Missing Lutzow Mailing Surfaces — 7 Comments

  1. Lutzow was missing something between the ears when he downloaded the wrong forms for this election.

    Mike Walkup wanted to be Chair and on the board, holding two positions is OK for our hero Mike right?

  2. Nob – who cares if he downloaded the wrong forms.

    Maybe he’s busy running a business.

    In my opinion, Ellen is busy ruining businesses.

    In her role on the CL city council, she voted for the retail tax increase in Crystal Lake, suspiciously, right after the downtown TIF expired. (Downtown CL is in NUNDA township.)

    This tax increase makes all businesses in Crystal Lake less competitive.

    Retail tax dollars go into Crystal Lake’s general fund and since the downtown TIF expired, Ellen and many other townie CL city council members have been on a tear beautifying downtown Crystal Lake, building parking lots (that only serve downtown businesses) and excluding Algonquin Township businesses from any conversation about small business expansion, retention, or economic development.

    It’s as if Crystal Lake Algonquin Township businesses are invisible, other than filling the City’s General Fund coffers to pay for more downtown amenities.

    What does the City of Crystal Lake and Ellen have to show for this?

    Really nothing from a city revenue standpoint other than downtown is now fully leased with a plethora of non-retail tax generating businesses that contribute nothing to the general fund and their never-ending subsidies.

    Ellen apparently feels that Nunda Township businesses deserve special treatment because they are the only ones who do anything for Crystal Lake. Insulting.

    Now she wants to be Algonquin Township Supervisor?

    What Ellen doesn’t seem to realize (because she thinks her ancestral ties to the area makes her somehow qualified to make decisions that affect people’s businesses and livelihood) is that her favoritism toward downtown hurts businesses in Algonquin Township.

    Algonquin township businesses now have to compete against a group of businesses owners who get a portion of their operating expenses paid for by the City of Crystal Lake and have more money to expand, improve, advertise, etc.

    In my opinion, a City Government should not play favorites and should certainly not subsidize private businesses.

    It’s really beyond comprehension that Ellen and our own City thinks it is OK to create an uneven playing field for their local businesses.

    They should in-no-way engage in any activity that potentially harms another business.

    Ellen’s favoritism has split the CL small business community and is fueling resentment against our so called city leaders.

    Unfortunately, we have people like Ellen who think it’s OK for a local government to subsidize a group of private businesses, many who do not even belong to their own Downtown Association or local Chamber.

    It’s a free ride for many non-deserving businesses.

    These subsidies have created an unfair, uneven playing field for Algonquin Township businesses that Ellen now wants to represent.

    Sorry Ellen!

    In my opinion, you are not qualified and you have never supported the Algonquin township business community.

  3. Again, when you can Quit one Gov. job then you can run for another one, until then your not sucking off our tax $$ anymore then what we have to do now… until we can get you out…

    We are sick of you career gov workers …

    enough is enough…

  4. Reasonable on 02/27/2017 at 12:40 pm said:

    Nob – who cares if he downloaded the wrong forms.

    Apparently this blog, the NWH, McHenry Times, all who commented on this blog.

  5. Folks should remember that the correct form was not posted on the County Clerk’s web site.

  6. Ya that didn’t help, yet knowing that some still felt the political need to protest the filings.


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