Final Unofficial Results Show Incumbents Win in Nunda Township

They weren’t on the same slate, but Lee Jennings was re-elected Supervisor, Appointed Assessor Mark Dzemske won a full-term and incumbent Mike Lesperance won another four years as Road Commissioner.

Results posted on election night by the McHenry County Clerk follow:


  • KELVIN LEE JENNINGS (REP) 1,015 39.80%
  • MICHAEL WALKUP (REP) 540 21.18%


  • JUSTIN FRANZKE (REP) 1,188 48.12%
  • MARK DZEMSKE (REP) 1,276 51.68%

Highway Commissioner

  • MIKE LESPERANCE (REP) 1,341 52.46%/li>
  • ERIC DOWD (REP) 1,212 47.42%

Trustee (top four elected)

  • KAREN TYNIS (REP) 1,291 15.12%
  • MIKE SHORTEN (REP) 1,190 13.94%
  • EDWARD DVORAK (REP) 1,258 14.74%
  • WILLIAM BOLTZ (REP) 910 10.66%
  • TIM PARRISH (REP) 1,395 16.34%
  • ROBERT PARRISH (REP) 1,385 16.22%
  • DEBRA HEATH (REP) 1,092 12.79%

Running unopposed for Township Clerk, Joni Smith received 2,039 votes


Final Unofficial Results Show Incumbents Win in Nunda Township — 9 Comments

  1. You mean that AGAIN the voters have failed Mike Walkup???

    Rejected for County Board Chairman AND Township Supervisor???

    No, say it isn’t so…

  2. Hopefully Walkup will now devote his time to reining in the “round mound”.

    No more distractions.

    No more excuses.

  3. Voters passed on incumbent Shorten.

    Perhaps they don’t like to elect incompetent officals that don’t have complete numbers and facts when trying to change our gov like the last consolidation effort.

  4. Yes it will, Your Not Paying Enough to support the ones who aren’t paying at all.

  5. As a retired election judge, it saddens me to see what a low turnout for voting that happened this election. People complain about what is happening but yet they do nothing. What will motivate them is beyond my comprehension. Quit complaining and vote.

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