Team Nunda Mails Post Card

The largely incumbent “Team Nunda” slate in the Nunda Township Republican Primary Election next Tuesday sent out the following post card:

The address side of “Team Nunda’s” mailing.

The back of Team Nunda’s post card.


Team Nunda Mails Post Card — 3 Comments


    I fell asleep after “In the last four years….”

    In the last four years, these rats have skinned me alive!

    And I have the actual property tax bills to prove it!


  2. OldMan You think Cate Williams is going to save the day and save you money on your tax bill???

    Good luck with that one!!!!

    Ahhh ahhhhhh

  3. There was no team Nunda a few weeks ago.

    Each one has been running their own independent campaign but as soon as there’s a group (For a Better Nunda) there is suddenly a “Team Nunda”.

    It shows the problem that has plagued Nunda for the past four years, the lack of an original thought.

    They’ve largely gone along with business as usual but copying other peoples ideas.

    Touch a Truck – copied from Algonquin, recycling – copied from Algonquin, hoard more salt than anyone needs – copied from Algonquin.

    Not a single original idea amongst them. Here’s an original idea, vote For A Better Nunda and let’s get some intelligent real thinkers in there.

    Come on, Justin Franzke?

    Maybe when he’s done teething and has some real experience he might grow up and be a viable option.

    Lesperance the one man community wrecking crew?

    How long before he kills someone with his numbskull mentality.

    He might be a good plow driver and equipment operator but he is not the management type and has no business interacting with the community at large.


    He’s Mikey’s B###h.

    As for the Trustees when will they start standing up and asking questions to hold the taxpayers interest at heart?

    All they’ve done is vote along with the tide.

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