The Message of Steve Verr, McHenry Township Republican Candidate for Supervisor: “Tax Revolt”

The following letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald is published with permission from its author, Steve Verr.

Verr is the GOP candidate for McHenry Township Supervisor.

The message is ‘tax revolt’

That’s my message.

Steve Verr holding the Republicans’ Tax Revolt sign.

If you feel your tax bill is too low, nepotism and corrupt cronyism is A-OK and taxpayers exist to be fleeced, then keep the “independent” incumbents in McHenry Township.

These insiders, six of whom were appointed, just voted themselves a 6 percent pay hike in October.

Can you do that?

I’m running for McHenry Township supervisor and pledge to vote to slash the supervisor’s compensation from $83,000 to $21,000.

My appointed opponent just voted for a pay raise.

Taxpayers, particularly fixed-income seniors, are taxed out of their homes.

Now, the township and road district are being sued by taxpayers for over-accumulation.

Do you have an over-accumulation?

McHenry Township Republican candidates are listed on this related sign” Steve Verr for Supervisor, Steve Koerber for Road Commissioner, Dan Aylward for Clerk and for Trustee–Bill Cunningham. Mike Rakestraw, Bob Anderson and Stan Wojewski.

Remember: “Independents” are incumbents

Vote them out.

Vote Republican.

Tax accountability (Taxpayers United of America) endorsed every Republican on the township ballot, including me.

I humbly ask for your vote and prayers.

For real change, vote Republican on April 4.

= = = = =
The McHenry Township ballot is below:

McHenry Township sample ballot for the April 4, 2017, General Election.


The Message of Steve Verr, McHenry Township Republican Candidate for Supervisor: “Tax Revolt” — 14 Comments

  1. hmmmmmmmmm ….. Great message!

    And timely, the tax-slaves are boiling mad!

    Vote Republican!!

    …….background info on the incumbent RINO tax-rats who voted for a pay hike now running as Independents:

    These incumbent-independents must be voted out. I’m glad the GOP fought them and put up real Republicans, like Steve Koerber and Mike Rakestraw!

  2. Funny how they keep saying the township is being sued for over accumulation and they are the ones behind the whole thing.

    Dont drink the kool aid!

    They have no plan in place for when they reduce your taxes to keep the same services going.

    They wont even post their qualifications for the positions that they are running for.

    The only thing these guys are good for is wasting the money they could have spent on their tax bills and spending it on all of the ugly green signs that they put up on private property against property owners wishes.

  3. Machone1: are you a township shill?

    I posted the suits above… where’s the names of the GOP candidates on the taxpayer suits?

    You’re a damn liar!

    Is a bankruptcy considered a ‘plus’ by the Condon campaign?


    Aren’t the Republicans endorsed by Taxpayers United of America??

    Who endorsed the Incumbents?

    Bobby Miller?

    Mary Mahady?

    Al Jourdan’s ghost?

  4. I know Steve Koerber.

    And I know Stan Wojewski and Bill Cunningham.

    That’s why I will be voting for the Republicans

    …..and I know Jim Condon and Sue Daftcorn … and that’s why I will NOT be voting for them!

    Who elected the independents any way???

    Oh, yeah that’s right, they were all appointed!

  5. I support Jim Condon and Sue Miller.

    They listen to you and seem reasonable, unlike Sue Draffkorn.

    Every time you turn around Sue’s running for something.

    She had her chance, new blood is needed.

  6. A Republican ‘caucus’ where royal blue-blood Committeemen’s votes count as thousands, but Joe Shmoe Public’s vote counts as one?

    Leave it to Bob Anderson and his cronies to bring Springfield-style shenanigans to elections in our own back yards…

  7. I’m guessing that Pam Althoff’s favorites did not get nominated at the GOP caucus.

  8. As far as this Tax revolt group wanna bees goes, They really should be called the Vote Hi jackers..

    They used weighted votes to vote in their own people through their precinct committeemen where a regular voter only got one vote.

    This is a spit in the eye for the process or electing representatives in a democratic process!

    You can take your caucus and move to Chicago where you be less noticed.

  9. Hi all!

    I am going to drink the Kool aid!

    What I know is that the taxing system is very broken in Illinois and extremely broken in McHenry Township Regime.

    I am local real estate broker in the area and I see first hand what the over taxation of our homes homes is doing to our home values in McHenry County and McHenry Township.

    When your property taxes are too high it means a buyer can only afford so much based off their income.

    Most buyers are not cash buyers so they will need to get a loan to purchase your property.

    Bank are not in the business of loaning money just so you can pay your property taxes.

    The sad fact is that many homeowners in McHenry County their mortgage is less than their property taxes each month.

    This is broken!

    There is no sense of home ownership in McHenry County.


    Interest rate are on the rise now and you may be thinking to yourself if you live in Illinois


    Well let me tell you why…. because the rest of the nation is has moved to a positive financial recovery without taxing the residents to death and forcing them to move out of the state.

    Their economy is booming.

    Many people in Illinois I believe that their financial hardships are from the America Economy.

    Let me tell you this…

    IT IS NOT The U.S. economy!!!!

    It is the Illinois failed system that is the problem.

    Over taxation and there is not going to be a tea party…..

    Residents as myself and tens of thousands a year are fleeing the state surpassing all states population leaks.

    People this is not a small problem it is a HUGE Problem that is not going away.

    Back to my point of increasing interest rates.

    As you all remember in the housing boom home values went through the roof.


    Because interest rate were low and they deregulated lending requirements which made it easy to get loans.

    Now we are reverse of that.

    Lending regulation is tight, housing boom created big government spending (huge property tax bills that government refuse to give up no matter how many tax paying residents it looses) and now increasing interest rate, in which all push home values down.

    This is my take on it and I AM DRINKING THE KOOL AID because what is going on is not working and really at this point doesn’t really matter as Illinois is doomed to a financial melt down at it current death spiral.

    If any of you need help please feel free to google me.

  10. Mr. Pounds … you just pounded the Township incumbent fatcats who voted themselves a fat 6% pay raise last Oct!

    That’s why the conservative GOP committeemen revolted and cast them aside, nominated a real slate, and why the incumbents are now running as ‘independents’ to keep their (unearned) paychecks coming.

    VOTE Republican April 4.

  11. Craig Adams is asking us to re-elect him as an independent and pleads to lower our property taxes a weaselly 10%.

    This is ridiculous!

    Under his regime property taxes increased over the past 6 year by 48%.

    What is clear to me is that these political thugs prey on the people by knowing the average citizen doesn’t get that they are the same ones that did them wrong in the first place.

    Craig Adams is a poison pill!

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