Final Unofficial Results Show Lutzow for Supervisor, Gasser for Road Commissioner and Lukasik for Clerk in Algonquin Township

The McHenry County Clerk posts the following results for 5,013 (number of votes for Supervisor) Algonquin Township ballots under the heading “Unofficial Results – All Precincts Reporting”:

Chuck Lutzow


  • CHARLES A LUTZOW, JR (REP) 2,630 52.46%
  • ELLEN BRADY MUELLER (REP) 2,366 47.20%


    • KAREN LUKASIK (REP) 2,814 55.82%
    • MELLISA SANCHEZ-FISCHER (REP) 2,219 44.02%

Andrew Gasser

Highway Commissioner

  • ROBERT J. MILLER (REP) 2,631 48.60%
  • ANDREW GASSER (REP) 2,776 51.27%

Trustee (top four win)

  • TERENCE G FERENC (REP) 1,798 10.73%
  • DAN SHEA (REP) 2,751 16.42%
  • MELISSA L VICTOR (REP) 2,636 15.73%
  • RACHAEL LAWRENCE (REP) 2,551 15.23%
  • RUSSELL W CARDELLI (REP) 2,283 13.63%
  • DAVID CHAPMAN (REP) 2,595 15.49%
  • SCOTT TAILLET (REP) 2,093 12.49%

Algonquin Township Assessor candidate Richard Alexander, running unopposed, received 4,186 votes.


Final Unofficial Results Show Lutzow for Supervisor, Gasser for Road Commissioner and Lukasik for Clerk in Algonquin Township — 67 Comments

  1. Andrew,

    You abandoned ship when the sailing got tough on the county board, same as you did with the McHenry County Republican Central Committee.

    Let’s hope you don’t disappoint your Township constituents by running for another higher office halfway through this term.

  2. Gasser won? How gross!

    He is in way over his head and cannot keep his cool.

    My family and I will attend more meetings (board) to hold accountability.

    His antics at board members are beyond childish.

    He yelled at “NO!” with his vote the other day, then immediately stormed out of the room when his colleagues vastly voted against him.

    He grumbled under his breath and proceeded to exit loudly.

    Is this who really got voted in tonight?


    He has never had a job with any road maintenance or public works.

    He does not attend the meetings for the township.

    There was a vote to put a tax freeze in place last January 17 for April 2017.

    He voted AGAINST the very thing he preaches.


  3. RealityCheck: No one likes him on the board.

    I’m glad he is not in my district for the county board but he is for my township.

    I’m disgusted.

  4. I have to believe that this was a backlash against the Millers more than an affirmation of Gasser.

    This could be a real opportunity for the Dems to find someone qualified, like a retired public works or IDOT employee, and run him in the general election.

    Highway Commissioner really shouldn’t be an elected office in any case.

  5. Does anyone know if the sore loser law would prevent Miller from running as a write in candidate?

    If the Dems don’t slate someone, he might have a chance with the larger turnout of a general election.

  6. Let this be a lesson to all government units:

    The voters will no longer support nepotism and crony hiring!

    Next on the list for removal from the McHenry County political landscape?

    The current County Board Chairman who has just publicly hired some of his cronies while appointing others to positions of political influence.

    With Mr. Miller being the voice of ALL Townships in the State, this message will is being spread far and wide.

  7. It’s normally not a smart financial move, but I suggest those of you who drive a lot in Algonquin Township go for the lowest deductible policy that your insurance company will sell you.

  8. Great job!!!

    The RHINOs in McHenry County are a sad bunch.

    The Gasser detractors sound like petulant children who clearly are worried their taxpayer funded incomes are at risk.

    They should be, this is only the start!!!!

  9. Billy Bob, that sounds like a wise investment, AWD and 4WD also.

  10. I was at that county board meeting Jen.

    Gasser did not “storm off” after the vote.

  11. It’s RINO, not RHINO. It’s an acronym.

    I’m personally glad that Miller is out.

    The nepotism is extremely distasteful.

    The problem is that the person who is probably going to replace him doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.

    He will be the least popular person in this county after the first big snowfall hits on his watch.

    The best result that could come from this is that, with the Miller family out of the way, the movement to abolish townships might finally reach critical mass.

