Jack Franks Patronage Worker Caught Wearing Campaign Stickers at McHenry Expo Booth for McHenry County Government

McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler visited the McHenry Expo Saturday.

McHenry County Board booth at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce Expo.

He learned that the McHenry County Board booth has now become the Jack Franks’ re-election booth.

A roll of Jack Franks campaign stickers on the table at the McHenry Expo. (See right hand side of photo above.)

It was manned by his patronage hire Oliver Serifini and Scott Hartman.

“Serifini got rather defensive when I asked him who paid for the booth and got up from his chair and was aggressive.

Jack Franks patronage employee Oliver Serifini wearing Jack Franks’ campaign stickers and, hanging from his neck, his McHenry County identification card.

“I just told him that we would discuss this further at a board meeting.”

On the table were these campaign giveaways from Jack Franks:

At the presumably taxpayer-financed McHenry Expo booth for McHenry County appeared these campaign tools of now-Chairman Jack Franks.

Below you can see one of Jack Franks’ stickers during a campaign appearance:

A woman carries a Jack Franks’ sign prior to Crystal Lake’s 2016 Independence Day Parade while man wears multiple stickers like the ones worn by Jack Franks patronage worker.

= = = = =
From some of the comments, I guess I should have shown a close-up of the sticker Jack Franks’ folks pass out at parades.

You can see it below:

The sticker that Jack Franks rolled out in 2010.


Jack Franks Patronage Worker Caught Wearing Campaign Stickers at McHenry Expo Booth for McHenry County Government — 144 Comments

  1. Did any of you bother to look at the “campaign” stickers?

    No campaign URL, no mention of an election, not to mention the fact Franks isn’t running for an office at the moment.

    Hilariously weak, even for a pathetic hack like Wheeler, or you, Cal.

  2. Oh, and nice journalism Cal: guessing you called Mr. Serifini for a reaction to Mr. Wheeler’s allegations but he didn’t get back to you and you just forgot to mention that in your article?

    Otherwise, you’re kind of making it seem like Mr. Wheeler’s allegations are established facts.

  3. Is this one of the people who labored for five minutes to find the $130,000 no one had ever bothered to look for, laying under their noses?

    If so, yeah, he shouldn’t have stuck the sticker, but still he is due a bit of praise for that work.

  4. Lookb4ULeap – anything that has Franks name on it can be considered promotional materials for his benefit.

    I didn’t see any promotional materials of any of the other Board members or other McHenry County elected officials on that table.

    Only Franks.

    If the taxpayers of McHenry County paid for this booth it is just so wrong on so many levels.

    Should FOIA the County and see who paid for this booth.

    If the taxpayers paid for it Franks should reimburse us.

  5. The stickers are similar to Jack Franks campaign logo, but not the same.

    The stickers are not similar to any County board logo.

    So what will Oliver Serafini and Jack Franks state is the alleged purpose of the stickers?


    The County Board should develop a policy prohibiting the use of printing any politicians name on marketing materials or letterhead, and prohibit the use of county marketing logos that are similar to political campaign marketing logos.

    And the County Board should prohibit the use of logos for marketing purposes by any elected official (such as the JF logo).


    On the nail fail is a “JF” logo.

    The County Board Chair can have a “JF” logo at an event paid for by taxpayers?

    What is printed vertically in teeny tiny print on the nail file next to the JF logo?…..Jack Franks?

    Presumably county taxpayers are footing the bill for items marketing Jack Franks.

    So if that is not the desire of the County Board and it is legal, change board policy.

  6. The NBC 5 investigative team reported that counties and other units of government in Illinois have unclaimed money being held by the State Treasurer’s office.

    That NBC 5 report was 3 days prior to the Northwest Herald report of Mr. Serafini & Ms. Geenen having a “hunch” that McHenry County had unclaimed money being held by the State Treasurer’s office.

  7. clarification

    And the County Board should prohibit the use of elected official’s initials as logos (such as the JF logo) on County marketing items.

    The idea is to promote the County, not individual elected officials.

  8. Sue: they had the option to be there – Mr. Wheeler’s presence alone proves that – but chose not to be involved.

    Having stopped by the booth, I also both recall pencils from the Regional Office of Education and business cards from the County Assessor.

    There were probably other items too bearing the names of elected and appointed officials.

    Mark: you make the important point here; the ethics ordinance does not prohibit anything that took place, so if Wheeler thinks this is an important public issue, he should put his money where his mouth is, propose something constructive and begin the process of working with taxpayers and board members to find a consensus on tighter rules.

