Illinois Ranks Number Three on Property Tax Burden

According to a Tax Foundation report, Illinois is not the highest property tax state in the nation.

We come in third, behind New Jersey and New Hampshire.

The average effective real estate tax rate (total real taxes paid divided by total home value), Illinois property owners paid an average of 1.97% of the value of their real estate in taxes in 2015.

Of course, the 1.97% is much lower than in McHenry County, because Cook County figures are included.

Homes in Cook County are assessed at a much lower percentage of market value than those elsewhere in Illinois.


Illinois Ranks Number Three on Property Tax Burden — 11 Comments

  1. While Illinois ranks number three in property tax – our overall tax burden is still numero uno.

    In 2011 McHenry County property tax rate ranked number 19 in the State.

    In 2015 McHenry County property tax rate ranked number 3 in the State.

    Soon we will be supplied with the numbers for 2016.

    I am looking for that 10 percent overall reduction!

    My guess is that the ’round mound’ believes Steve Reick and others will be successful in increasing State aid to school to relieve the burden on property tax.

    However, such a ‘bait and switch’ will do absolutely NOTHING to reduce our overall state wide tax burden.

    If do not address public sector pensions, right to work, prevailing wage and insurance rates in this state, we will likely remain numero uno in total tax burden.

  2. People stick their heads in the sand and that is why Property Taxes are as high as they are. A disengaged citizenry. Property taxes ALL come from the upcoming Consolidated Elections yet turn-out will be lucky to hit 10%.

  3. Some of the blame has to lie at the feet of the naive populace.
    For decades the politicians have been spoon – feeding everyone about how incredible this county is.
    They’d have you believe that only McHenry County has new schools, parks, great libraries etc… and would remind everyone that all this is why taxes are so high.
    But, if you ever leave the county and travel around this great country you can see for yourself that this is all garbage.
    They sold this crap and we all bought it.

  4. #3! That is totally unacceptable.
    We must try harder, we have a reputation to uphold.

    Mike Madigan

  5. key words assessed market value this is due to people trying to FIGHT FOR LOWER TAXES and this is the Only way it can be done!… lower your value to get a BREAK! its insane! but the only way to try to even eak out a living in this Broke over taxed STATE right now!…

  6. CP? I don’t think we were sold much of anything as much as we didn’t pay any attention. Who knew we had to watch our politicians so carefully to keep them honest?

  7. Has this county NOT been run by REPUBLICANS for the past century? Clearly Madigan has screwed the entire state but lets be honest: REPUBLICANS are to blame for the local taxes in McH County.

  8. Amen SnowFlake Scott AND all the bills for consolidation locally and in Springfield, well look at the Republican support. Not there except at election time, then they play a smoke and mirrors game by supporting in their own chamber but when it goes to the other chamber there is no vote and visa a versa.

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