Nunda Township Non-Incumbent Team Knocks on Doors

The slate of mainly non-incumbent candidates in the Nunda Township Republican Primary Election went door-to-door Sunday afternoon, along with volunteers, distributing literature.

You can see it below.

The palm card on top has a lounging cat with a can of beer next to the headline, “Tired of Just Enough?”

The back focuses on the Road Commissioner’s race.
Behind the palm card in the plastic door hanger bag was a sample ballot.

On the bottom was a pamphlet for the entire team.


Nunda Township Non-Incumbent Team Knocks on Doors — 18 Comments

  1. Cal Your wrong in saying “Nunda Township Non-Incumbent Team”
    Demske is currently in office as our assessor as well as Shorten who plays himself off as a Trustee wannabe.

    This Group is the Hack Team and not worthy of one single Vote.

    Really Cate Williams?

    We deserve way better choices for cantidates!

    Shorten, your old lady is as ugly as you are and you can take your Bad Haircut out of Nunda!

  2. And Take The rubbish brothers with you on your way out.

    Not one of you offer a single reason anyone should vote for you but really a better Nunda means you not in it!

  3. Why do you engage in personal insults of a public official’s family member?

  4. Cal,You dont seem to have a problem with personal insults as long as they are friends of yours.

    i.e. Bob Miller, McHenry County Clerk, Pam Palmer Auditor, or Sheriff Bill Prim.

  5. Stand4truth…really classy to insult family members and peoples appearance.

    Given you are the authority on this subject: can you please explain why the villains in the Goonies locked that man in the basement for so long just to release him to serve as highway commissioner in nunda from 2013-2017?

    Baaabby Ruth quickly turned into IIIIRRRRON MIIIIKE….

    Speaking of bad hair, did anyone see Kelvin Lee Jennings picture in the Herald today?

    That silken blond bouffant is objectionable but that creepily groomed moustache is out of this world.

  6. If voting for the best hair was the most important criteria in an election we would be stuck with Hillary Clinton.

    Furthermore, insulting someone’s significant other is a low blow, even for a guy posting internet comments while in his stained underwear from his parent’s basement surrounded by spent Kleenexes.

    Sounds like Iron Mike also goes by Stand4Truth.

    Must have had enough time to take his hand off the truck he’s been touching all day to make these ridiculous comments.

  7. LOL,
    I’m still trying to figure out why mark dzemske, the candidate with the most to loose in this election would adhere himself to this bunch of crybaby whining inbred idiots.

    Mark gets his pension at the higher rate of the assessors pay if he can pull this off. (at the Taxpayers Expense)

    Hey Po Dunk Rob Parrish, can you explain why your past employer wont even ley you put your election sign on their property?

    The only reason your running for this is because you lost your race in 2013 to Iron Mike Lesperance.

    Walkup this looser what he doesn’t tell you is that his pay is locked in for the next 4 years at a rate of 87K plus benefits and pledges to make the position of supervisor a part time job.

    I want to know where do I sigh up?

    Cate Williams just deserves to be your next supervisor because she’s the good lady from the church, Like Eric Dowd..”No Experience Necessary Vote for me, LOL

  8. While I agree Mr. Dowd has No experience and has ran a rather effortless and embarrassing campaign.

    The current “Supervisor” had no experience either, I remember very well Mr. Kopsell holding his hand during the transition.

    Truth be told ANYONE can buy a Backhoe and dig a hole in the ground.

    Thanks to the current “Supervisors” lack of EXPERIENCE, we the taxpayer had to purchase a “new” half million dollar Morbark tub grinder, because????? we needed it…

    NO…because that burnt the old one to the ground from lack of maintenance.

    And then they have the audacity to tell the residents they needed a new one..unbelievable,

    Please!!! don’t take my word for it ask any road district employee, they will glady tell you…

    I have not had the time or resources to research the new salt buildings or “other” improvements that were made at Nunda, but was made aware that the work was done with engineering plans, or permits from county and storm water management..

  9. Salt domes decrease runoff and their design is professionaly engineered by the builders.

    Just saying.

  10. Very good Nob

    Was the increased water run off created by this structure approved by storm water management

    Just saying

  11. Do you even care about Nepotism???

    I don’t see that anywhere?

    Oh I’m gonna vote out the blood suckers, and put new in but not gonna go by your pre-printed lists…

  12. Adam does the size of the dome, the sqft of earth it covers, large enough of a change that storm water management has to worry about it?

    If you think so call them, they probably are bored anyway with so little construction going on.

    I just built a new house in the county that covers 50X63, driveway 140X20 on a empty lot.

    No storm water management permit required.

    Just saying.

  13. Adam, I believe the standard is 20,000 sqft of distrubed soil, just under a half acre, them the county requires a permit.

  14. Nob

    ANY development that hydrologically disturbs more than 5,000 sq ft, or more….

    Just saying

  15. Huge dome that nobody ever wanted or needed.

    As long as it’s other people’s money who cares, right?

  16. Mike’s the right Man for the Job, Just do the right thing and re Elect Iron Mike Lesperance for township Road Commissioner.

    Thanks Again Iron Mike for All Your Hard Work!!

  17. Adam, it’s not even a Dome, it’s a plastic temp type cover, not as water tight either for runoff.

    It’s about the same location so not much changed.

    With this mild year not much salt was used, so because they ordered the normal amount which they have to take/pay for, the larger storage looks more logical now than a the smaller structure.

    So many gov rules written allow gov to side step the rules, and that is a shame.

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