The Anti-Trump Walkers – Part 4

As pointed out in Saturday’s article, Trump opponents outnumbered Trump supporters in Woodstock on Saturday.

There was no way to get more than a fraction of those expressing opposition, so I took photos of folks and their signs as they crossed the street next to the Opera House.

This “No Trump” sign leaves no room for ambiguity.

“Respect R Constitution” the sign says.

The little girl carries a homemade sign saying, “Future Is Female.”

The woman’s sign says, “Woodstock is not home 4 hate.”

This photograph did not capture any signs.

More tomorrow.


The Anti-Trump Walkers – Part 4 — 15 Comments

  1. Low – info useful idiots of the Left never tire of making
    fools of themselves.

    Today is the Day Without Liberal Women.

    Or, we hate Trump day.

    Let the vagina shouters be heard !

  2. Cal, maybe you should have asked them for their Zip Codes.

    I think it was our new Department of Education who commented on, “your education should not be by Zip Code.

  3. While these people are gnashing their teeth – Isaiah 28 is unfolding before our eyes.

  4. Try Matthew 25. Sick minded christians? Tic tock, tic tock

  5. Try 2 Corinthians but in the Bible trump edition…Tick tock…

  6. I barely had time to take the photos, let alone interact with the walkers.

  7. You are an idiot, Angel. You have no idea what I am talking about.

  8. Angel is such a progressive bigot that he takes EVERYTHING as a personal attack that has to be answered with his juvenile clock sounds. He would have no ability to understand God’s prophecy unfolding as we speak.

  9. Yes oldmanWinter, undoubtedly that person was there in spirit, walking around in circles.

    The funniest one was ‘respect our constitution’.

    Shouldn’t that person have been at the Trump Rally?

    Dems are about Communism, not the Constitution.

    My God, Obama pissed on our Constitution, Daily and I’ll bet that person never protested Obama.

    Some of these signs were stupid and have nothing to do with anything, Trump!

  10. God needs to answer a lot of questions. Let me begin: Why did You created the poor? Why did you create a world with so many immigrants?

  11. Looks like Cindy has been drinking some sort of Jim Jones Kool-Aid

  12. Cal, come on, admit it, you hired actors to play these “conservative” stereotypes, didn’t you?

    Lorna, exactly how did Obama “piss on our Constitution”?

  13. I’m having a hard time figuring out whether “Honest Abe” is a 12 year old or 80 years old like my crazy Uncle Ray.

    Either way, you’re a classic “Abe”!

  14. Those three idiots cannot get answers to their questions becaus they are too busy sticking their thumbs in God’s eye to ask any questions. We shall see who was the truth tellers and who was completely wrong on everything. Ticktock!

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