Rauner Comments on Court Loss to Union

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Statement on the Fourth District Appellate Court’s Ruling in AFSCME Impasse Case

CHICAGO – The Rauner Administration released the following statement from General Counsel Dennis Murashko on the Fourth District Appellate Court’s ruling in the AFSCME impasse case:

“We are currently analyzing this decision, but we are very disappointed with the court’s ruling which continues the stay that prevents our Administration from implementing common-sense changes in the AFSCME contract.

“These proposals include overtime eligibility after 40 hours instead of 37.5, the use of volunteers for state services, and a merit pay system.

“Every day of delay costs taxpayers over $2 million. Our contract framework is fair to the State’s taxpayers and employees alike and reflects proposals accepted by 20 other unions.”

Read about the decision here


Rauner Comments on Court Loss to Union — 8 Comments

  1. Gov. Rauner should have asked Chance The Rapper for some advice about this matter – NOT.

  2. Its not the state employees that caused this budget problem its the politicians in Springfield.

    So quit fighting with the unions.

    quit spending more than you bring in,do your job and fix this budget!

  3. Rauner is racking up 2
    Million a day for not
    Doing his job.

    Plus a hefty legal bill

    He has got to go

  4. Give them nothing. Let them strike, then replace them with entry level workers, letting the taxpayers determine thier pay and bennies.

  5. Let the State go into insolvency!

    It is funny that Smitty says don’t spend more than you have but the problem is the pensions have stifled this state period.

    Where do you want them to cut back Smitty.

    Roads are already awful but they have a line item for that now so they can’t put money into the pensions with that line item now.

    Um 3% raises for teachers every yr when Social Security has been getting 0%.

    What do you want them to do?

    To downsize your budget the unions have to go!

    Every state around Illinois will do better under Trump and Illinois will be left holding the bag.

    If they start taxing seniors they will have no reason to stay.

    It is comical that increasing projects for government by a minimum of 30% think that is the best way to go. Illinois is becoming a ghost state.

  6. The part about taxing seniors will give them no reason to stay certainly resonates with me.

    My wife and I tested our Illinois Exit Strategy in February.

    No grandkids to keep us here.

  7. Try Los Angeles.

    Or perhaps Hollywood.

    Your Universal stardom will be handled by the expert’s.

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