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From State Senator Karen McConnaughay:

Karen McConnaughay

We all know the state is facing serious challenges.

While a report recently released by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) underscores many of these obstacles and emphasizes why a state budget resolution is critical, I think this report also offers Illinoisans some hope.

Although Illinois undisputedly is in need of significant structural reforms and systemic change, I was encouraged to see a report that also highlights some of the areas in which Illinois continues to stand out.

Illinois’ strongest score was in investments, ranking 17thoverall nationally when considering health, education and infrastructure factors.

The report praised the state’s investment in health and education, underscoring these reflect Illinois’ “solid commitment to supporting the well-being of its residents.”

As this report emphasizes, there is a “strong foundation on which to build” in Illinois.

We boast a large and diverse economic base, well-educated workforce, and abundant human capital.

Do we face significant challenges?


But these challenges are still surmountable—as long as we embrace transformational reforms that highlight the state’s many benefits, attract employers to Illinois, boost the economy and stem the tide of jobs and residents from the state.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact my district office at 847-214-8245 or by emailing


Karen McConnaughay, State Senator 33rd District

Budget Impasse Discussion with Paul Lisnek<

Senator McConnaughay went on Paul Lisnek’s “Behind the Curtain” radio show to talk about the budget, working in a bipartisan way and compromising on the path forward. Listen to the entire interview here.

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Listen to Stewart Cohen’s interview of McConnaughay here.

This interview is a particular good opportunity to learn the content of the big deal being negotiated.

McConnaughay summarizes the contents of each bill at the end of the interview.

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