Latest Early Voting Results — 4 Comments

  1. Re: “That’s about one percent of the registered voters.”

    Based on what?

  2. Look at the percentage figures to the right of the numbers.

    Adding them yields 9/10 of one percent.

  3. The reason I asked: “Based on what?”

    is a comment posted earlier relative to the numbers:

    “Three Townships are holding primaries – Nunda, Algonquin and Grafton.

    The percentage turnout published on the County Clerk website this a.m. indicates we have had a total of 1,589 voters cast ballots and it shows that would represent .7 percent of the voters who are eligible to cast ballots.

    I seriously doubt if ANYONE knows exactly how many eligible voters we actually have in those three townships but I think we can safely say it is not close to the number of 227,000 which would represent 100 percent.

    The Canvass for the 2016 election showed 218,178 total registered voters in the County.

    The results by precinct for the 2016 General election showed 127,584 registered voters in the three townships which are now having primaries.

    If we have had 1,589 ballots cast to date, that would represent a 1.2455 percent turnout so far.

    That number, although higher than what the Clerk has posted, is still abysmal and does not justify the cost of early voting.

    My point here is that you cannot fully trust what your Clerk posts and Early voting should be eliminated.”

    The actual turnout displayed should be 1.6 % based on what ‘Connect’ posted.

  4. Shamefully, after seeing all those signs everywhere I don’t recall seeing one with an election date.

    Not that I was looking too closely.

    I paid little attention to the material that came in the mail.

    Looking over past posts it’s clear they listed the date.

    Maybe I wasn’t looking, though I actually believed the election was in early March.

    Embarrassing as it is to say, I missed the vote.
    No surprise turnout was miserable, whether it was 1% or 1.6% or even 5%.

    Pretty much 99% or 98.4% or 95% of the township is the same as me, intentionally or otherwise.

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