McHenry County Blog Attacked Last Night

Last night between about 11;30 and midnight, repeated attempts were made to break through McHenry County Blog’s firewall.

That has happened before as elections approach.

Don’t think the hacker was successful, but the host reported stories that were scheduled to be posted, “missed schedule.”

They are now up on the internet.

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Just looked at comments and there seems to have been some interference with the automatic posting of them.

Except for the obvious spam, they have been put up.


McHenry County Blog Attacked Last Night — 16 Comments

  1. Although hacking is a non partisan universal pursuit that’s funny. Well done to your team in stopping it.

    This said, should this be backtracked to a liberal source it just highlights how continuously bankrupt the ideology proves to be.

    The liberal follower fundamentally has no ideology, belief, value set, moral compass, education, power of observation, ability for introspection or impulse toward individualism.

    The only impulse a liberal seems to have is that of an amoeba. Stimulus- Response.

    This blog is an open forum of ideas and ideology with an admitted Libertarian at the helm.

    This threatens the amoeba as any ideas outside their leadership are strictly verboten.

    In this forum the opportunity for the liberal to express one single coherent argument has been offered for years.

    In those years there have been well intentioned liberals who haven’t been able to express a secondary thought or argument past their initial, proven each time to be bankrupt, statements.

    In order to not be outed for the vacuum of idea and ideology they espouse liberals must silence intelligent argument.

    If this was an attempt at just this it must be noted, for the liberals who seem incapable of reading, this type of power play has been tried by dictators throughout history and has failed 100% of the time.

    Read a book. Engage in intelligent discussion. Try harder.

  2. You can be sure that you’re living in the Liberals collective (pun intended) heads
    rent free when they use fascist tactics against you to stifle your 1st Amendment rights.
    Don’t let the cowards stop you Cal, we stand with you.

  3. Ah just proof you’re doing something right. OR you’re getting far more volume due to elections, and the fact that we have no credible newspaper . A different platform may be necessary as You’re growing.

  4. It sounds more like a denial of service attack than a serious attempt to break in.

  5. A DOS attack is a type of threat.

    IDK what kind of rules you are using for your firewall, but an unusually high amount of traffic, especially if a lot of it is from out of the area, would probably trigger a warning.

    The goal is to overwhelm the server and either slow it down or shut it down.

    This blog might have been the target, or it might have been just caught in the crossfire somehow.

    It doesn’t take a whole lot of tech savvy to pull off a DOS attack, so the list of potential suspects could be very long.

  6. A DDOS attack is a more sophisticated type of DOS attack.

    Usually, they last far longer than the half hour that Cal reported.

  7. The sunshine, please-do-not-forget-about-me blog lives on…tic tock…

  8. Forgot to mention: I wonder what ‘backdoors’ are built into the Google tools?

    You know, like the one the CIA and Wikileaks used to bypass encryption software?

    Elections should not be conducted with software and by no means should votes be tabulated over the internet – unless you want the election open to ‘monkey business’.

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