Serwatka Team Taking No Pay, Outline Recall Procedure

A press release from Lakewood Trustee and candidate for Village President Paul Serwatka on behalf of his “Lakewood Tax-Fighter Party” candidates:

Lakewood Tax-Fighter Candidates Waive Salaries

Pledge Self-Imposed Recall Commitment Giving Control Back To Lakewood Residents

LAKEWOOD – March 27, 2017 – Three Lakewood trustee candidates, running as a slate having formed a new political party, “The Lakewood Tax-Fighter Party,” and appearing on the April 4th ballot as such, announced today that the three will not accept the village paid salaries they would receive as trustees – pledging to serve in a more “volunteer” capacity.

Philip Stephan, Richard Ritchie and Amy Fues Odom – following the lead of teammate and current candidate for Lakewood village president, trustee Paul Serwatka – have pledged, once elected, to forego their village paid salaries and serve on a “volunteer” basis.

(Serwatka has also waived his village paid salary since being elected two years ago.)

All four “Lakewood Tax-Fighter Team” candidates have also pledged a “Self-Imposed Recall Commitment,” pledging that if Lakewood residents ever feel that any, or all, of the four have not lived up to their promises and 3/5 (60% of voters) petition such, they will voluntarily step down and resign from their elected positions.

“It’s not about getting paid. At least it shouldn’t be.” said candidate, Philip Stephan.

“It’s about the “good” I know we can do for Lakewood… it’s about getting the right people on this board. People who are ready and willing to turn this village around and “right” so many of very “wrongs” that we believe this board has done – before it’s too late!”

“I don’t need to be paid. I’m just here to serve,” said candidate,Amy Fues Odom.

“I’ve been to enough board meetings – I feel like I’m on the board already!

“And, I’m sorry to say, but too many times I’ve watched in disbelief at the actions some of these board members have taken and I just can’t sit idly by any longer.”

“I feel like if I don’t become part of the solution, then I’m part of the problem,” said candidate Richard Ritchie.

“I don’t need to be paid.  I’ve been following the actions of this board pretty closely for the last couple years. I continue to see them make one questionable decision after another.

“As a U.S. Marine I don’t have it in me to sit back and do nothing. We take action!”

Philip Stephan, Richard Ritchie, Amy Fues Odom and Paul Serwatka will each appear on the April 4th ballot as: “LAKEWOOD TAX FIGHTER” candidates.

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The Lakewood ballot is below:

The Village of Lakewood’s 2017 sample ballot.


Serwatka Team Taking No Pay, Outline Recall Procedure — 1 Comment

  1. A more committed leader we couldn’t ask for.

    You’ve had our back for two years. Now we’ve got yours Paul!

    7 more days till we take our village back!

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