Crystal Lake High School Teacher Union Feeling the Heat

You can tell an election contest is close when one side stops putting out positive pieces about its candidates and starts attacking the other side.

Consider this literature found at the Crystal Lake Jewel on Saturday:

If you want four people beholding to the Crystal Lake High School teacher union one should vote for the top four.

The candidates now endorsed by the Crystal Lake High School teacher union. The third candidate, an incumbent who voted for the South High School bleachers, is an add-on since the first endorsement was announced.

I think this is the “Final Four” piece that has the teacher union nervous:

The side of the tax cutters’ palm card, containing a comparison of the candidates and the connection all of the teacher union’s endorsements have to school employees probably is the cause of the negative piece above.


Crystal Lake High School Teacher Union Feeling the Heat — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you clinching it.

    These are definitely the right people if you are so dead set against them.

  2. Why would anyone vote for Secrest or Somers?

    They both cost the district millions of dollars defending the undefendable south bleacher fiasco.

    They also agreed to extend the superintendents contract and bonuses two years before it was even up for consideration and in doing so tied the hands of future board members.

    Voting for the “top four” will only guarantee higher taxes as they cave in to the teachers unions every whim.

  3. Jgkm6, It’s obvious your new to this game and don’t know what your talking about.

  4. Cut education but not lower taxes?

    That doesn’t make sense.

    The people responsible for this are either dishonest or very bad at math; either way, don’t vote for them!

  5. Here are a few facts to consider.

    1) The board will be voting on contracts with teachers. One slate is independent and says they will watch out for the taxpayers. The other is openly and vigorously supported by the teachers’ union.

    2) D155 spends far more per pupil than neighboring districts. If they can spend less, so can we, and without damage to the students.

    3) D155 spends far more than just a few years ago. If our schools weren’t in a financial crisis a few years ago, then we can we can reduce spending without damage.

    4) D155’s standardized test scores are lower than average and have been for years. Yes, that’s right — lower than average. Look at the Illinois Interactive Report Card if you don’t believe me. The people who got us here aren’t going to change anything at D155 to improve the situation.

  6. I’d like to expand on my comments a little bit.

    First, I don’t believe that D155’s teachers are worse than average.

    Yet, our test scores are worse than average while our expenditures are higher than average.

    So where does the fault lie for that situation?

    With the administration and with the current board, not with the teachers.

    Second, we all know it’s simply not possible to fire a tenured teacher.

    Any reductions in teaching staff will have to come about by attrition.

    So the concerns of the teachers union are largely misplaced.

    The union should be more concerned about the effects of high taxes on their members.

  7. Note to State Legislators:

    Instead of working to have the State pick up more of the tab for education (moving tax dollars from one of the taxpayer’s pocket to the other), how about restrictions on who can run for School Board?

    We have a ‘litmus’ test for Assessors, why not a ‘litmus’ test for School Board candidates?

    At least make it a requirement to divulge past employment history and familial relationship to anyone involved in the education money pit!

  8. The teacher union response to “Enrollment Down, Taxes Up”:

    – The reformers will not cut taxes

    – The reformers will cut education

    – The kids don’t deserve the reformers

    – Increase property values by voting for the teacher union endorsed candidates.

    – Do what’s right for the kids and community by voting for teacher union endorsed candidates.


    Tenured teachers do get fired in Illinois.

    It is not common.

  9. The Teacher’s Union should be worried, We The People spoke November 8th . . . enough is enough.

    The good Teachers are trapped into a Union they have no say so in across the country.

    Vote for the people that care for the children and the families and the good teachers.

    Vote for the last four on the ballot.

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