Jack Schaffer Robo-Calls for Bob Miller — 8 Comments

  1. Maybe we will hear from the former Sheriff Keith Nygren?

    Andy Zinke?

    Al Jourdan?

    Gasser must doing a great job at attempting to dethrone the entire Miller family.

    Answer should be available in about fifty five hours from now.

    BTW Are all aware that the Ballots cast on election day are all delivered to a building under the Supervision of the current Highway Commissioner?

    Any poll watchers planned to be there and at the County Building where the results are transferred to an out of state computer before the public gets to see them?

  2. I don’t care for Miller and what he stands for.

    I also don’t think Gasser has much to show for his tenure on the county board.

    Because I don’t believe Gasser did anything to reach out to Democrats who will be voting in the primary, I believe nepotism will reign.

  3. Idk why anybody would want an endorsement from him or Tryon.

    And bingo RealityCheck.

    Active members of the Democratic Party are helping Miller.

  4. Cindy, you have a question above . . . yes it is.

    Too bad the people in Algonquin township do not know the history of McHenry County.

    If Gasser gets elected, who will appoint his replacement, or if any one else leaves the County Board?

    Would be Jack Franks, wouldn’t it?

    Remember Gasser did not put much effort in for Mike Walkup.

  5. Would Mark or another statistics source tell us how many pensions, and the amount of each are collected by ex Sen Schaffer?

    McHenry County Auditor, State Senator, (after loss to Cong Don Manzullo) appointed to Office of Banks and Real Estate, and appointment to Metra Board Member?

  6. Twh employees no matter which Twh don’t handle the actual cast ballots only returned election supplies that are reused every year, shame on that bs.

    The Dem women in Alg twh felt like Andrew mistreated them with over the top verbal obuse in the last Dist one election.

    Andrew’s abuse or women and a Joe Walsh endorment, of course the Dem will vote aganist Andrew by voting for Bob, Duh!

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