  9. NBC Chicago Channel 5 Investigates

    Billions in Unlaimed Cash Due to Citizens, Businesses and Governments in Illinois

    – NBC 5 Investigates found piles of cash unclaimed by the governments of Chicago, Cook County, even the state itself – much of it sitting around for decases.

    by Katy Smyser and Phil Rogers

    February 21, 2017

    Includes a 3:17 video (the report was broadcasted on TV)

    “But NBC5 Investigates also found there are piles and piles of unclaimed money – more than 15,000 different sets of funds – that should go into the coffers of local governments – cities, school districts, counties, even the state itself.

    These millions have sat, unclaimed, often for decades, when they could have been put back into circulation to pay government and salaries and bills – if only the towns or counties or state would take the initiative to get it back.”

    “NBC5 was not able to determine the exact amounts of every fund due to the towns, counties, and state departments of Illinois, because of a state law that prohibits the treasurer’s office from sharing such specific information.”


  10. Northwest Herald

    Simple search by McHenry County Board chairman staff finds $130,000 in unclaimed funds

    February 24, 2017

    by Kevin Craver

    “A hunch on the part of two staff members hired by new McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks turned out to be worth more than $130,000.”

    “Geenen and Serafini decided to check the unclaimed property website while preparing for the county’s upcoming spring business expo, said Franks, who hired them shortly after he took office in December.”



    We are preparing for a business expo, so we are going to check the State Treasurer database on a “hunch” to determine if the county has unclaimed state funds.

    What was the “hunch” based on?

    A report by the NBC Investigative Report on the same subject?

    Who saw the NBC report? – Jack Franks, Oliver Serafini, Bridget Geenen, or someone that relayed the information to them – or the timing was just a coincidence even though no one had bothered to check for decades.

  11. The sticker doesn’t even mention McHenry COunty.

    Only Jack Franks.

    Ridiculous waste of taxpayer money.

  12. The nail file doesn’t have the McHenry County log.

    Just the Jack Franks log.


  13. LookB4ULeap.

    Business cards and pencils providing information on an office and how to contact them is significantly different than items promoting an individual elected official.

    There’s a really big difference there.

    If Jacks promotional material was for the County Board as a whole without any names on it that would be ok.

    If we, the taxpayers, paid for promoting his name it’s so wrong.

  14. Business cards and pencils providing information on an office and how to contact them is significantly different than items promoting an individual elected official.

    There’s a really big difference there.

    If Jacks promotional material was for the County Board as a whole without any names on it that would be ok.

    If we, the taxpayers, paid for promoting his name it’s so wrong.

  15. I’ll be looking Jack’s name on all county vehicles and signage.

    Jack Franks welcomes you to McHenry county signs could be in our future.

  16. In the following McHenry County blog article dated August 18, 2016, a piece of Jack Franks campaign literature stating, “Paid for by Supporters of Jack D Franks” contains the same “JF” logo found on the above pictured nail file AND the sticker.


    McHenry County Blog

    18-Year Politician Jack Franks Rolls Out Hit Piece Calling Mike Walkup “Typical Politician”

    August 10, 2016



    The sticker pictured above has identical logo colors as the logo in the referenced Jack Franks campaign literature (found at the above URL).

    The nail file with the “JF” log states, “Jack Franks McHenry County Board Chairman.”

    A roll of the stickers appears in a picture above on the McHenry County Government Center table.

    Only one nail file is pictured.

    McHenry County Board Member Chuck Wheeler may be able to confirm if multiple nail files were displayed on that same McHenry County Government Center table.


    Clearly, the “JF” logo was used by the Supporters of Jack Franks political campaign for political purposes and is not a McHenry County logo.

    Where is the invoice document for the nail files and stickers containing the date, name of vendor, address of vendor, quantity, cost, etc.

    Documents are subject to FOIA.

  17. McHenry County Blog

    Franks Folks Distribute Color Palm Card

    July 18, 2016



    The above blog article contains two more pieces of campaign literature with the “JF” logo that appears on the sticks and nail file pictured at the McHenry County Government Center table at the February 25, 2017 McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo.

    Included on one piece of literature is, “Paid for by Supporters of Jack D Franks” and “FranksforMcHenry.com.”

  18. Woodstock Independent

    Property Tax Talk Dominates Franks’ Town Hall

    by Katelyn Stanek

    September 6, 2016

    This article contains a picture of Jack Franks speaking at the podium with a banner as a backdrop.

    The following appears on the banner:

    – “JF” logo

    – FranksForMcH [the rest is cut off by Jack Franks’ body]

    – Jack Franks for McHenry County [the rest is cut off by Jack Franks’ body]

    – more.

    Below the picture is the following caption.

    “Rep. Jack Franks speaks at a town hall meeting Aug. 31 at Woodstock North High School.

    Photo by Ken Farver.”


  19. As if that wasn’t enough, look at the incomplete circle on the sticker.

    It is a very distinct shape, with a thicker line tapering off as the circle reaches its incomplete portion.

