McHenry Township GOP Mailing Pounds at Appointment Replacements

The McHenry County Township Republican Party, under new leadership after the last two elections, is running a slate of non-incumbents against incumbents who were mainly appointed to their positions.

The first part of the contest was a GOP caucus (instead of a primary) to select candidates.

After the caucus rules were set by Republican Precinct Committeemen (granting committeemen the number of votes cast in the primary, minus those who showed up in person), the incumbent slate, some of whom participated in the rule-setting, started passing petitions as Independents.  That or signing such a petition made them ineligible to participate in the caucus

I’m guessing that one of the last political acts of former McHenry County Republican Chairman Al Jourdan was signing those petitions, mainly members of his former ruling coalition.

Al Jourdan’s signature appears at the bottom of this petition for Craig Williams.

Next came challenges and cross-challenges of the validity of petitions amd caucus nominations filed for the April 4th General Election.

All were eventually dismissed by mutual consent.

Now, as the election approaches mailings are hitting homes.

Here is the first one from the Republican slate:

Note the attack on nepotism, which worked in Algonquin Township against Road Commissioner Bob Miller and the appointing of McHenry Township officials.  Additionally, the GOP candidates pledge to forego pensions and reduce salaries and taxes.

On this side, the pledges are repeated with an echo of Donald Trump’s pledge to drain the swamp in Washington.

The McHenry Township sample ballot is below:

McHenry Township sample ballot for the April 4, 2017, General Election.

Note that neither the Republicans nor the Independents ran a candidate for Assessor, leaving incumbent Democrat Mary Mahady a sure shot for re-election to a second term.


McHenry Township GOP Mailing Pounds at Appointment Replacements — 18 Comments

  1. Patriot Revere, Hopefully, the Conservative Tax Fighters Koerber, Verr, Rakestraw, etc., will trounce the
    turncoat Incumbent fatcats running as ‘Independents’ after the caucus refused to nominate the duds.

    Unbelievably, in these tortured times, Incumbent Supervisor Adams voted himself a 6% pay hike in October, 2016!

    That, alone, demonstrates a dispicable disregard for the taxpaying ‘peons’ under Adam’s Taxoholic Tyranny.

  2. Good mailing.

    The selfish Incumbents of McHenry Township SHOULD be purged!

  3. Can we have a poll Cal?

    Who wants to see townships consolidated or eliminated?

    I’m wondering what is the option of they are eliminated?

    What type of government will the county have? Will Franks reign supreme?

  4. Dont drink the kool aid Bob Anderson and all of the real republicans are out of their minds promising to not take salaries when they are voted on before their term even starts.

    they have no choice but to take the paycheck dont believe the lies.

  5. With all due respect, you didn’t answer the last questions Cal.

    Much like the countywide elected chair referndum, voters don’t know what they are actually voting ‘for.’

    What are our optiosn if townships are eliminated?

    What type of county government will we have?

    Will Franks run supreme?

    Is that why Gasser and Franks are “working together” now?

  6. ‘machone’ is a township shill.

    Yes, Adams & Co. voted themselves a pay hike, as usual, but Anderson & Co. will cut the salaries when they get in ……

    Will Adams and Miller run for way reduced salaries?

    I don’t think so!

  7. A Republican ‘caucus’ where royal blue-blood Committeemen’s votes count as thousands, but Joe Shmoe Public’s vote counts as one?

    Leave it to Bob Anderson and his cronies to bring Springfield-style shenanigans to elections in our own back yards…

  8. I received a post card this week from the “Tax Revolt” group running in McHenry Township.

    One concern is, I have never heard or seen in writing that Steve Koerber said he was reducing his salary?

    I have only heard Mr. Verr and Mr. Anderson have these claims. On my mailer, they say the people at the Township practice Nepotism.

    Is this the new “Buzz Word”? I am not aware of any of the Township people being related.

    Also, for some reason, cannot find the plan they have for “Reducing Taxes/Spending”.

    I read in the NW Herald (Fake News) back in November they did lower the Levy.

    Is that not enough?

    I would be more concerned with the thousands that drizzle into our school districts.

    Cal, I am very interested in the plan you laid out for the consolidation of townships.

    Where can I find it?

  9. Ladyjane you are wrong they cannot legally reduce their salaries when they get in if they even do.

    It is voted on in advance for the next 4 years.

  10. That is correct.

    Once set by outgoing boards, salaries of public official for the next term cannot be lowered until the next term.

    But newly-elected candidates wouldn’t have to take all of the salary, would they?

    The Serwatka team in Lakewood have pledged not to take any salary, if elected.

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