GOP Precinct Committee Recommendations in Hartland Township (including the Harvard School District)

The letter that GOP Precinct Committeeman Ev Evertsen sent to his constituents concerning the April 4th election, for which early voting is open (through the Monday before the election);


GOP Precinct Committee Recommendations in Hartland Township (including the Harvard School District) — 6 Comments

  1. Evert Evertsen is the husband of Diane Evertsen.

    Which most of the people in his precinct probably already know, but in the name of transparency should be mentioned in such a letter.

  2. You can only put so much in a letter.

    Having worked as Supervisor for the Township for six years, I am quite certain all recipients of the letter know that Diane and I share the same roof.

    I did not send this letter to Cal, someone else did.

    The letter was written for and sent to the Republican voters in the precinct.

    BTW to answer an accusation made elsewhere recently, I am a Naturalized Citizen who came to this country via legal entry.

  3. Hartland Township Precinct 1 – Diane Evertsen elected Precinct Committeeman.

    Hartland Township Precinct 2 – Everett Evertsen appointed Precinct Committeeman.

    Secretary of the McHenry County Republican Party (Republican Central Committee for McHenry County) – Diane Evertsen.

  4. Thank you Mark!

    Also, Hartland 2 has three different ballot styles.

    The difference is due to varying School Districts, Library Districts and Fire Protection Districts.

    Letters were customized based on ballot style.

    The letter copy Cal received came from someone who is in the Harvard School District, has Fire Protection provided by the City of Harvard and does not live in the Woodstock Public Library Rural district.

  5. Both Evertsens are Good.

    They can’t be bought, buffaloed, cowed or silenced!

  6. Evert, I read this in the NWH from David:
    2) What can McHenry County College do and what should it do to ease the property tax burden on homeowners?

    “To achieve a lighter burden, MCC will need to lower its levy increase such that its percentage change is less than corresponding percentage change in properties values within its taxing district.”

    With a lower enrollment, why would we want any increase in the MCC levy?

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