    That circle is found prominently displayed on the Home Page of the current http://www.franksformchenry website, along with the words, “Jack Franks.”

    Clearly that incomplete circle is part of Jack Franks’ campaign branding.

    That incomplete circle is also found:

    – Around the “JF” logo pictured in the above Woodstock Independent article.

    – Around the “JF” logo pictured in one of the campaign pieces pictured in the, “Franks Folks Distribute Palm Card” article found in a comment above.

    – Around the “JF” logo pictured in one of the campaign pieces pictured in the, “Franks and Bartman Team up for Literature Distribution” article found in a comment above.

    – Around the “JF” logo pictured in one of the campaign pieces pictured in the, “18-Year Politician Jack Franks Rolls Out Hit Piece Calling Mike Walkup ‘Typical Politician'” article found in a comment above.

  20. Mark, where in Serifini’s job description does it, require, allow, or suggest this type of activity to be apart of the subjects jobs operation?

    How does this activity coincide with the department of transportation grant that funded this positon?

    Finally, will you please post his and the other new hires job description and salary?


  21. To make matters worse, County taxpayers are paying for Oliver Serafini, who was pictured at the table at the McHenry County Expo, to be in the position of “Communications Specialist.”

    One would expect an employee hired to be a communications specialist for the county board chair, who was furthermore paid by the same county board chair’s political action committee as a political worker, to be able to identify Jack Franks campaign logos and know that the use of campaign logos at County events is not appropriate.

    Was Oliver Serafini in any way involved for providing the incomplete circle and JF logo to the vendor who produced the merchandise?

    If not him, then whom?

    Oliver Serafini has the following history in his position working for McHenry County.

    Oliver Serafini was basically told he had the job before he submitted his application, per emails between Oliver Serafini and County Board.

    Oliver Serafini had no competition for the position for which he was hired.

    Oliver Serafini was hired for a position which did not yet exist at the time he completed his job application.

    The budget for Oliver Serafini’s salary is split with the Transportation Department, yet there is no indication the transportation department was involved in the hire.

    Jack Franks did not involve or inform the County Board of his intentions prior to the hiring of Oliver Serafini, and as such was not being a team player, in particular in light of the fact the prior county board chairs did not have dedicated “Communications Specialists.”

    So a political hire representing the County using his bosses political logos, while being in the position of “Communications Specialist,” does not inspire confidence that this position is to the benefit of taxpayers.

  22. Jack Franks did indicate in a document that was obtained via a FOIA request and posted on this blog, that he wanted a “Communications Specialist.”

    But that apparently was not presented to the entire County Board, based on comments in board meetings.

    Here is that document:

    McHenry County Blog

    Jack Franks Wants Personal Staff

    December 23, 2016



    Scroll to the bottom of the comments in that article to view Oliver Serafini’s record of being paid by the Supporter of Jack D Franks PAC.

    The last payment from the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC to Oliver Serafini was December 18, 2014.

    Not sure if the JF & incomplete logo’s existed at that time.

  23. There is no job description of “Communications Specialist” at McHenry County at the time Oliver Serafini was hired.

    Whether or not a job description has subsequently been created is unknown.

    One could submit a FOIA request for any documents describing the job position of Oliver Serafini.

    The lack of an actual position, and therefore no job description, at the time of the hire is another problem with the method in which Oliver Serafini was hired.

    The blame for that lays mostly with Peter Austin, County Board Administrator.

    Peter Austin signed in the slot for the Human Resources Director (Cheryl Chukwu) on the County “HR Payroll Advice” form which is required for the county to hire someone.

    Here is a copy of that form.


    The form includes [my notes in brackets]:

    Date employed – January 9, 2017

    Pay Rule – DOT Non-Union $7.50 per hour [$14,625 annually $48,000]

    Supervisors Name – Jack Franks [No transportation supervisor listed]

    Department – Division of Transportation [Jack Franks does not work in the Transportation Dept]

    Position Nuumber – 82003699

    Department – 82

    Job Title – Utility Coordinator [communications specialist position did not yet exist]

    Work Week – 37.5 hours [not 40 like most taxpayers paying his salary]

    OCA – 00025

    Grade – 9N [That is consistent with $7.50 per hour or $48,000 annual or what]

    Status – Full, Regular, non exempt [political hires are eligible for non exempt positions?; non exempt positions are required to use a time clock?]

    Work Week – 37.5 [not 40 like most taxpayers will full time employment]

    # Weeks – 52

    Rate of Pay – $48,000 Annual [that is not $7.50 per hour]

    Effective Date – January 9, 2017

    New Hires and Transfers > Application/Resume Attached (Required for New Hires) – Blank.

