Zielinski Offers Thanks

A message from newly re-nominated Grafton Township Assessor Al Zielinski to GOP primary voters:

Dear Grafton Township voters,

Thank you for helping me reach the April 4th General Election ballot as your Grafton Township Assessor.

Receiving four and a half times the minimum required primary votes sent a clear message.

●   Grafton Township property tax payers want an Assessor and Assessor’s Office that provides accurate and fair assessments.
●   They don’t want some cheap, unqualified contractor just to sign the book.
●   They don’t want some unknown contractor ready to hand-out deals again.
●   They don’t want the county handling one of their largest investments.
●   They don’t want a shoe-string budget that barely makes the grade.
●   They want the job done well.

The proven, analytical, “nobody’s finger on the scale,” approach I implemented put Grafton Township first in assessment accuracy for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

It will remain in place and be enhanced to guarantee a continuation of the pure, market-based accuracy of your assessments.

You can send another strong message by casting your April 4th votes for me in favor of accuracy and fairness for all. Let’s achieve another resounding victory together for Grafton Township!

Thank you again for your well-placed trust and support.

Alan Zielinski


Zielinski Offers Thanks — 10 Comments

  1. A do-nothing sinecure fit for a King!

    What does this blowfish actually do to justify his bloated salary?

    Grafton Township is a rats’ nest of high taxes.

  2. Accurately assessing $1.4 billion in EAV is hardly a sinecure.

    Grafton has the second highest EAV in McHenry County and the third highest parcel count.

    Since Grafton is comprised of several municipalities, each with varying tax rates, it’s difficult to understand how it can properly designated as the previous poster describes.

  3. Why aren’t you thanking petition signers?

    Is it because you were afraid of interacting with people?

    Or maybe no one would want you back, so you did an end-around of the taxpayers?

    Getting signatures was not a priority?

    What say you, Al?

    Why did you skirt taxpayers in this manner?

  4. Didn’t “skirt taxpayers” and am certainly not “afraid of interacting with people.”

    We obtained the requisite number of signatures for the primary election but they were disqualified on an inconsequential technicality.

    Lucid readers of this blog not trying to be contentious would be aware of that.

    As stated in my thank-you, votes totaling more than 4.5 times the number of required signatures were cast in my favor so the people spoke – clearly.

  5. Al Al Al,


    So you’re an assessor of the people, even though you drew votes from less than 9% of the 1100+ people that showed up to the polls last week, despite having no opponent.

    And your 93 votes, the bulk of which came from just two precincts, represent 0.18% of the 53,000+ people in Grafton that you serve.

    But since you’re a trustworthy man of the people, riddle us this:

    why didn’t you disclose how your employees filed complaints with the Department of Labor?

    And why didn’t you promptly notify the Grafton board of these complaints?


    By my count now, you’ve clashed with multitudes of taxpayers, the Grafton Board, the Township Attorney, the County Assessor, and now employees within your own office. You also lack fundamental transparency.

    So yeah, you’ve given plenty of reason to earn our (dis)trust.

  6. I fully supported the Deputies’ claims.

    Their claim was against the Supervisor who arbitrarily and illegally reduced the payroll I submitted.

    If anyone had bothered to ask them, this “riddle” would be seen for what it is.

  7. Yet… you didn’t notify the Board.

    And at least one of the claims were sent to you.

    Per the minutes, the Township attorney didn’t know until he had two days to respond.

    So yeah, we should believe you instead of the township.

    But to clear this up…just post the claim and highlight the portion where your Deputy goes after the Township.

    Tell us Al, why do you need to spin on literally everything that happens with your office.

    Why is it everyone else’s fault but your own?

  8. Mr. Zielinski back doored the residents.

    People that DO NOT want you.

    Very sad.

    Then you comment?

    More sad.

  9. Hey Z,

    One more thing about your “illegal” accusation:

    The Grafton Supervisor was offering a COLA salary increase for your employees last year, back in April of 2016.

    We’re guessing you didn’t commit to it.

    And you had also slashed their salaries so you could hire another employee with generous benefits.

    Working for you must be a joy.

    (second page, midway down)


  10. A flawless Illinois story: all the right facts, all the wrong reasons, and the worst possible choice…

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