Second Mailing from McHenry Township’s “Real” Republican Candidates

Steve Verr

Who are the “real” Republicans?

That what’s voters may ask themselves after reading the second mailing from the official Republican candidates.

Here is the second mailing from those Republicans who are running against a slate of Independents all of the incumbents of which were appointed to office saying they were Republicans.

But they are not anymore.

Steve Koerber

The official Republicans

  • Steve Verr for Supervisor
  • Dan Aylward for Clerk
  • Steve Koerber for Road Commissioner
  • Bob Anderson for Trustee
  • Mike Rakestraw for Trustee
  • Bill Cunningham for Trustee
  • Stan Wojewski for Trustee

Dan Alyward

are saying things local conservative Republicans traditionally promise:

  • opposition to nepotism
  • refusal to take pensions
  • reducing salaries
  • reducing taxes
  • favoring term limits

The second mailing from the McHenry Township Republicans promises no nepotism, no pensions, lower salaries, reduced taxes and term limits.

The conservative theme about reducing taxes, term limits, not taking pensions, opposition to nepotism and reducing salaries are put forth by the Republican candidates for McHenry Township office. 

On the back side of the post card is a sample ballot and a comparison of the Republican candidates and the Independent candidates.  No mention is made of Democrats on the ballot.

On the other side of the Republican mailing negatives are brought out about the “incumbent” Independent slate.

The Independent slate is said to

  • practice nepotism
  • take pensions
  • have no term limits
  • increased salaries 6%
  • increased taxes
  • been sued by taxpayers for over -accumulation

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Second Mailing from McHenry Township’s “Real” Republican Candidates — 16 Comments

  1. So these people are Republicans and not the incumbents.

    Now, I understand what the Republican tax revolt signs mean.

    Usually, I vote against the Republicans because their the ones in power taxing me to death, but I will vote Republican now for them.

    There should be a taxpayers revolt.

    About time.

  2. A Republican ‘caucus’ where royal blue-blood Committeemen’s votes count as thousands, but Joe Shmoe Public’s vote counts as one?

    Leave it to Bob Anderson and his cronies to bring Springfield-style shenanigans to elections in our own back yards…

  3. I will ask again –

    I received a post card this week from the “Tax Revolt” group running in McHenry Township.

    One concern is, I have never heard or seen in writing that Steve Koerber said he was reducing his salary?

    I have only heard Mr. Verr and Mr. Anderson have these claims.

    On my mailer, they say the people at the Township practice Nepotism.

    Is this the new “Buzz Word”?

    I am not aware of any of the Township people being related.

    Also, for some reason, cannot find the plan they have for “Reducing Taxes/Spending”.

    I read in the NW Herald (Fake News) back in November they did lower the Levy.

    Is that not enough?

    Now I’ve seen legislature outlined to prohibit weighted votes at caucuses.

    These are the people we want in office, stepping over the common citizen and just taking votes?

    I would bet plans are already in the works to replace Precinct Committeemen.

    Appointments & weighted votes.

    The whole party should be embarrassed of its childish behavior and true lack of transparency.

    At least give credit to the Independents, they have a Facebook page and a website, the others not so much.

  4. I’m guessing that Pam Althoff’s favorites did not win the caucus nominations.

  5. Didn’t she just have a fundraiser for Mr. Koerber at the Rusty Nail in Ringwood?

    That would seem favorable to me?


  6. As far as this Tax revolt group wanna bees goes, They really should be called the Vote Hi jackers..

    They used weighted votes to vote in their own people through their precinct committeemen where a regular voter only got one vote.

    This is a spit in the eye for the process or electing representatives in a democratic process!

    You can take your caucus and move to Chicago where you be less noticed.

  7. Laughable since McHenry is 80% GOP and has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. OMG….

  8. Re: McHenry is 80% GOP

    221,447 Registered voters at last primary
    33,457 pulled Democrat ballots
    53,920 pulled Republican ballots
    County is 61.7 percent Republican

    Unfortunately that 61.7 Republican elects people such as McCann instead of people such as Schuster.

  9. I would bet they are all teachers voting in the Primary . . .

    the Union recommends they change their party, just for the Primaries.

  10. Machone1 is a township flunkey ……

    Condon’s kid WAS hired by township.

    Incumbents = Independents = RINOs …

    that’s all there is to it.


  11. School Districts are the major portion of a property tax bill.

    The salaries and benefits for the various unions & administrators in the school district account for the highest costs in a school district.


    Unions in McHenry Elementary District 15:

    McHenry Classroom Teachers’ Association (MCTA), IEA-NEA

    McHenry Educational Support Personnel (MESP), IEA-NEA

    McHenry School Transportation Association, IEA-NEA


    Teacher union in McHenry High School District 156

    – McHenry High School Teachers’ Association, IEA-NEA

    – Is there a bargaining unit for the the bus drivers, aides, maintenance workers, etc?

    If so where is that collective bargaining agreement posted?

    – Is bus transportation outsourced?


    The McHenry GOP has little if anything to do with the operations of the school district.

    A lot of school district costs are driven by state law, and other factors are Federal law and local school board policy and decisions.

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