Letter Endorsing Diane Evertsen and David Schenk for McHenry County College Board

Below is a letter being sent in support of the McHenry County College candidacies of Diane Evertsen and David Schenk:

There’s an election on April 4th (early voting starts March 20th) for the McHenry County College Board.

There are two real Republicans running; candidates who want what’s best for the taxpayers AND the students.

The choice is yours.

If you vote, we can finally achieve a fiscally conservative majority on the MCC board and rein in their profligate spending AND improve the dismal 28% graduation rate at the college.

If you don’t vote, it will be business as usual.

The two Republicans are Diane Evertsen and David Schenk.

    • Diane Evertsen

      Diane is married, the mother of three adult children, and is a 40-year resident of McHenry County. She retired after 30+ years in the real estate business. She served on the Harvard School Board for 11 years, was director of the Great Midwest Pro Rodeo to benefit breast cancer research, a McHenry County Board member for two terms (she term-limited herself) and she is a 4-H Youth Program supporter.

David Schenk

  • David Schenk is married and has been a resident of McHenry County since 2002. He has a Ph.D. in economics, has taught at all levels of higher education, and has worked in international business for 20+ years. He’s a Republican who’s aware of education bureaucracies from the inside!

Both Diane and David are committed to excellence in education at MCC, improved success rates for students, and lower costs and taxes.

Their opponents are

  • a female incumbent who has voted for every tax increase, every consultant, and every big building project
  • a retired MCC teacher and member of the pro-growth MCC Foundation
  • another retired MCC teacher and former tax-raising MCC board member

Who do you trust with YOUR tax dollars?

PLEASE be sure to vote for the REAL reformers, the REAL taxpayer watchdogs, the REAL Republicans:
Diane Evertsen and David Schenk

Thank you.

Paid for by MCCommonsense


Letter Endorsing Diane Evertsen and David Schenk for McHenry County College Board — 17 Comments

  1. Diane and David!

    The clear choice for better government and lower taxes.

  2. Vote for ‘DOUBLE D’
    (Diane and David) Dedicated & Decisive

    Diane Evertsen is a county treasure and was the voice of reason on the County Board! , and David has the creds. If Diane is letting him run with her, he’s got to be good!

    I wish we could replace a number of them on the board. Only 2 seats are up.

    Vote People!

  3. Real Taxpayer watchdogs my foot!
    Want your taxes Lowered? Then move to an area with less economic growth, that’s how this works.
    Want to retire here and remain living where the jobs are? Then Pay the toll, lol..
    Not one of these candidates who claim fighting taxes will actually do anything it’s all campaign hoopla.
    It may sound real good but never going to happen

  4. The following comment deserves attention:

    “Want your taxes Lowered? Then move to an area with less economic growth, that’s how this works.”

    If that statement was accurate, Illinois would have the lowest taxes in the country – not the highest!

  5. They certainly have our votes!

    They are thinking about the taxpayers of this county.


  6. Stand4truth ought to change his/her moniker to something a bit more factual

    …. something like “libtardparexcellence” or ‘JackoFranks’minion’ or ‘taxoholic-in-need–of-a-12-step-program’

    Evertsen and Shenk ALL THE WAY!

    Ending the tax oppression and libtard misrule begins with them!!

  7. Just who is this group, MCCommonsense?

    I can’t find any listings or references on any of the search engines.

    Just a couple of observations:

    While I can’t find any reference to the letter writers, I can find the posted mission, goals, and Board bios of the MCC Foundation.

    Ironic when one reads this information, one learns that they provide scholarships, raise private funds to support MCC work.

    Sounds like really good stuff to me. Why would a hidden group say that this is bad?

    Interesting that when referencing opponents, the writer chooses to use, ” a female incumbent”.

    Sounds like some of Cal’s bitterness toward female opponents.

  8. PACs that spend less than $5000 do not have to register with the State Board of Elections.

    I believe the woman who beat me for State Rep., Rosemary Kurtz, supports Evertsen and Schenk for the MCC Board.

  9. Tom, MCCommonSense is just the name the two candidates chose.

    There is no formal organization.

    As for the Foundation, they support the College, and specifically the administration.

    Therein lies the problem.

    A member of the Foundation can be “Yay, rah, College”.

    A board trustee is supposed to be the “check” on the bureaucracy in our “checks-and-balances” form of government.

    They are supposed to represent the people and be skeptical of the bureaucracy, not knee-jerk, unquestioning supporters of the bureaucracy.

    As for candidate bios, they are included in the letter, certainly as much information as you will find on any other candidate on their web site, if they have one.

  10. At Least ONE of them has an economics background for goodness sake ! this is a big plus he will not have any excuses if things go wrong!

    he should know how things are to be.

    This is what is missing in Gov these days people with common sense economics do they not offer this in schools anymore?!

    I know Obammie missed that boat not a clue did he have on that front! not even a business sense… !

    This guy seems to have both.

  11. Schenk had a PhD. in Economics from a top tier University and 2 Masters degree’s in Econ and International trade finance.

    Plus I understand he taught Economics at a University level also.

    Sounds to me he could have a clear advantage when it comes to the numbers and the whole back ground of College Education.

    Llavona must be worried he might not get this entitlements and Stand4 could not possibly even understand the complexity of a College budget.

    No one tell Mickey what to say.

  12. Dynamic Duo – David and Diane.

    Like Diane Evertsen very much.

    Miss her not being on the board.

    What a straight shooter she was.

    Schenk will be important should the new President pull what the old President did having the CFO answer to HER… not the board.

  13. Perhaps these republicans will make sure indivisiblenwil that meets in room a102 to plan, organize and recruit for partasin political activities is paying for the use of that room and not using any materials or other things owned or maintained by the college free of charge.

    They may even watch out for staff pushing a political agenda on the students or holding a students political choice against them.

    someone needs to investigate what the deal with a102 is.

    Is it being paid for?

    Are school supplies being used to make political signs, advertise, promote, recruit or advance this group in any way?

    Are computers, copiers, phones or anything else owned and maintained by the college being used free of charge?

    Are mcc staff involved with indivisiblenwil in the college or at these meetings in room a102 on those sundays or any other time in a way that may violate school policy, state law or risk federal funding?

    The board should most definitely be proactive about this before it becomes a problem. Publicly and federally funded school staff should not be promoting or insulting any politician in any way on school property.

    Any place that is publicly and or federally funded should not be used to promote, recruit, organize or advance any groups political activity. A publicly or federally funded place should remain neutral as far as politics and religion at all times within the law.

  14. Perhaps some investigation into any possible affiliations to the Minutemen Midwest organization should be searched.

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