Daily Herald Endorses Incumbent, Past Member for McHenry County College Board

Linda Liddell

George Lowe

The Daily Herald, which rarely writes stories about McHenry County College, has endorsed two candidates with past experience as Trustees.

Incumbent Linda Liddell was favored, along with former Board member George Lowe.

None said they favored raising taxes, although Liddell said she “could not be ruled out in the future.”

The 2017 McHenry County College Board ballot.

For the past four years, since the election of newcomers Chris Jenner, Tom Wilbeck (forced to resign because he moved out of the college district and now serrving on the McHenry County Board) and Molly Walsh, the college tax levy has been flat.

Diane Evertsen

David Schenk

The Trustees have not accepted the inflationary increase that the Property Tax Cap law allows.

Opposing Liddell and Lowe are Dr. David Schenk, who has a Ph.D. in economics and self-term limited McHenry County Board member Diane Evertsen.

Schenk received his doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a master’s degree in  Industrial Organization, Public Economics from Western Illinois University.


Daily Herald Endorses Incumbent, Past Member for McHenry County College Board — 15 Comments

  1. I wouldn’t count a Communist lying paper’s endorsement as a plus.

  2. Daily Herald: “We endorse business as usual.”

    The voters might disagree.

  3. Cindy/Pam Whitson or whatever you go by. Inquiring minds want to know where is the best place to purchase tinfoil. I say Costco but others say Sams Club. Figured you have to be the for most authority in Mchenry County. TIA and have a blessed day.

  4. The NWH (Crystal Lake Pravda) endorsed ‘Lying Jack Franks’.

    How’s that working out? LOL.

    Or to put it another way; Where’s my 10% tax cut on day one?


    Fool me once shame on you : Fool me twice shame on me.

  5. Who is Thomas Allen?

    You do not have him listed as a possible choice in your article and he appears to be running for Trustee as well.

  6. Diane Evertsen is clearly the conservative choice to bring the MCC board to the consensus needed to finally bring the board back to reality and common sense.

    Let’s get away from the grandiose pipe dreams of the past and deal with the world as it is: one that the taxpayers can support, and one that confines itself to the values of good education.

  7. Beats me.

    I just re-printed what was on the County Clerk’s web site.

  8. Diane Evertsen; leader of the Midwest minutemen (referred by some as the minuteklan)…nuff said…tic tock, tic tock…

  9. Diane Evertsen ….. she’s the best thing that ever happened to this county!

    E rudite

    V aliant

    E xperienced

    R ational (unlike many MCC Bd members)

    T axpayers’ Champion

    S incere

    E nergetic

    N ice

  10. I echo those sentiments OldManWinter.

    Evertsen is a county treasure.

    Self-funded her campaign for county board where she term limited herself. Honorable to the max!!!

    Wanting to retire from politics, but drawn in again because we need her. She is this county’s George Washington.

    I don’t know Schenk but if Evertsen is letting him run with her, he must be good.

  11. Remember, Washington never lied…wait a minute! Wasn’t Washington a terrible thing? Welcome to the world of informed voters. 2018, please do not delay…

  12. Lowe is the # 1 embarrassment to society.

    Llavona is the # 2

  13. OMG Semper, Really?
    Evertsen knows only one thing and that’s Not how to get the Job Done!
    While on the county Board She voted against everything!
    More Like a Troll than a treasure!
    Keep Posting your Garbage, It only educates those who are sleeping.

  14. Diane Evertsen: my kind of conservative.

    E vil
    e V il
    E vil
    R at
    T rash
    S atan
    E vil again
    N ice

    Hey! I wrote a nice thing about her.

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