The Gong Show and Governor Jim Thompson

Chuck Barris, originator of the Dating Game and Gong Show, among many others, just died.

That brought to mind that somehow Governor Jim Thompson is connected in my mind with the Gong Show.

I can’t remember the occasion, but he put a video of the Gong Show in some time capsule.

Go figure.

The internet puts his name in articles with the Gong Show in 1977.

Maybe it was a time capsule when some remodeling of the State Capitol was finished.


The Gong Show and Governor Jim Thompson — 10 Comments

  1. Cindy . . . Big Jim should not get credit for anything, accept for cover-ups. He almost retired in McHenry County.

  2. Then he realized he didn’t want to retire here because taxes were too high !

  3. Cal, Leona Nelson was one of the best teachers of McHenry County History.

    She was one of the best people to know and learn from.

  4. Maybe it wasn’t the Gong Show, but a video of the going-ons in the notorious steamroom of the Eastbank Club …

    I recall the mad rush to have Dan Quayle as old Man Bush’s VP … replacing Jimmy Boy on the ticket the day before the GOP convention after the FBI reports of Jim’s alternative activities came out ….. all those BUSH-Thompson signs trashed. tsk tsk

  5. Mark, look at Big Jim’s time line for jobs, what year was he the AG for the Northern District?

    Was it during the John Wayne Gacey Times?

    I have always heard that JWG did not act alone.

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