MCC Board Meeting Thursday to Cut Employees

The McHenry County College Board.

6:30 on Thursday the McHenry County College Board will meet to consider cutting employees.

The agenda says fewer

  • support staff
  • non-tenured and tenured faculty
  • administration

will be considered.

For years, the MCC Budget has been flat.

Ever since Tom Wilbeck, Chris Jenner and Molly Walsh were elected four years ago, the administration tried to convince the Board to at least take the inflationary increase allowed by the Property Tax Cap.

The Board consistently refused.

This year, the new President presented a flat levy.


MCC Board Meeting Thursday to Cut Employees — 5 Comments

  1. I only saw the words board meeting and got excited. Oh, well. At least some board is paying attention.

  2. In 3/2016 MCC Staff said they would bring forward recommendations for program cuts.

    Have any cuts been presented? (see 3/24/16 meeting regarding Physical Therapy Assistant)

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