    New Hires and Transfers > Who is the Employee Replacing or is this a new position – Blank.

    Please type anything in the remarks section that will help clarify the action you are taking. Remarks – “Position to be converted to Communications Specialist split 50% General Fund, 50% MCDOT.”

    Human Resources Director – Peter Austin’s signature [Peter Austin is the County Board Administrator not the Human Resources Director]

    Date – December 23, 2016 [Oliver Serafini applied for the position on December 21, 2016.


    The offer letter to Oliver Serafini, which is signed by Jack Franks and Peter Austin, is dated December 22, 2016.

    There is no requirement for the HR Payroll Advice form to be completed prior to the offer letter being sent?

    There is no requirement for the head of the Transportation Department to extend an offer, even though 1/2 of the salary for the position is from the Department of Transportation?

    Will 1/2 of this employee’s work actually be with the Department of Transportation?

  24. $7.50 per hour x 37.5 hours per week x 52 weeks = $14,625 annually, not $48,000.

    The per hour rate does not match the annual rate on the HR Payroll Advice Form for Oliver Serafini.

  25. From: Peter Austin

    Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 3:40PM

    To: Oliver Serafini

    Subject: RE Oliver Serafini

    Attachments: CountyApp.pdf

    Oliver –

    Attached is the County employment application that I would like you to complete.

    If you can get that to me tomorrow morning that would be great.

    I’ll get you an offer-letter tomorrow morning as well.

    Peter B. Austin

    County Administrator

    McHenry County, IL



  26. Anyone interested in the Oliver Serafini and Bridget Geenen hires should listen to the above audio of the Internal Support & Facilities public meeting beginning at the 1:35:00 point.

    It seems Peter Austin did not follow established process and kept board members in the dark while he fulfilled Jack Franks’ desires to hire the two patronage employees.

    There is a process for creating new positions that was not followed.

  27. I would expect nothing less from Oliver for a reaction.

    He uses bullying tactics if you try to have a conversation with him same as you get from all of these far left anti speech people.

    Welcome to Joacko world!

  28. Can’t wait for the Oscars moment when you all have to walk off stage because the booth was paid for by the campaign and not the county!

    Chuck Wheeler lives in La La Land if he thinks a seasoned staffer like Serafini would make an amateur mistake like Mike Walkup did with his in house printed literature.

    This post REEKS of desperation because the last Franks related thread on this blog got derailed when Skinner pointed out that board members are conducting county business using personal emails to dodge FOIA requests!

    (Just like Hillary Clinton)

  29. Farmer, and anyone who has information…

    If Oliver has threatened, implicitly or explicitly, anyone please post these offenses.

    These will be compiled and Oliver will be “trained” in proper public behavior and engagement at a later date based upon the type and severity of these reports.

    Be assured, people in public administration jobs cannot act as they might in the back rooms of campaigns.

    Ollie will be easy to train.

  30. That’s right Mark.

    Are you naive enough to think that a staffer with the resume as extensive as Serafini’s would make this mistake?

    It would seem you are simply not operating on the level of mutual respect I assumed, irrespective of your politics.

  31. Personal email accounts used for government business can be accessed under the Freedom of Information Act.

  32. What is the claim?

    That a Madigoon didn’t know the logo used on the stickers and nail files was a Jack Franks political campaign logo?

  33. Cal! They are using Personal Emails for county business! How is this not a huge problem? We just elected a President based on this!

    And Mark, don’t be dense.

    The issue is who paid for the booth.

    You have no idea.

    Cal has no idea.

    Just like we don’t know IF county employees are deliberately misleading the public by not using their county email.

  34. It was a blatant use of a political campaign logo brand at a non political event.

    Oliver Serafini, McHenry County Communications Expert, paid for by county taxpayers, who works for Jack Franks, was manning the booth.

    Oliver Serafini was a Jack Franks political hire (he worked on Jack Franks political campaigns, and he worked as a state employee for the district office of Jack Franks).

    There was no competition for the hire.

    Oliver Serafini was told via email by the Peter Austin, the County Administrator, “I’ll get you an offer-letter tomorrow morning as well.” before Oliver Serafini even sent the employment application to Peter Austin.

  35. The booth is labeled McHenry County Government Center.

    It clearly represents the government of McHenry County.

  36. County taxpayers paid for the McHenry Expo booth, according to the McHenry Chamber of Commerce.

  37. The booth table cover has the “Seal of the County of McHenry.”

    On the booth display upright is the McHenry County government logo and Jack Franks logo stickers.

    So at this booth we have the Jack Franks political campaign logo, the Seal of the County of McHenry, and the McHenry County government logo.

    All pictured with McHenry County Communications Expert, Oliver Serafini.

