Still No McDOT Work Product for Jack Franks McDOT Ghost Employee

Oliver Serafini’s McHenry County employee identification card.

A Friend of McHenry County Blog filed a Freedom of Information request with the McHenry County Department of Transportation.

He asked for “any documents that show Oliver Serafini worked at the Department of Transportation in February 2017.”

Here’s the reply from Assistant County Engineer Jeffrey Young:

The Division of Transportation is in receipt of your FOIA request dated February 28, 2017 in which you requested any documents that show Oliver Serafini worked at the Department of Transportation in February 2017.

For clarification, the Division of Transportation has interpreted your request to mean that you are requesting documents showing that Mr. Serafini’s physical location while working during the month of February was at the Division of Transportation.

The Division of Transportation does not have any documents responsive to your request.

If this is not your request, please let me know.

Also, please be advised that requests regarding employment may be better directed to County Administration or the Human Resources Department.


Still No McDOT Work Product for Jack Franks McDOT Ghost Employee — 43 Comments

  1. Have to reword the FOIA request to obtain additional information.

    Here is the request:

    “Any documents that show Oliver Serafini worked at the Department of Transportation in February 2017.”

    Here is part of the response:

    “For clarification, the Division of Transportation has interpreted your request to mean that you are requesting documents showing that Mr. Serafini’s physical location while working during the month of February was at the Division of Transportation.”


    So a response could be something along the lines of:

    Any documents, reports, presentations, emails, meetings, etc. that Oliver Serafini had involving Division of Transportation, including outside vendors, elected officials, consultants, other units of government, the public, or anyone, who worked with Mr. Serafini during the month of February regarding the Division of Transportation and its projects and initiatives.

    We are interested in the work he performed that involved the Division of Transportation portion of County government.


    So where was his physical location if it was not at the Division of Transportation?

    What information is he logging into a computer system to report his time, location, what he’s doing?

    Oliver Serafini is on flextime.


    Emails are subject to FOIA; could submit a FOIA request for any emails involving Division of Transportation related work including but not limited to Division of Transportation employees, Jack Franks, County Administration, outside consultants, etc. (see above).


  2. What a waste of taxpayer dollars 💵
    Only a handful of people read this blog.
    I wonder how Cal justifies wasting taxpayer dollars for less than 100 people per post.
    Cal, what’s your readership? Since you are supposedly media, don’t media organizations boast of their numerous readers?
    How many do you have Cal?

  3. Bada? Straight out of Hitlery’s playbook. Our county board is so stupid, it’s amazing they lasted this long without the Crooked County leaning all over them.

  4. I bet $10 Mark posts and says something like:
    “Moderate is wound up. If this blog wasn’t effective he would be here…moderate is a agitator. Check out project veritas.” Blah blah blah

    CAL! How many people read the blog?

  5. I am shocked the Queen of morons still thinks anybody would believe anything they say in here. You are still an idiot!

  6. According to SemRush, Cal has less than 280 people that read this garage. More people attended a counter protest to Trump than read his garbage!

  7. Hillary LOST – Trump is now your POTUS – accept that fact like a mature adult
    and move on with your life.

  8. According to Traffic Estimate, the blog was viewed less than 20,000 times in January.

    That’s 645 views per day.

    Lol by comparison, the northwest herald had nearly 400,000 views in the same month. Lol

  9. According to Alexa, the McHenry county Blog’s search traffic is down 19%

  10. According to SimilarWeb, 89% of the blogs traffic comes from existing viewers with only 8.7% of viewers being net new in February.

    To put this in perspective, that means that if the 280 people that read this crap, Cal has only added 22 people to his band of misfits.

  11. It’s Moderate’s dream that people don’t visit this blog.

    Cal’s blog engages more people in political conversation than the Northwest Herald ever will.

    Reporters from the Northwest Herald comment on Cal’s blog.

  12. We will file a complaint with attorney general to seek to have the employee in violation of Illinois Constitution rebate the County with the portion of his pay obtained in contravention of Illinois Constitutional Amendment prohibiting the expenditure of Transportation Funds on other than Transportation expenses.

    Next, just as the Director of Department of Human Services must be subjected to Administrative Review for violating County Code and Ordinance,
    the Department Head of Transportation is subject to similar disciplinary actions including firing.

    Will the County Executive and County Chair throw these two County employees under the bus in defense of their personally sponsored two new patronage hires?

  13. According to my own analytics, less than 40 people view each post. Tha number decreases when there are zero comments on a post.

    What I’m really driving at is that Cal’s blog is not a legitimate news source.

    It’s home to fanatics, bigots, racists and Cindy who is in a class of her own.

  14. Additionally, we may charge all individual County Board members with failing to enforce County Code.

    There is a monetary penalty for that described in ILCS.

  15. Lol Susan Handelsman everyone!

    When she can’t build a consensus, she just sues.

    She did the same to her own family!

  16. I have been in contact with several citizens interested in holding our elected official accountable to the rule of law, most especially in instances where the contempt for taxpayer is so flagrant.

    In this instance the County Code and Illinois Constitution is disregarded NOT in order to right some societal injustice, but to accomplish two patronage hires at taxpayer expense but of no benefit to taxpayers in a County paying a tax rate within the highest one-half-of-one-percent of all County tax rates in America.

    Contact info:
    Susan Handelsman

  17. Moderate, God bless him, is a great barometer of Jackos blood pressure.

  18. Hahah Cal posts so much useful, actionable information to this blog. It’s literally like giving the other team the playbook. But hey it’s up to keep inflating what’s left of the ego of a disgraced former state rep!

