Wonder If the NW Herald Got Misled by Jack Franks’ Patronage “Communications Specialist”

Took a look through a Freedom of Information request with what Jack Franks’ “Communications Specialist” got from the State Treasurer’s Office that led to the Northwest Herald’s February 24th story that, what, $134,000 of county money was lying unclaimed in Springfield.

Forwarded the information to our County Treasurer, Glenda Miller, and this was her reply:

Glenda Miller

As for the I-Cash monies…most if not all of these funds are unclaimed funds that were submitted to the State by County Offices per the Unclaimed Property Annual Filing requirements.

For instances, my office submits unclaimed

  • r/e [real estate] refunds
  • jurors
  • disbursing
  • Deposit of Order of Court, and
  • Condemnation that are 7 years or prior

They are not County monies.

Isn’t there some aphorism that advises something that sounds too good to be true probably is?


Wonder If the NW Herald Got Misled by Jack Franks’ Patronage “Communications Specialist” — 14 Comments

  1. Some knew of the sh– Franks would be shoveling out to voters if elected.

    The Northwest Herald is also doing residents no favors with their biased “reporting.”

    Get your waders on, we’re in for a long 4 years!


  2. “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed,

    if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed”.

    — Mark Twain

  3. And if you read the McHenry County blog you are misinformed and uninformed lol

  4. Only if you read the comments section when Angel and Moderate and a handful of other nitwits spout their lies.

  5. And the Northwest Herald interview of McHenry County Treasurer regarding the money discovered by Oliver Serafini and Bridget Geenen is nowhere to be found.

    Will the Northwest Herald cover the story if contacted by McHenry County Blog readers?

    Will the Northwest Herald get McHenry County Treasurer’s (Glenda Miller) insight into this matter, so we can read the story in the newspaper.

    Would be interesting to read Jack Franks’ insight into the matter if interviewed by the Northwest Herald regarding this latest update.

    Did Jack Franks not have all the facts?

    Did Jack Franks talk to the County Treasurer about the money?

    Will the newspaper cover this news?

    Is there more to the story?

    How often does Moderate the Jack Franks blog attack dog correspond with Jack Franks directly or indirectly about McHenry County Blog.

  6. About as often as Cal admits he has less than 300 readers, Mark!

  7. Lyin’ Jack Franks did not get that name fer nuthin’.

    The NWH wants to be mainstream so much that it publishes out and out lies.

    Why would anyone be shocked that they were shining you all on about this story?

  8. I think if the devil himself emerged from the depths of hell with cloven hooves and horns the Herald would undoubtedly endorse him.

    Never has there been such an abysmal local rag as that horrible excuse for a newspaper.

  9. Let’s see if that stupid rag does another story with these findings.

  10. Moderate LOVES this blog. Comes here for the truth several times daily, yet doesn’t like what’s reported .

    Must shoot messenger…Liberals…smh

  11. Oops, the real number #876,199, as of today’s date and time … I forgot to sum up Jacko “Weasel’ Franks’ weekend lies

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