The McHenry Mayoral Race

With Mayor Sue Low stepping down this year, two men have stepped forward–Steve Cuda and Wayne Jett.

Cuda, an attorney, is a former McHenry Mayor who ran unsuccessfully against Low four years ago.

Jett is a local businessman dealing in heating and cooling and sports memorabilia.

Below is the literature from Cuda’s campaign. It has three panels.

The front of Steve Cuda’s brochure.

The back of Steve Cuda’s leaflet.

Inside flap of Steve Cuda’s piece.

The left two panels of Steve Cuda’s handout.

The inside right panel of Steve Cuda’s piece.

The following I found on Wayne Jett’s Facebook page. I assume it is a pamphlet.

One side of Wayne Jett’s literature.

The other side of Wayne Jett’s literature.

In addition, Jett has apparently financed an endorsement letter from Mayor Low:

A letter of endorsement from Mayor Sue Low. Note that no identification of who paid for the mailing is on the letter.

This is a mailing from Wayne Jett. (You see what I have.) Note the return address is ther same as that on the envelope in which Mayor Sue Low’s letter came.

Envelope has Wayne Jett;s campaign return address.


The McHenry Mayoral Race — 5 Comments

  1. Don’t understand Mayor Low’s vandetta against Steve Cuda, could it be that he had the audacity to run against the Mayor a few years ago?

    Mayor Low pubicly told many residents early on in the campaign that she would not endorse any candidate wanting to succeed her.

    Now, with Mr. Jett in trouble, she comes out for him and her against her past rival.

    Dirty politics.

    I will be voting for Mr. Cuda who has a long and proven record of benefiting our city.

  2. Mr. Cuda was very nasty to Mayor Low, if I remember correctly.

    He is a lawyer, so no surprise.

  3. I admire Mr Revere’s disdain for lawyers, but most people in McHenry think of him as a pretty gentle person.

  4. Oh, so with Jett at the helm you’d get another 4 years of Sue Low.

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