    Township government is a wasteful anachronism that has long outlived its usefulness.

  12. “He will be the least popular person in this county after the first big snowfall hits on his watch.”

    He could hire experienced CDL-A carrying plow drivers part time for about $20/hour with no benefits. The roads will get plowed.

    It is not skilled labor.

    The only thing I fear is that the Millers will sabotage all of the equipment on their way out the door.

  13. Plowing is the easy part.

    There’s a whole lot of other stuff:

    Maintaining equipment,dealing with breakdowns, moving the snow when you have a lot of it, when to salt, how much to salt, how to stretch your salt supply when you have a bad winter, making sure your contract drivers actually show up when you need them…..

    It’s going to be a bumpy ride, especially if Gasser cleans house when he starts.

  14. LOL He hasn’t even been sworn into office and he will never be able to do this or that.


    He doesn’t take office til May 1.

    Yes he will clean house as he should!

    Hire all new employees.

    You can bet the Millers will not go away quietly or for a while!

    They will probably sabotage this township because they will be bitter people!

    So when they do I wonder if the Miller supporters will hold them accountable?

    Illinois and the people that live here are tired of this. Nepotism, patronage, favoritism, people in office forever, scandals, backroom money deals, and on and on.

    You may not like Mr. Gasser but he put himself out there.

    He is honest and has integrity.

    Give him a chance and don’t sabotage anything to see what he can or can’t do. Give him an honest chance then make your decision.

    If not you might as well become a Hillary Supporter!

  15. Gasser has never had a job to my knowledge that wasn’t a government paycheck.

    I agree, Miller put himself at risk by hiring his family.

    That being said- there is no reason to believe that Andy Gasser will be able to manage that job.

    I find it fascinating how all of these “tax fighters” Swerka, Tirio and Gasser to name a few are currently cashing taxpayer checks…..

  16. Kelly: I suppose leaving at a fast pace with a face as red as a apple was just about going to the bathroom?

    That would also explain the local Alg Twh committeeman dude chasing out after him also?

    Timing your bathroom breaks can be important!

  17. Bye bye Millers !

    No more reruns of Dynasty & Dallas.

    Time for change !

    Congrats to Andrew & Chuck L.

    Wish Melissa SF would have won.


    Support by precinct is color coded and voting totals also if you click in the right spot.

    Miller’s support came from the areas with the most twh roads overall.

    Gasser’s support from BH, Alg, LITH, LW, and split CL, the more urban areas that receive less service from the Highway Dept.

    Gasser’s win was kind of a anti incumbent, anti nepostism, and anti township vote.

    What do ya think Cal, is there more to it than that?

  19. @Inish

    Don’t leave tax fighter Jack Franks off of your list.

    He’s so dedicated that he put two more jr tax fighters on the government payroll.

  20. To answer BillyBob’s question, yes, Miller would be precluded from running in April under the Illinois “sore loser” law.

    Candidates who run under a political party who lose a primary cannot run as a write-in in the general or consolidated election.

  21. Yup Questioning,it’s likely there has been ‘backroom
    deals’ on a variety of things for awhile now.

    That’s what happens when people are in a position
    TOO LONG and work the system.

  22. Thanks, Kevin.

    I knew he’d be prohibited from appearing on the ballot as an independent or another party’s nominee, but wasn’t sure about running as a write in.

    Maybe he’ll pull a Bill Clinton and have his wife run as a write in.

  23. Inish – Serwatka hasn’t taken a single dime for his work in government.

    And he actually DOES fight and lower taxes!

    So unless you are referring to his being paid as a firefighter paramedic then you are absolutely wrong about him taking taxpayer money.

    Say what you will about others, and I will probably disagree anyway, but Serwatka is of an entirely different category and from an entirely different camp so move on!

  24. Shhhh!

    Don’t give the Miller’s ANY IDEAS.

    We JUST got RID of them 😅

  25. Didn’t Gasser storm out of the county board meeting because the vote was against him holding a county board seat AND hold the position while being the township road supervisor??

    Didn’t he expect getting the TWO PAYCHECKS???

    Pot calling the kettle black??

  26. As a village trustee Paul Serwatka was able to get a basic transparency measure, searchable board agenda packets, for Lakewood village board meetings.

    It took him months.