  38. And the picture of Oliver Serafini includes two Jack Franks logo stickers attached to his shirt.

    So where Jack Franks political logo stickers attached to kids at the McHenry County Chamber of Commerce expo?

  39. And Oliver Serafini is wearing his McHenry County government ID badge in the picture.

    So irregardless if some good samaritan paid for the McHenry County government booth (even though in the comment above it is stated the McHenry County chamber of commerce said county taxpayers paid for the booth), the booth and Oliver Serafini were representing McHenry County government.

  40. And simultaneously the booth and Oliver Serafini were representing the political campaign of Jack Franks, courtesy of the logo of Jack Franks political campaign appearing on the stickers and nail file, a roll of stickers on the table, and the stickers attached to Oliver Serafini and the upright booth display.

  41. And this not from any county employee, but the “Communications Expert.”

  42. Mark, quit posting so much you make no sense and are confusing.

    Cal, Are you saying that the literature was paid for by the County or the Campaign?

    It’s a violation if the county paid for the literature – not the booth.

    I just called the state board to confirm.

    This is NOT an issue.

  43. Mark, you and Cal have the propriety debate covered.

    The reason for my post to Farmer, Chuck and anyone else is to suss out whether Ollie physically or verbally abused anyone.

    To those of us who have met actual Madigan goons in the field Ollie is a powder puff.

    Should he require the same sort of social training we’ve applied to others it is incumbent upon us to determine the type, scope and depth of his training.

    We take true “bullying” rather seriously.

    This takes nothing from the argument the County Board continues to be melt down inept at instituting or enforcing policies which make campaigning on the taxpayer dime or hiring campaign staff with taxpayer dollars both ethically censure able and legally actionable.

    You’re doing your usual brilliant job of attempting to educate and motivate toward this direction.

  44. There was no literature.

    There was a nail file and a roll of stickers.

    It most certainly is an issue if a county employee:

    – Has his bosses political campaign logo on two stickers attached to his shirt,

    – Two of the stickers are attached to vertical booth display,

    – A roll of stickers is on the table,

    – The logo also appears on a nail file which states, “Jack Franks, McHenry County Board Chairman.”

    Whether or not the logo items are campaign violation according to state and county rules is not the sole issue.

    It is a big deal for the elected leader of a county to have his political logo on items distributed from a government booth.

    It is a big deal for th elected leader’s patronage hire who worked for the elected leader’s political campaign campaigns to wear the elected leader’s political logo along with the patronage hires government work badge while working for the government at a McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo.

  45. Here is a picture of a child wearing a “JF” logo sticker.

    The picture appears on the Jack Franks political campaign website.

    The same logo stickers were pictured at the McHenry County booth at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo:

    – Attached to Oliver Serafini,

    – Attached to the vertical booth display,

    – a roll of stickers was sitting on the booth table.


  46. Good job Mark,

    I called the state board.

    They literally said it’s not a violation.


  47. If McHenry County taxpayers want the campaign logo of their County Board Chair distributed at a County event is also an issue.

    If the McHenry County board believes it is acceptable for a county employee to distribute stickers and nail files with his bosses political logo is also an issue.

    Obviously Moderate the biggest Jack Franks supporter on this blog believes this is not an issue.

  48. Jack Franks name as it appears on the nail file has a wave in Franks.

    That Franks wave is also a part of the Jack Franks political campaign branding that appears in his campaign items.

    Look at “Franks” as it appears on the nail file in the picture in the article.

    Directly below that picture is a woman in a parade carrying a Jack Franks sign with the same wave.

  49. No alleged reason?


    “Honey, I was at the McHenry Business expo Saturday and stopped by the County booth.

    Boy the county sure is promoting Jack Franks.

    Oliver Serafini, Jack Franks patronage hire, was wearing TWO stickers with the JF logo.

    Two more JF stickers were stuck to the vertical display.

    There was a roll of JF stickers on the table.

    There were nail files with BOTH a JF logo and a wave through Franks, you know, two of his signature brands in his political campaigns.

    Everywhere I looked it seems there was a JF logo.

    Now it is not quite Ralph Lauren Polo, but they are so cool.

    These are the same logo’s that Jack Franks used in his campaign parades, town hall meetings, and literature.

    Well I don’t remember anything about the county, but I sure member Jack Franks.

    It was wonderful to have see those logos again, since it’s been over 3 months since Jack was elected.

    Wouldn’t want to forget the Jack Franks brand.

    It’s mighty important for politicians to keep their brand in front of the voters.

    What better way than a taxpayer funded booth at a Chamber of Commerce Expo.”

  50. The alleged reason? What does that even mean? That’s like asking, “why was the football player not flagged on the play?” Because it’s not illegal Mark.

    You are manic.

