Dueling GOP Slates Emerge in Algonquin Township

The rival candidates for Algonquin Township Road Commission have distributed literature telling voters which candidates they support for various offices.

Incumbent Bob Miller has endorsed the following:

Note that Miller endorses four Trustee candidates.  Should Miller resign and his candidates have a majority on the Township Board, they might appoint his son-in-law Derek Lee as a replacement. (Miller told rival Trustee candidate Rachael Lawrence that he wanted Lee to succeed him in the office.)
Andrew Gasser’s endorsement letter is below.

Unlike Miller, Gasser endorses a candidate for Supervisor–Chuck Lutzow.


Dueling GOP Slates Emerge in Algonquin Township — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for the side by side comparisons, Cal.

    An endorsement means you can decide if you truly trust someone and want to consider their personal picks.

    If you do not have any faith in that entity, you can choose to be wary of anyone or anything they support.

    IT’s up to you to do your own homework.

    (Unlike what the fools that are whining about an Algonquin Township endorsement by a PAC elswhere on this blog are complaining about – this is how you absorb endorsements.)

  2. Mellisa was in charge of getting the Alg Twh website up to date and transparent.

    The site Andrew was always whining about, so is this a flip flop again by Andrew, or just more ignorance on his part?

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