McHenry Independents Seek Support with Mailing

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent me photos of a mailing from those running for McHenry Township office as Independents.

The former Republicans, who got outmaneuvered by the new folks who took control of the McHenry Township Republican Party in 2014, are running as Independents.

There is also a partial slate of Democrats.

Interestingly, the Democrats and not running anyone against appointed incumbent Supervisor Craig Adams and the Independents are not running anyone against incumbent Assessor Mary Mahady, a Democrat.  (There is also no GOP candidate on the ballot for Assessor.)

Here’s the mailing:

The address side of the Independents’ piece stresses services now offered by McHenry Township government.

The names of the people on the Independents’ slate under the message that the new Republicans in charge stole people’s votes by holing a caucus to nominate GOP candidates.  They stress their former relationship with the Republican Party.


McHenry Independents Seek Support with Mailing — 11 Comments

  1. My name is Craig Wallace and I am a Village of Johnsburg Resident and I am currently running for McHenry Township Trustee.

    I was appointed this past summer after being chosen from three candidates that interviewed for the Trustee position this past June.

    I note this, because the position I filled was vacated by a trustee that moved out of state and the opposition has made much to do about appointments.

    The appointment was made to fill the seat during an off election.

    I was eagerly planning to run for re-election come February in a Primary.

    However, that opportunity was taken from me as some “Real Republicans” decided to hold a caucus with heavily weighted votes.

    This not only upset the voting public but showed them that they really didn’t care about the “one person, one vote” ideology.

    So, about 100 people showed up on a Tuesday night to an event with banners already printed, names chosen and celebrations planned.

    The one hundred or so representatives of the Republican Party picked some candidates for you. I was not one of those that attended.

    I wanted to run a fair election.

    Win or lose.

    So, I made my decision and it was to choose the “Independent” path.

    In my first year alone, the McHenry Township officials lowered the Tax Levy by 10%, froze mosquito abatement contracts, and have positioned some key weather detection systems with some help from the McHenry Township Fire Protection District.

    As a tax payer, home owner and resident, I am very careful when voting on subject matters that may or may not cost us (the tax payer) money in McHenry Township.

    I have an honest love for the community I have lived in my entire life and would like to continue to represent the good folks of McHenry Township.

    I ask that you vote for me, Craig Wallace as McHenry Township Trustee on April 4th.

    Craig Wallace

  2. If I remember correctly, the Committeemen CHOSE to use ‘weighted’ votes.

    A motion was made at the Caucus to use ‘one person – one vote’ but it failed.

    In addition, whether ‘weighted’ votes or ‘one person – one vote’ was used, the candidates chosen at the Caucus would have been chosen either way.

    By holding a Caucus in place of a primary, the taxpayers avoided having to fund a Republican Party primary.

    McHenry Township needs new leadership which is dedicated to transparency with lower cost to the taxpayers.

  3. This is happening in all the larger townships, fighting for control between 2 factions of the same party.

    ne side gets all their friends in as PC’s in order to control the other side.

    Weighted voting is unAmerican

  4. It wasn’t weighted voting at all ….. a committeeman got the number of votes of Republicans who voted in the primary …. then if someone from that precinct came to the Republican only caucus, a vote was subtracted, just like a corporate election with proxy voting.

    Craig Wallace got duped …. the incumbents forgot that people were piping mad about the overaccumulation taxpayer suit.

    And now they’re in full tax-revolt from the tax hackls who voted themselves A SIX PER CENT PAY RAISE LAST OCTOBER. WALLACE VOTED FOR IT …… IT’S IN THE OFFICIAL MINUTES.

    What about Condon’s bankrupt business … I cant CONDONe that!

  5. I did vote for a 6% pay increase to be DIVIDED over 4 years.

    The position not the person had not had a raise in 11 years and as I trustee, I did NOT get a raise, I get the same $100 per meeting.

    But, since we are talking about what I voted for, here are a few Rickey.

    A savings of 20% on health care
    frozen contracts for mosquito abatement
    A 10% reduction in the tax levy
    and much more.

    Craig Wallace
    815-861-8400 Cell

  6. This Wallace may be sincere, but he’s mistaken or deluded.

    The Conservative GOP saved ALL taxpayers $40K ….[about $1200 a pct X 35 pcts] bc the democrats weren’t going to have a primary and had a caucus, too.] Good job!

    Wallace admits he was appointed … that’s the problem!!!

    6 of 7 officials of the over-taxing Township have been appointed.

    So, who’s perverting the system, Craig.

    Yes, why did you vote to raise Adams’ pay by 6%!

    Shame on you!

    Now Drafftkorn is running with you???

    Why was Sue Mercurio axed for someone like her who’s a proven loser???

    And why did Condon and Adams cut a deal w/ McHady, the democrat assessor?

    I see there’s no democrat running against them?


    Quit warping the process with Croneyism and Mr. Condon’s nepotism!

    Yes, I know all about Condon’s kid hired by the Park District!

    Nip another Miller Dynasty in the bud before it get’s started!

  7. A Republican ‘caucus’ where royal blue-blood Committeemen’s votes count as thousands, but Joe Shmoe Public’s vote counts as one?

    Leave it to Bob Anderson and his cronies to bring Springfield-style shenanigans to elections in our own back yards…

  8. Who is Sue Mercurio?

    Do you mean Amy?

    Mr. Condons son worked at the park district for a summer before going off to college before Mr. Condon was ever even highway commissioner.

    Why don’t the REAL republicans have anyone running against Mary Mahady if their problem is with their tax bill don’t you think that’s where Bob Anderson and his magnificent seven should start?

  9. I’ve worked with these independents and also respect the views of all the candidates.

    Even the Democrats.

    On today’s polarized political landscape I find most of this hilarious as these are our neighbors and friends causing the ruckus.

    I find it funny that this new Republican Party is disenfranchising its own people to put forth their idea of strong candidates.

    Also laughable is that they are forming a “tax rebellion”.

    How so?

    Cutting the senior bus service?

    Stopping the senior center from helping deserving citizenry who paid their dues and taxes for decades from receiving aid and assistance?

    Maybe they will just stop helping folks with general assistance?

    Donating their salary’s?

    Cmon, wake up.

    Township government is the government closest to the people.

    I believe that.

    I have close ties to former township government and see the good they do and the dedication of the people currently in office.

    Bob Anderson once stood for a general reduction in government within Illinois.

    In my political science classes in college I read about the battle to end township government in McHenry County.

    It failed because there is no plan to cover the services provided by that government entity.

    So go ahead, elect a bunch of people who are literally running on a campaign slogan as ludicrous as “drain the swamp” and watch either essential services be gutted or the same style of government you had with the independents.

    Your taxes will remain the same. There is no rebellion.

    I support the independents because they all have great track records and I have met many of them.

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