confused.

    Who is the moron, me or Eddie Gill?

    But, If you support candidates appointed to watch their own polls, your dog for sure is a biter and has been abused, therefore I wouldn’t want to walk it anyway.

  7. Mrs Bucket I think you are confused anyway.

    You use the name Mrs but you are answering in the first person of husband of Mrs Bucket.

    So Are you a candidate running for a position in Nunda Township and supporting a slate of candidates.

    This is the only explanation for attacking the County Clerk.

    Yet you have a problem with the laws of Illinois that allow for candidates to observe the election process to make sure democracy is being carried out in elections.

    You say have Jennings go open the doors in Algonquin and McHenry but those polling places are the same early voting machines that are in Nunda what is the problem with candidates having the right to make sure the process is being followed.

    Why are you so bitter.

    You must have a dog in this election otherwise you would not be commenting on this issue.

  8. No attacks.

    Right is Right, wrong is wrong.

    As Clerk, Josey couldn’t you just say No to a candidate to be a poll watcher or give them any access in their own race?

    Have you ever denied a poll watcher before for any reason?

  9. I dont know about the clerk but I do know that the State Board of Elections told me that any candidate and any organization has a right to be in the polling place from the time they set up until after the polls close.

    This includes early voting.

    We had a candidate in the last race and Clerk tried to not give something to the candidate and State Said yes candidate is entitled regardless whether they are on the ballot or not.

    Our candidate was allowed to stay after the polls close and be there when the judges set up so whatever you think is right or wrong you are wrong about the laws of illinois elections.

  10. Early voting sites in McHenry County have been at Nunda, Mchenry, Algonquin and 7 other sites for a long time.

    The early voting when I went to Nunda was moved to Township hall that is the first time since I have been voting in Nunda for over 20 years.

    The early voting is usually right in the Supervisors office so the fact that the clerk moved the early voting to a location other than the Lee Jennings Supervisor office was a great thing.

    Elections are carried out all over the state in locations that the candidate is on the ballot and has acccess.

    Like I said before it seems you have a personal agenda so you must be a candidate in the race.

  11. Three Townships are holding primaries – Nunda, Algonquin and Grafton.

    The percentage turnout published on the County Clerk website this a.m. indicates we have had a total of 1,589 voters cast ballots and it shows that would represent .7 percent of the voters who are eligible to cast ballots.

    I seriously doubt if ANYONE knows exactly how many eligible voters we actually have in those three townships but I think we can safely say it is not close to the number of 227,000 which would represent 100 percent.

    The Canvass for the 2016 election showed 218,178 total registered voters in the County.

    The results by precinct for the 2016 General election showed 127,584 registered voters in the three townships which are now having primaries.

    If we have had 1,589 ballots cast to date, that would represent a 1.2455 percent turnout so far.

    That number, although higher than what the Clerk has posted, is still abysmal and does not justify the cost of early voting.

    My point here is that you cannot fully trust what your Clerk posts and Early voting should be eliminated.

  12. Why do we have such low voter turnout?

    Is the actual turnout really that low?

    The federal government has made the updating of Voter registration lists so cumbersome for County Clerks that many have given up.

    I suspect this is due to:
    – current federal election law,
    – DOJ filed lawsuits and injunctions,
    – plus what I consider is a useless federal election commission.

    As a result, actual voter turnout is much higher than what is published anywhere because the registration rolls are inflated with duplicate entries and deceased voters.

    Add to this the number of illegal aliens registered to vote and you have a real mess.

    I have long suspected that the publishing of low voter turnout numbers discourages many from voting – “Why should I care, no one else does!”

    Now we have what ‘Connect the dots’ has posted which probably further discourages people from voting.

    This coming Tuesday ask every resident of the 3 Townships you see two questions: 1. Are you registered to vote? 2. Have you voted today?

  13. If elctions were more consolidted, sceduled a little differently, add our being able to vote on taxation/levies, voter turn out would increase big time.

  14. Do the math!

    Total polling place hours up to last night = 659

    Total ballots cast at polling places = 1,415

    That works out to one ballot every 28 minutes!!!!

    Let’s assume there are two election judges for each location which would calculate out to 1,318 man hours at a cost of an estimated $10 per hour equals $13,180 for 1,415 votes!!

    In addition I am sure there is a transfer of tax dollars from the Clerk’s office to the units of government which control those voting sites.

    How about we eliminate Early voting?

  15. Not everybody can vote on just that one day of the year, but reducing the early voting time in half would be special.

    Start Sat morning 6:00 and end the following Sat night 20:00, 8 days of voting.

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