  51. Your claim is the campaign and not the county paid for the stickers and nail files.

    Where is the proof.

  52. Or at least your claim was the County did not pay for the stickers and nail files.

    Who in the County told you the County did not pay for the stickers and nail files.

  53. Or who told you that another entity paid for the stickers and nail files?

    Do you know who paid for the stickers and nail files?

  54. Obviously you don’t watch football games.

    Referee sometimes explain why there was no penalty.

  55. Here Mark: “After review from the booth (the state board), there was no foul on the play. 2nd and 10.”

  56. Mark,
    I don’t know why it’s not illegal. I didn’t ask, “Why is this not a violation.” I simply can only answer the question, “Was this a violation?” The answer is no.

  57. Moderate is not willing to share who paid for the stickers and nail files, or who his source of information about who paid for the stickers and nail files.

    Moderate says it is a violation if the County paid for the “literature” (stickers and nail files are not literature).

    Moderate says he called the State Board of Elections who told him it is not a violation.

    But Moderate does not wish to explain.

    Once again Moderate, sometimes football officials explain why there was no penalty.

    “There was no foul on the play” is not an explanation of why there was no penalty.

    But as an agitator you already know that.

  58. Well how do you know the county did not pay for the stickers and nail files.


  59. You had to ask the State Board of Elections more than, “Was this a violation?”

    So what exactly was the question you asked the State Board of Elections?

    “Was this a violation” is not enough information for the State Board of Elections to respond.

  60. I think in this case, you are the agitator, Mark.

    Figure it out yourself.

  61. This was a major “in your face” move by Jacko, and his timing was pretty bad.

    I wouldn’t think that he’d want to give the Board any more reasons than they already have to eliminate this totally unnecessary position.

  62. Moderate will not state the question that Moderate asked to the State Board of Elections.

    Moderate will not reveal what information he knows about a source other than the county paying for the nail files with the JF logo and Franks wave, and the stickers with the JF logo.

    So there is not enough information to verify Moderate’s statement that the State Board of Elections said there is no violation for the incident.

    Irregardless of what Moderate states or does not state, the County will probably conduct its own inquiry.

  63. I don’t have a source ding dong.

    I called the state board and literally asked if this was a violation.

    It’s not.

  64. Name Caller –

    If you don’t have a source, how do you know the county did not pay for the stickers and nail files, in which case, what question did you ask the State Board of Elections.

  65. I never claimed to know paid for stickers.

    I already said what I asked the state board.

  66. Moderate did not state what Moderate asked the state board.

    Moderate said, “It’s a violation if the county paid for the literature – not the booth.”

    That is not a question.

    And there was no allegation of logos on literature, it was a nail file and stickers (was there also literature with the Jack Franks logo?).

    So if Moderate does not know who paid for stickers and nail files, how can Moderate ask the State Board of Elections if there was a campaign violation regarding stickers and nail files with Jack Franks logos.

  67. If there is no “paid for by” on the items in question and it is established that they are for political promotion why wouldn’t it be a campaign violation with the Board of Elections?

    Don’t all items have to have that paid for by stamped on them with the name of who paid for the items to alleviate these kind of circumstances?

  68. The Jack Franks “JF” logo has been around since at least 2010.


    McHenry County Blog

    A Little High, a Little Low – Part 2

    October 30, 2010

    The logo appears in a piece of Jack Franks literature in this post.



    Oliver Serafini was paid by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC after 2010.

    The Supporters of Jack F Franks reported the following expenditures to Oliver Serafini:

    December 19, 2013 – $500 – Holiday Bonus

    July 9, 2014 – $1,000 – Gasoline

    December 18, 2014 – $500 – Holiday Bonus

  69. The state board confirmed this isn’t illegal.


  70. Come on only a few more comments and the record will be in jepordy.

    You can do it, the dog still ….

  71. Mark posted 70 times in this thread – that’s gotta be a record

  72. So what excuse does Oliver Serafini have for wearing, handing out, and displaying items (stickers, nail file) with the JF political logo of his boss Jack Franks, while Mr. Serafini was on the job, employed by the County, at a County booth.

    Oliver Serafini is employed as a “Communications Expert.”

    It would seem a Communications Expert would be familiar with branding.

    The JF logo has existed since at least 2010.

    Oliver Serafini was paid by the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC.

    There are many posts above containing pictures of the JF logo, from 2010 – 2016.

    Keeping in mind that Oliver Serafini was hired by the County because Jack Franks specified that he wanted him (Oliver Serafini) hired.

    Oliver Serafini was told by Peter Austin, the County Administrator, that he (Mr. Serafini) had the job before he (Mr. Serafini) submitted his (Mr. Serafini’s) employment application to the county, as indicated in an above comment.

    County taxpayers are paying for that.