  19. Moderate’s own analytics. Hearty-har-har. I’m rolling around on the floor holding my stomach. This is the person that wasted all of their lunch hours to feverishly expose that I was Cal’s retired neighbor. (I am not, nor was I ever his neighbor.) All those fake sites you claim as sources are in actuality liars. You still don’t get it that the main stream is the slime stream. Non of what they put out there is actually true. Next thing you know, you will be quoting google and snopes for all your “facts” and “figures”. I love it when the Queen of morons spends all their time researching garbage that proves nothing. (And she thinks Mark is weird! At least his facts are real!)

  20. CP? That is NOT a man. Men are just not THAT stupid or petty. What man would insult an elderly woman over and over again and feel boastfully proud to tell everyone that they really dirtied the old girl? Think about it! No man in this universe!

  21. How come Angel and Moderate are not on at the same time. Just wondering.

  22. lol Cindy,
    You are literal pond scum. The moment I ask your for advice on SEO or traffic analytics is the moment I’ll vote for Trump.

  23. Moderate sure is interested in a blog no one reads.

    So how has Oliver Serafini been spending 1/2 of his time in the Transportation Division?

    What can the county produce to demonstrate taxpayers are receiving a good value for their money?

  24. Oliver Serafini’s title is Communications Specialist.

    Certainly a Communications Specialist can communicate to the taxpayers what he is doing and when in the Transportation Division that pays for 1/2 of his salary.

  25. Moderate’s goal is to destroy the blog since it is frequently critical of Jack Franks.

    Moderate is the biggest supporter of Jack Franks on the blog.

    Moderate would like the readership to be zero.

  26. Moderate, are you a fake news originator and disseminator?

    Thankfully, more people read this blog than the NW Herald.

    Only problem is sifting through posts like yours and Angels.

  27. I believe the transportation department supervisor is responsible for ensuring that employees under him on organization chart are performing according to obligation.

    Transportation department head also failed to file report require d under Salary Administration Policy for this employee.

  28. So let me understand this. You people don’t believe in objective analysis of traffic on a website as a means to determine readership? More specifically, out with the old, you ACTUALLY think more people read the McHenry County Blog than a newspaper.
    That’s just patently false. I’ve provided links to multiple sources that prove Cal’s readership is less than the amount of people that vote in local elections!!
    There were more people that attended the counter protest to trump than read this crap!

    Cal Skinner is a bigger cost to taxpayers than any single employee in county government In recurrent FOIA requests.

    I believe that reasonable republican leaders need to cast Cal to the side as the standard bearer for local politics because he is only out for himself and what feeds his ego.

    CLEARLY, the public do not care for his politics or, in the 12 years this blog has existed, it may have actually amounted to something more. The experiment is over. Cal is a failure.

    Cal lies and deliberately misleads his small cadre as a means to prop his own ego.

  29. Moderate sure spends a lot of time attempting to convince everyone the blog is irrelevant.

    If the blog was irrelevant, why would Moderate be here?

    His very presence validates the blog is having an impact.

  30. Moderate obviously feeds on his/her own drama.

    I’m sure it will boost Cal’s ratings having a drama king/queen/comedian commenting all the time with no facts or proof to back it up.

  31. Jack Frank has the ability to do anything he what’s and the McHenry County Board has no back bone against this creature.

  32. There is more to the story.

    Michael Madigan is the Chair of the Democrat Party of the State of Illinois.

    Oliver Serafini worked as a state employee (Program Specialist) in the Legislative and Communications Staff of the Office of House Speaker Michael Madigan.

    Oliver Serafini was released from that job to work on Democrat political campaigns, including Jack Franks.

    Oliver Serafini worked as a state employee in the District Office of 63rd District State Representative Jack Franks.

    There are direct ties between Jack Franks, Oliver Serafini, and Michael Madigan.


    The County Board is going through various channels to look into the Oliver Serafini and Bridget Geenen patronage hires.

    The best source of information is listening to the audio County Board meetings, accessed through the McHenry County Meeting portal:

    – Regular Board Meetings

    – Committee of the Whole Meetings

    – Human Resources Committee Meetings

    – Internal Support & Facilities Meetings


    One can also look at the agenda packets and the meeting minutes.


    Moderate is the attack dog on the blog, doing the dirty work.

    Jack Franks stormed in to the County Board Chair position to achieve personal and party political agendas, using his power of persuasion with skills gained as a trial lawyer.


    There is a lot happening.

    Can’t just rely on County Board members or the administration or Jack Franks to solve our problems.

    One can do research and submit articles to the blog, as Susan has done in the Woodstock School District.

  33. McHenry County Board

    Human Resources Committee Agenda for Wednesday March 15, 2017 meeting at 8:30AM

    Public Meeting be held at 667 Ware Rd, Administration Building, Woodstock

    New Business

    Item 2

    “Resolution Authorizing the Reclassification of an Administration Position and the Reclassification of a Division of Transportation Position for the County Board Departmental Roster (not in packet).”


    Someone can submit a FOIA request for that document.

    Also what is the alleged reason the document is not in the packet.


    Packets sometimes get updated prior to the meeting.

    The County does not keep a running log of changes in the agenda packet, listing dates and times of various changes, with indications of exactly what was changed, so a previous reader can quickly identify and read only the changes…poor version control.

  34. Find out what work either employee has done period.

    I am curious to know since these positions were never needed in the past.

    Whatever happened at the county board after Oliver was caught at a McHenry County Government booth with some Jack Franks handouts?

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