One-Two Punch Against Gasser, For Miller in Monday’s Mailboxes

In today’s mail arrived two pieces regarding the Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s race.

On top was a negative postcard about challenger Andrew Gasser from something called “PSAG PAC.”

Typing that into Google produces nothing.

No information found at the Illinois State Board of Elections either.

Here is the mailing:

Then, following traditional campaign consulting advice, there is a final positive piece from Bob Miller:


One-Two Punch Against Gasser, For Miller in Monday’s Mailboxes — 21 Comments


    People Standing Against Gasser?
    Please Stop Andrew Gasser?

  2. Very dirty playing with the accusations.

    This is so juvenile I cannot believe my eyes!

    What, no “your mother is fat and you smell funny?”

    Where do they get the unbecoming brass to say things like this about anyone?

  3. Unfortunately Cindy it is the truth and there is probably more on Gasser.

    My recommendation to those in Algonquin Township, hold your nose and vote Miller.

  4. There are many good reasons not to support Gasser, but I don’t really care if he lives with his mother.

    It wasn’t necessary to bring that up.

  5. The dirty politics started with Andrew and his supporters.

    How a family deals with taxes is their problem.

    Unfortunatly political PAYBACK will never go away.

    Loose lips sink…..

  6. I lived with my parents when I ran for County Treasurer and, at age 23, I certainly had not paid property taxes.

    That was used in the campaign against me.

  7. I would like to know why a man with 3 kids retires at 38 and does not get a job for 5or 6 yrs. and then goes for this??

    Andrew is well into his 40″s

  8. Bob Miller a tax fighter?

    He is full of crap.

    Algonquin Township, you have the opportunity to do the right thing by kicking that bum, his family and the $400 grand they make off you all to the curb.

    Or are you going to be the same kind of sheeple that put Lying Jack Franks into office?

    We will see tomorrow.

    Cal be prepared for a late night.

  9. And I think the sheeple are the ones supporting gasser.

    He’s a strange dude and his story just doesn’t add up and I don’t think he’s even a little bit qualified for this office.

  10. Bob Miller a tax fighter?

    He is full of crap!!!!!!

    This is the only time in his history he ‘lowered taxes’ because Andrew (the REAL tax fighter was running against him!

    Algonquin Township,do the right thing by kicking that bum, Miller and his whole damn family and the $400 grand they make off you all to the curb!

    Or are you going to continue to be the highest township to run!

    It’s your $$$$$.

    Be sure to vote tomorrow to Reduce Spending!

    Andrew has the plan.

    The fact that Andrew came back home to live and help care for his aging mother is a testament to him, not a strike against him.


    Pathetic Sociopaths Against Good – PAC.

    Maybe this was orchestrated by Andrew’s ex-girlfriend.

    Patheticly Scorned Against Gasser – PAC?

  11. I agree with the Mrs.

    Gasser for road commissioner Equals low Life Bottom feeder Just looking for a Fat Paycheck, LOL

  12. Gass bag and His boyfriend Walkup will make a great couple and need your Tax dollars

  13. Most people made up their minds months ago, the last min mailers and gotcha video are just wasted effort.

    It’s obvious McH co isn’t much different than Cook co when it comes to politics, Cook co just has more people so more mud is thrown.

    It’s a percentage dealy.

  14. And Gasser has some very bad friends who give him $$ and endorse him remember you are who you hang with apparently he has not learned this lesson yet.

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