  73. There is no lie.

    If there was Moderate would state the lie.

    Just another discredit and agitate technique.

  74. Moderate the agitator plays middle, no make that elementary school games.

    What would we expect from the biggest Jack Franks supporter on the blog.

    Well anyone can read above and see the game that Oliver Serafini played.

    Oliver and Moderate know each other.

  75. Illinois State University

    What Campaign Logos Can Tell Us About Our Next President

    by Ryan Denham

    September 1, 2016

    “A political campaign’s logo, font, and other visual cues are overt and covert psychological and communication strategies, expressed visually, said John Walker, a graphic designer and recently retired director of Illinois State University’s arts technology program.”


  76. McHenry County

    Human Resources Payroll Advice Form

    Employee Name: Oliver Serafini

    Date Employed: January 9, 2017

    Job Title: Utility Coordinator

    Please Type Anything in the Remarks Section That Will Help Clarify The Action You Are Taking: Position to be converted to Communications Specialist split 50% General Fund, 50% MCDOT.



    On January 25, 2017, in the capacity of a county employee, a “Communications and Public Policy Impresario” and “Communications Specialist” (Oliver Serafini) wore his bosses (Jack Franks) political campaign logo (JF) on his (Oliver Serafini’s) shirt in the form of two stickers, at a county booth, with a high ranking county employee (Scott Hartman) present, as witnessed and photographed by a County Board Member (Chuck Wheeler).

  77. Here is a clear picture of the “JF” logo next to “Jack Franks”.

    The logo was present on stickers and nail files on January 25, 2017 at the County Booth manned by County employees at the McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo.



    Jack Franks campaign workers have passed out Jack Franks stickers to children at parades and other events in the past.

    Oliver Serafini has worked for the Jack Franks campaign in the past.

    Were any Jack Franks campaign stickers passed out to children by McHenry County employees Oliver Serafini and Scott Hartman at the expo?

    Irregardless, the two county employees were present at the taxpayer funded county table with the Jack Franks political campaign branding items.


    Look at the TWO campaign brands on the nail file that ties the Jack Franks political brand to the McHenry County Board Chairman position.

    – “JF” logo

    – “Jack Franks” name with the “wave.”

    – “McHenry County Board Chairman”

  78. Network 9

    Designing Obama: Could A Font Have Won an Election?

    – The Power of Brand Design on the Election



    What are the chances the following person would be oblivious to the Jack Franks political brands:

    – “Communications and Public Policy Impresario” and “Communications Specialist”,

    – Madigoon political operative who has worked on several Democrat political campaigns including Jack Franks,

    – Worked in the District office of then State Representative Jack Franks,

    – Was a County patronage hire of Jack Franks

    – Received the following email from the head of County Administration regarding his patronage employment “application” for a position that did not yet exist and was not budgeted:

    “Attached is the County employment application that I would like you to complete.

    If you can get that to me tomorrow morning that would be great.

    I’ll get you an offer-letter tomorrow morning as well.”


    Prior to submitting the employment application Oliver Serafini was told he would receive a letter offering him the job.


    Crony County

  79. So what can be done?

    – Send this article to your county board members expressing your concerns

    If it does not violate the State Board of Elections rules or County Board rules or ethics, ask for your elected representatives to change the rules, policy, or law.

    Obviously an elected officials political brand should not be worn by a government employee, displayed on a government booth, or made available at the government table.

    The purpose should be government not politics.

    The two were mixed by using the political brands.

  80. Here is another example of the Jack Franks “wave.”


    This one appears on a “Cut 10” piece.

    The Franks Political Action Committee (PAC) likely paid a company which specializes in branding, logos, political campaigns, etc. to develop the JF logo and Franks wave.

    One or both are present in many if not most Jack Franks political items (mailers, letters, banners, promotional giveaways, palm cards, door hangers, flyers, etc.).

    There are all sorts of entities such as political campaigns, companies, non-profits, etc. that spend a lot of time and money in developing, promoting, and advertising brands.

  81. Mark,

    You are literally just trying to post and post and post to distract from the fact that the state board of elections has confirmed there was no violation at the booth.

    You are deliberately deciding to not fact check.

    Instead, you are obfuscating the truth in an attempt to muddy the water and are continuing to insinuate that Franks violated some statute that doesn’t exist.

    So, you can name call all you want, but you are liar.

    People already don’t trust you because you are inhuman in your posting habits, for example, spending nearly 16 hours posting on the blog once a minute about the young man who was kidnapped.

    Now, you are continuing to lie to individuals as well and post in the same, manic behavior.

    Lying is Lying and you are a liar.

  82. Now, that’s funny.

    I agree with Moderate that Mark is unhinged.

    (And I am seriously worried about this Mark person. Something is very wrong with his robotic fetish.)

