Lakewood Tax-Fighter Team Sends Mailing — 6 Comments

  1. I wish I could vote for Paul. I’m contending with ‘business as usual’ with our Mayor that needs to be removed.

    Vote Paul, Lakewood and his slate if you want to stop the nonsense.

  2. Is this the same tax fighter team that raised taxes on its own core people in SSA#8. ?

    Check out the village agenda and minutes for December 13th and then January 26th.

    Clearly he voted yes and then approved the minutes where he voted for a tax increase.

    Not a comment or a question by him.

    Just raised taxes by almost 10% for those people living in SSA#8.

    No one from his team even knew about this.

  3. Actually, Paul is the only trustee that spoke AND fought against SSA-8.

    The Northwest Herald called it a filibuster.

    The entire board, with the exception of Paul, was very deceitful in their tactics to Pass this SSA.

  4. “Lakewood’s newest Village Board member turned a vote on whether to replace the Turnberry Lakes’ expiring special service area into “somewhat of a filibuster.”

    “the sole no vote, Trustee Paul Serwatka, said he hadn’t planned on turning his comments into a filibuster, but that he was “just astonished that the trustees didn’t see the problem.”

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