Le Villa Vaupell Subdivision Pens Against Incumbent Nunda Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance

Nunda Township resident Chuck Wagner, who lives in Le Villa Vaupell subdivision, is certainly not a fan of Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance.  You can see that from his letter below:

Le Villa Vaupell Country Club gate post and sign before demolition.

Here is why I believe Mike Lesperance is bad for Nunda Township.


Of the three cases that have been widely publicized most estimates place the Road District’s legal expenses around $75,000.

Somehow that is left out of recent financial disclosures the Road District published.

This does not include any possible settlements not publicized.

The Road Commissioner must be a manager and good communicator, that helps to avoid problems.

He said it himself that he has no time to talk to anyone, he feels compelled to “take action first”, talk later.

Well talking later has a price and he isn’t very good at that either.

Take the case of Le Villa Vaupell.

He meets with Village of Holiday Hills president Dan Drury in Nov. 2013 and promises to “address the fence” that separated the two communities since 1955.

One year later in Oct. 2014 he takes the fence down without due process.

Citing the recent shooting in Holiday Hills of two McHenry County Sheriff Deputies.

No letter, no meeting, they just showed up with their Tonka Trucks and started playing in the dirt.

The fence was private property and on private property.

There is no discussion, just his way or the highway.

He doesn’t talk to HOA’s, because he can’t get anything done that way.

They end up in court, because after all there was no time to talk.

After he heard he would be served a summons to return the fence he ordered his crew to remove two pillars that stood at the community entrance for about 80 years.

Draw your own conclusions as to the timing.

Again, no letter, no conversation, no time for the residents to move them.

And in the process he manages to pen a letter, on Township stationery, in Township envelopes, most likely on Township time, thus using our tax dollars to further harass the residents of Le Villa Vaupell. (See Letter below)

Pillar removed from entrance to Le Villa Vaupell subdivision in Nunda Township.

Let’s look at this letter; First he claims the order to remove the pillars was issued long ago. 2000 to be exact, but it was part of a funding program that never materialized.

And the pillars had been moved at the direction of then Road Commissiioner Don Kopsell (boy do we miss him).


Talking does work.

Mind you there has NEVER been any accident or incident in anyone’s memory or any documented problem because of their location.

And his offer to replace them has been shallow.

The fence, OK so now we see that it made it difficult to plow.

Photo credit Google Earth.

He also overlooks the fact that there was a huge fire truck entrance at one end to aid in emergencies.

The letter from the Fire District was in response to another fence he removed, not the one in Le Villa Vaupell, which the fire district did aid in determining the size and location of the gate.

Let’s keep the blame for the shooting where it belongs, with the shooter.

The last paragraph is the real kicker.

Here he essentially threatens the residents with even more legal action.

First, he takes their fence, causes further harm by taking their pillars as punishment for standing
up to him and then he threatens them with more legal action all at tax payer expense.

Yes, litigation is expensive and for that reason I’d like to encourage your readers to help Le Villa Vaupell send a message that the citizens of Nunda Township will not be run over and bullied.

If he is allowed to win this one there is no telling how emboldened he will be and what lies in store for all subdivisions in Nunda.

You can help by contributing or at the very least sharing on social media the GoFundMe page for Le Villa Vaupell: www.gofundme.com/levillavaupell

Mike Lesperance letter of December 15, 2015.

James Militello letter of October 17, 2014.

McHenry County Transportation Department letter of September 20, 2000.


Le Villa Vaupell Subdivision Pens Against Incumbent Nunda Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance — 4 Comments

  1. The time has come to re-write Illinois Township law.

    General Assistance has almost been TOTALLY replaced with:

    Section 8 housing,


    Public Assistance administered by Housing Authorities and Health Departments.


    S.N.A.P. (food stamps),

    Food pantries,

    Medicare / Medicaid / Obamacare,

    Township bus services,

    etc. etc. etc.


    Eliminate ALL Township TOWN property tax accounts and the position of Supervisor but keep the positions of Assessor, Clerk and Trustees.

    The Clerk can become the Treasurer for the Road District and the Trustees can become the BOARD to supervise the out of control dictatorships called Road Commissioners plus oversee the Assessor.

    In other words I suggest that any Township which has more than 10 road miles to maintain, stay in existence as described but bring Road Commissioners under the control of a Board of trustees.

    Townships which have less than ten road miles should be totally eliminated by assigning those road miles to municipalities by dividing road maintenance based on the following formula:

    Currently municipalities control zoning within 1.5 miles of their exterior boundary – using that parameter any Township roads within that distance would become the responsibility of that municipality.

    In instances where the Township road joins two municipalities, divide the remaining area between the two municipalities for Township road maintenance or create an intergovernmental agreement between the two municipalities on who will maintain the roads in the unincorporated area.

    Properties in unincorporated areas would ONLY pay taxes levied for Road maintenance by the Municipality.

    For election purposes, if the Township is totally eliminated due to dropping below ten miles of roadway, residents on unincorporated roads would get to vote in the election for the governing of the municipality which maintains the road they live on.

  2. Agree.

    Lets revamp this good old boys politics that rewards commissioners who have stayed in office because its comfortable and they have made a career out of playing arbitrarily with the communities they are supposed to serve.

    And exactly why do we need a $90K cemetery fund?

  3. Simple solution: vote them out of office.

    Jennings and Lesperance are the problem.

  4. Municipalites want annexation if they are to maintain a area, it’s about taxation and liability.

    Most unincorporated people don’t wamt to live in the city and pay hire property taxes when all they get is a tad better police protection.

    Municipalities around here are almost all union shops, they cost more on average to support, that’s why they tax at a higher rate.

    Redistribution of County wide services like road maintance should be looked into as there is room for improvment.

    Why have the IDOT and McDOT drive down from Woodstock to the Cary and FRG area when Alg Twh, Cary, and FRG crews could do it faster and for less $$$$ just because of extra travel time.

    By State law, Townships must maintain Cemetery’s, the size of the fund should be relative to the cost to maintain.

    Go ask the powers in charge why it’s that size, it maybe related to some needed improvement not just cutting the grass.

    What we need the most is the right to vote on levies, to put a tad more control on how much is being spent with our tax dollars.

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