Head of Republican Party Endorses “Real” Republicans

Three years ago insurgent Republicans captured control of both the McHenry County Republican Central Committee and the McHenry Township Republican Central Committee.

This year remnants of the prior regime, still holding office in McHenry Township failed to obtain the GOP endorsement.

Below is letter from McHenry County Republican County Chair Sandra Salgado, the new leader on behalf of those running for McHenry Township office on the Republican ticket:

McHenry County Republican Party Chair endorses the “Real” Republicans for McHenry Township office.

McHenry Township sample ballot for the April 4, 2017, General Election.


Head of Republican Party Endorses “Real” Republicans — 6 Comments

  1. FINALLY True Republicans, not the Good Ole Boy gang of Chicago democrats in Republican clothing that’s been misrunning this County since the 70s.

    Bravo Sandy on a great job done! The ONLY collar to come in for Trump.

    Good luck to the tax fighter GOP in McHenry Township running against the incumbents who voted themselves a fat 6 and half & pay raise at our expense!

  2. A Republican ‘caucus’ where royal blue-blood Committeemen’s votes count as thousands, but Joe Shmoe Public’s vote counts as one?

    Leave it to Bob Anderson and his cronies to bring Springfield-style shenanigans to elections in our own back yards…

  3. LadyJane, Its obvious you are new to this game and haven’t a clue of what your talking about.

  4. Stand4truth, get a freakin’ job.

    You copy and paste the same comment in several threads to people you disagree with.

  5. I’m on it blunt dude, I’m running for public office.

    Might even see my name on the next ballot.

    You should same.

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