Thanks to the Losers for Running

In contested elections at least one candidate will lose.

The defeated candidate(s) will have a rough night and next few days.

Thank someone who lost an election tomorrow.

“What if I had done this differently?”

“Could I have picked up votes, if I didn’t do that?”

Not only the winners, but those who lose deserve our gratitude.

Just as you thank a veteran or a police or fire official for his or her service, thank losing candidates for running.

I’ve lost four races: for State Representative, Congress and State Comptroller, as a Republican, and Governor, running as a Libertarian.

Losing an election one has put one’s heart and soul in hurts.

It’s not as bad as getting divorced, but it’s bad.

My experience is that it takes about six months to recover.

It is my belief that every candidate should have an opponent.

“Term Limits for Legislative Leaders, 1800-SHAKE-UP”reads the sign used in Cal Skinner’s 2002 Libertarian Party campaign for Governor.

Such contests increase the contact that an incumbent has with his or her constituents and, when a challenger wins, the contacts made during a campaign influence future service.

And losing candidates often surface issues that others take on.

Take my Term Limits for Legislative Leaders issue from 2002.

Others have picked up on that.

So, thank the losers for their part in making democracy work.


Thanks to the Losers for Running — 4 Comments

  1. Getting divorced can be a positive dealy, otherwise well said Cal!

  2. I think some losers have been more value than if they had won.

  3. We all can’t be winners, just learn to cope and don’t walk in front of a train that is not how you deal with life…

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