  83. The only report of the State Board of Elections stating there is no violation was a verbal from Moderate who refused to provide the contact name at the SBE and refused to provide the question asked.

    As previously stated, irregardless if there was a campaign violation with the SBE, there is the issue if the Jack Franks political logo items violated the County ethics policy.

    And as previously stated, if the items did not violate any policy or law, the policy and law should be changed, and taxpayers can work with elected officials to do so.

    And, the display of the political logos reflect very poorly on the county, given the history of Oliver Serafini working on Jack Franks political campaigns, working as a Madigoon, the County administration (of which Scott Harman is the number two man and was present at the booth) not informing the County Board prior to hiring Oliver Serafini, given that Oliver Serafini and Jack Franks were apparently texting each other during their first open board meeting (not being transparent), and more.

    That does not fit with Moderates agitator agenda.

    Feel free to quote evidence of lies which to date you have not.

    The accusers post lots too.

    There is plenty of information here for the public and County Board to reference regarding this incident, which is being called Robotic.

    The robotic allegation is just used to discredit.

    Do not like a comment, do not read it.

    Rather, insults are repeatedly used by Moderate is one of the most disrespectful peopl on the blog.

    A major problem with this state is a lack of transparency and documentation of what occurs.

    Too much documentation by a commenter does not cost taxpayers a penny.

    Oliver Serafini being paid by taxpayers while distributing items with his bosses political logo and brand reflects very poorly on the county, and the presence of County Administration while it was done makes the matter worse.

  84. Mark! MORE LIES!

    Irregardless isn’t a word!

    You won’t fact check because you are lazy!

    The SBE is the end all on campaign violations!

    Call and ask!

    And “the county ethics policy” isn’t a real document – and you just made that up too!


  85. And, Mark, of course I’m not going to tell you who I talked to because the last thing I need is your nosey, intrusive, and accusatory persona airing out my contact information after you FOIA said person for phone records.


  86. Mark?

    I think we are on the same side.

    I”m NOT an agitator.

    I’m a truth seeker.

    But you are a ROBOT!

    And no, I don’t read your comments as I’m sure many others pass themby because you are so boring (like a robot).

    Haven’t you noticed that the people tend to shy away and stop reading or commenting whenever you take over?

    You are not doing your cause any good. I’m done reading any of Mark’s comments.

    He doesn’t understand the meaning of the word.

  87. Great having someone representing the county in jeans and his shirt un-tuckedo like he going to a cook out.

    I would think patronage would come with some new professional looking clothes from Frank’s new expense accounts.

  88. Great having someone representing the county in jeans and his shirt un-tucked like hes going to a cook out.

    I would think patronage would come with some new professional looking clothes from Frank’s new expense accounts.

  89. Franks doesn’t have an clothing expense account.

    That was a lie that I sent to Cal and he posted it like an idiot!

    Cal, you know how that king Jacko is lol.

    Took it hook line and sinker

  90. Did the County Board investigate if an order was placed for nail files or stickers since Jack Franks took office on December 5, 2016.


    Here is another picture of the “wave” that extends outward from the “F” in Franks, on a Jack Franks political sign.



    The same wave appears on the nail files.

    The wave is used for political branding purposes by the Jack Franks campaign.

  91. More examples of Jack Franks political branding items that were displayed at the county government booth at the Saturday February 25, 2017 McHenry Chamber of Commerce expo:

    – the “JF” logo (initials JF appear in white over a blue circle background); and

    – the Jack Franks “wave” (the “wave” extends out in red and white colors from the lower leg of the F in Franks);

    are seen in the picture of the Jack Franks campaigners at the Algonquin Founders Day Parade on Saturday, July 30, 2016;

    that appeared in this post…

    Lying Jack Franks’ Paid Help

    October 19, 2016


    – notice the “JF” logo on the hat; and

    – the Franks “wave” on the t shirt.

    The JF logo features a mini wave.

    A bigger wave is present in “Franks” on the t shirt.


    Haven’t heard that anyone has pursued the issue with the State Board of Elections (SBE)…Jack Franks supporter Moderate’s claim that Moderate verbally contacted the SBE is hardly a serious inquiry from someone who would look into all possible angles of impropriety.

    Board member Chuck Wheeler stated in the article he was going to bring up the issue to the County Board.

    The issues including an elected official’s political brand should not appear at a government booth.

    And a government employee should not wear their bosses political brand in their capacity as a government employee.

    Especially when that employee is a patronage non competitive hire for a position which was not posted, did not yet exist, and the hiring administrator told the employee he would receive an offer letter, in the same email which administrator sent the job application to the employee (which itself is another issue that should be investigated).

    Is the Jack Franks political hire’s actions off limits to accountability?

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