    The board agenda packets allow the public to open a single document, search to find information, then copy and paste desired information to another document.

    A middle schooler can be taught to create searchable board agenda packets.

    Crystal Lake High School District 155, as one example, does not provide an agenda packet for board meetings, much less a searchable board agenda packets.

    One step to lower taxes and understand what governments are doing is to have the board post a searchable board agenda packet at least 48 hours prior to the board meeting.

    Many board members are left in the dark because they themselves do not have access to a searchable board agenda packet.

    Board candidates should make searchable board agenda packets a transparency campaign issue.

  27. james K, we should congratulate Gasser on the Win, but it might be a larger Win for Bob Anderson. Andy’s example might be what is needed to Abolish Townships.

    We shall see, won’t we?

  28. Congratulations, voters.

    The revolution goes on. First Nygren/Zinke, then Miller Brady. Way to drain that swamp!

    Remember, we have only just started.

  29. I don’t think Gasser will be too enthusiastic about abolishing townships if it means giving up his new paycheck.

    That’s far more money than he is capable of earning in the private sector.

  30. Eliminating/Consolidating any gov takes very careful consideration unlike the last attempt.

    The Bob Andreson’s of this county have been great to whining, but poor at justifying with numbers, facts, and a solid plan.

    I’m all for cutting the size of gov, but that takes service cut to really make a difference.

    Better we move more towards controlling levies with our vote, tax cuts are not realisitc, to many are spoiled to give up the services they get.

    Freeze spending for many years and let the population and economy grow, only allow more spending if we agree to it.

    This is a tangent, I’d have prefered Andrew would of stayed on that issue instead of getting side tracked like so many do.

  31. Billy Bob’s right, Gasser is going to work to abolish his only paying job since the military right after Tirio abolishes the Recorder’s Office.

  32. I’m very disturbed that you agree with me, Audrey. It almost makes me want to reevaluate my position.

  33. “Let this be a lesson to all government units:

    The voters will no longer support nepotism and crony hiring!”

    Or sadly the lesson here is that one can get elected by producing a bunch of misleading bs literature.

    “Didn’t Gasser storm out of the county board meeting because the vote was against him holding a county board seat AND hold the position while being the township road supervisor??”

    Is this true?

    I thought a big part of his whole platform was that “he would never do that”.

  34. The real lesson here is that you never know what will happen in off year elections, because very few people bother to vote in them.

    Even a highly flawed candidate can win if he has the local party organization behind him.

  35. As I have often said, anyone can win a township primary election.

    There are so few, few people voting.

  36. Andrew G is far from being ‘ highly flawed ‘.

    He has plans & ideas that are great.

    Hope people will actually see & appreciate
    These things once they are implemented.

  37. Since Jacko has to pick a Republican to replace Gasser on the Board if/when he becomes road czar, what do you think the chances are that he goes with Anna May Miller?

  38. Ref: Questioning @ 9:18 “You can bet the Millers will not go away quietly or for a while!
    They will probably sabotage this township because they will be bitter people!”

    A worry, for sure.

    In today’s world, if you give a 2 week notice, you get escorted out same day for fear of intentional mismanagement/loss of files, records, contacts, etc. in those 2 weeks.

    It used to be a courtesy, but now it’s a hazard in some cases.

  39. Wouldn’t you think Gasser would hire an inspector to take a look at all of the equipment?

  40. The upside about Anna May being appointed is that at least she will have an avenue to raise ‘campaign’ funds to buy more alcohol for their wine and cheese fest.

  41. Billy Bob . . . Head back to Tennessee or Kentucky,

    Wherever you are from .

    NO MORE MILLERS, got it !

  42. I don’t like the Millers either.

    I just have a gut feeling that Jacko will appoint Anna May just because she won’t cross him and it will p*** a lot of people off. He likes doing that.

  43. Jack can bring forward a Republican however the board has to vote on approving that nomination.

    So will Republicans vote for someone that lost there election and was on the board for yrs?

    Carolyn Schofield might replace Donna Kurtz?

    Or will Republicans want new blood on the board or another whipping girl for Jack Franks?

    Or will Jack Franks just choose not to seat someone for a long time?

    Or will Jack bring someone forward that has no chance?

