Nicole Beyer’s Campaign Piece for the District 300 School Board

Algonquin Township Trustee Melissa Sanchez-Fischer is a strong supporter of District 300 School Board candidate Nicole Beyer.

She sent a copy of Beyer’s campaign piece, which I am pleased to publish below.

Other candidates on a McHenry County ballot are welcome to provide their literature, which will be published.

This is the front of the campaign literature of Nicole Beyer, a candidate for the District 300 School Board.

The back of Nicole Beyer’s piece says that 66.8% of District 300 students are not ready for the next grade and 75% of high school graduates are not “college ready in all 4 ACT subjects.”

The ballot for District 300 appears below:

The 2017 District 300 ballot.


Nicole Beyer’s Campaign Piece for the District 300 School Board — 1 Comment

  1. Nicole Beyer is one of six candidates on the ballot for CUSD 300 school board.


    Candidates for the three 4-year terms in the order they appear on the ballot:

    Kathleen Burley – incumbent running for 2nd term, children attend schools in the district.

    Anne Miller – incumbent running for 6th term. Attorney at FishmanMiller in Lake in the Hills.

    Nicole Beyer – reform candidate

    David Scarpino – retired District 300 Associate Superintendent

    Mary McNicholas – recent graduate from the district, wants to reform education funding to make it more state based rather than property tax based

    Leslie Lamarca – small business owner, board member of governing body (NKEC) of Cambridge Lakes Charter School in CUSD 300, kids in the school district.


    Dave Alessio is an incumbent who decided not to run for re-election.


    Several of the reform candidates this election cycle have not responded to newspaper candidate questionnaires.

    The newspapers and teacher union typically endorse the same candidates.



    David Scarpino received a 6% pay hike in at least the last year of his career.

    2015 – $212,565

    2014 – $200,533


    David Scarpino’s pension benefit start date was July 1, 2015.

    He had 27 years of service upon retirement (worked 22 years out of state and about 18 years in state).

    2016 TRS pension is $115,890 per Better Government Association pension databaase.


    The Better Government Association has a new article titled, “Understanding the Most Poorly Funded School System in America: Illinois” by Katie Drews & Bob Sector, dated March 30, 2017.

    The title is false.

    Illinois is not the most poorly funded school system in American.

    Illinois school funding relies heavily on property taxes resulting in large differences in funding per child between school districts.

    The study did not take into account the annual state contribution to the TRS pension fund.

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