McHenry County Environmental Defenders Award Winners

A press release from the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:

The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County was pleased to honor these individuals at their Annual Membership Dinner meeting held on March 12 at Park Place in Crystal Lake. From left to right: former State Rep. Mike Tryon received the Theta Award, the highest honor given to an individual or group for environmental service. Isabel Bernardi was the recipient of the Young Defenders Award, an award made to a young member to recognize outstanding volunteer service. Anne Basten, a long-time member of The Defenders, received the Volunteer Award: the award given to a Defenders’ member to recognize superior volunteer efforts. And Jim Condon and Employees of McHenry Township Road District received the Government Award for the McHenry County governmental group that has made a significant contribution to environmental protection in the county during the past year.

One can find all sorts of information about the Defenders here.


McHenry County Environmental Defenders Award Winners — 4 Comments

  1. I am a tax payer in Dist 200.

    When I look at a county blog, I expect an unbiased opinion of what is transpiring in my county.

    When opening up this blog tonight, I see many commercial advertisement for who is running for office.

    Has this become an area for forums or just the facts that some people interpret them?

  2. Your candidates are welcome to buy ads on McHenry County Blog.

    Banner ads cost $20 each, if the copy is provide.

    Side ads the last month of the campaign are $100 with copy provided.

  3. Environmental defenders Condon do-nothing Township hack and Tryon GOP-RINO.

    Do these greenies know Condon uses way too much salt on the roads?

    And won’t touch invasive species on the township parks?

    Funny how these fake warads are given to politicos at election time ….

    I will never contribute my time to Defenders again (Saturday recycling).

  4. I am also through with them Swordfish. If any of these clowns cared anything about the environment they would work against the toxic poisons the government purposefully puts in our air, food, and water. Working to get rid of plastic bags is not going to bring back all the bees they have killed. There will be no environnment when the new agenda gets through with all of their diabolical plans. I am still very angry with Tryon for telling me that fluoride is a good thing to have in your water supply. Nitwits all.

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