McHenry County Ethics Commissioner Endorses Paul Serwatka for Lakewood Village President

A press release from Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka:

MC Ethics Commissioner, John J.W. Guanci Endorses Paul Serwatka

for Village of Lakewood President

Steve Verr, now running for McHenry Township Supervisor, greets John Guanci.

LAKEWOOD – March 14, 2017 – McHenry County Ethics Commissioner, John J.W. Guanci, announced today he is endorsing Paul Serwatka as the next President for the village of Lakewood.

“In a day when the citizens of Lakewood need a voice of honesty, we find ourselves with a clear spokesman, a clear choice, Guanci said”

“It isn’t often that the voter gets to support what can be termed a “true believer” but this is the opportunity the residents of Lakewood have at this point in time. Paul is a true believer in smaller
government, fiscal accountability and perhaps most importantly, the rights and liberty of the

Guanci added: “Paul is a man of quality, of character. What one sees with Paul is exactly what one gets as he is plain spoken on complex matters, which indicates a high degree of understanding and authenticity.”

Paul Serwatka

“I cannot say enough about Commissioner, John Guanci.” Serwatka stated.

“This is a man whom I respect and admire for many reasons. His devout Christian ministry, his dedication to the personal and professional development of others, and his efforts toward honest and ethical government make him the type of person that I strive to be more like.”


McHenry County Ethics Commissioner Endorses Paul Serwatka for Lakewood Village President — 7 Comments

  1. Guanci is Great!

    Serwatka is Great!

    Verr is Great!

    3 Conservatives trying to drain the fetid swamp!

  2. Thank you Commissioner Guanci, for standing with the residents of Lakewood in our mission to take back our village government!

  3. Should an Ethics Commissioner be endorsing any candidate?

    Seems improper.

  4. Once again, Serwatka is most worthy.

    It’s great to see officials, like the Ethics Commissioner, who aren’t politicians, stand behind someone like Paul who has dedicated so much for the betterment Lakewood.

    Let’s Make Lakewood Great Again!

  5. Significant.

    Guanci usually doesn’t say much, but anybody who has talked to him knows he is extremely wise.

    Wish Guanci would move past his PC gig and run for local government.

  6. Northwest Herald didn’t seem to come up with much.

    They investigated this.

    Said a lot of what you’re saying is bullshit.

    And Ken Santowski is going to lose.

    Have a nice day.

  7. Audrey is about as honest and deceotive as her cronies, Lakewood’s President Smith, Santowski and John Schrauf…

    Lying to us day in day out, for years, while rewarding themselves and their friends with our tax dollars.

    Northwest Herald spent a month researching court documents, police records and public records..

    Audrey had a conversation with Erin Smith, Ken Santowski, John Schrauf and Carolyn Schofield. AKA $the thick as thieves regime”.

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