    Will he work with the Republican Party?

    This will be day time drama at its finest.

    Gasser could say he is going to stay on the board until a suitable replacement to his liking is brought forward.

    Jack doesn’t hold all the cards for that one.

  44. Since when does the Chairman pick replacements for county board members?

    The GOP will pick.

  45. We have two people posting with the handle “Questioning”.

  46. Cal, along with hiring an outside ‘inspector’ for the equipment, a full audit of all equipment including all of the storage facilities will be required.

    As there will also be a new Supervisor, a total Township financial audit will be required.

    I wonder if Bob will continue to work for TOI?

  47. Bob & Anna May Miller, Randall Road mega million dollar

    Read between the lines, folks.

    Get these people out & keep them OUT!

  48. The tax ticks, known as the Miller blood-suckers, will now have to find a new host to parasitize.

    The hapless taxpayers of Algonquin Township finally awoke and plucked them of their body politic.

    Hey Jen ….

    go start your own blog somewhere ….

    why not call it “Shills for Miller Parasitism” ….

    or how about “The Official McHenry Nepotism Advocates’ Blog.”

    Please caterwaul elsewhere!

    Or at least finds somebody who rues the Millers’ stunning defeat (i.e., the Millers themselves and their loathsome retinue ….vendors, minions and stooges

    Official Miller Ixodid family portrait:

  49. I hope Jack Franks does not pick his “republican” friend Jeff Lichte, the “republican” opponent of Steve Reick.

  50. I love when people insinuate criminal conduct.

    Oh please do tell us about Randall Road, owned and maintained by the county?

    Just what exactly is between the lines?

    I’m not seeing it

  51. Preston, it could be like a Domino effect at least in the three bigger townships.

    Rumors are Nunda crews have been searching for the right union, hedging of course.

  52. Any appointee to the County Board must live in the County Board district where there is a vacancy.

    Jeff Lichte lives in Johnsburg, which is in District 4, where there is not projected vacancy.

  53. The Chairman makes such appointments.

    It is unclear whether he would follow GOP recommendations.

  54. Where in the County Board Rules does it state the Chairman appoints replacements to the County Board?

  55. ̶u̶n̶i̶f̶i̶e̶d ̶r̶e̶p̶u̶b̶l̶i̶c̶a̶n ̶p̶a̶r̶t̶y

    Can’t see Jack Franks appointing Schofield or Miller.

    That would look really greasy on his part.

    Can’t see why Jack would want that kind of negative attention.

    Guy is all about framing himself as a populist.

  56. Joe, hope you are right.

    The people voted Schofield and Miller out and don’t want them back!

  57. Mr. Tirio is not fulfilling his campaign promise to the residents of McHenry County.

    McHenry County is a joke.

  58. Observation:

    Gasser lost his own precinct: 79 votes for Miller / 69 votes for Gasser.

    However, I realize a lot of noise is generated about low voter turnout in this primary.

    That said, the ONLY voters, IMO, that should be included in turnout calculations are those who voted Republican in last year’s primary.

    Based on that premise, Alg. Township had almost a 35 % turnout based on ballots cast for Highway Commissioner.

    Again, based on the premise that this was a Republican primary, the average turnout in precincts which were won by Miller was 43.15 % while the turnout in the precincts won by Gasser was 29.46 %.

    Andrew Gasser’s precinct had the highest turnout: 75.9 % voter turnout.

  59. How do you figure this about Tirio.

    He has a 2 or 4 yr term (not sure which) but he promised to eliminate his elected position by the end of his term.

    You must be Trump haters too.

    The guy’s in 5 weeks and you’re down his throat screaming impeachment!

    Do you really want some dipshit like McClellan overseeing the Recorders Office before the current guy can wrap it up so tight she can’t possibly screw it up!?

    I don’t!

  60. Miller time is over!!!!

    I’m sure they are cooking the books in the township office.

    Hope they cover there tracks!

    Time to audit that place asap!

    And everyone knows that was derek in the video!!

  61. absolutely Derik, you cant hide that dorks voice, lets see how high on the hog this bum lives now, whose liability is it when he up blocking school access to pick up his children in township property, and the wife!!

    she and Anna AKA the misses, must use the same hair stylist. GROSS!!!!!!!!

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